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Announcement number: 1

* 06/01/23, 12:04 a.m.; For those interested in masquerade designs by Yara, please send us a support ticket with the details of your desired outfit! It will cost 2 rare coins for your design! Thank you and enjoy!

Announcement number: 2

* 05/31/23, 12:34 p.m.; Gang, we have been given permission to pass along this information. The person behind Jodelle really does have a major hearing impairment and is playing it IC to make sense as to why they sometimes miss things. The person truly does sometimes need that minute or three to catch things. We are trying to handle it IC as best we can but did want to share this with you. We do our best to accommodate everyone here and so wanted that made clear to help people understand. Happy gaming all.

Announcement number: 3

* 05/31/23, 12:01 p.m.; If you consider yourself a no combat pilot, reach out before you submit your containers.

Announcement number: 4

* 05/29/23, 7:56 p.m.; If you donated on or near May 24, 25, or 26th and have not received vouchers, please contact us via support with the donation amount, and email address. This is kind of important, thanks.

Announcement number: 5

* 05/29/23, 11:04 a.m.; Hello everyone: We do understand that not everyone can donate to Vast Horizon, and that's understandable. Some of the staff is in that spot currently, and have been in the passed. However, we do have a way for you to buy vouchers in the game so that you can still get our donation items. The reason we have donation items in the first place is to help offset the cost of the server that Vast Horizon runs on. Thanks for your understanding, and have a good day!

Announcement number: 6

* 05/28/23, 10:54 a.m.; This is important. Anyone who has IC medical things that they wish to be in the medical records for RP purposes, please submit them in a report. It would be helpful if you could do this by June 5 but we understand if you submit late. Thank you. Oh right, you may get a couple RP points, especially if these issues have had RP involvement.

Announcement number: 7

* 05/14/23, 2:02 a.m.; Hello folks! For those who are interested, we are holding our first annual ball! If you are interested in participating in the event, please find out more about it in character. For those wishing to participate in the contest, please submit your pieces via support ticket. In the ticket, please make sure to let us know what your piece is and provide a description. If it is a painting, please say so, etc etc. As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions! Happy inventing!

Announcement number: 8

* 05/07/23, 3:46 p.m.; The @team command has had a big update to better outline a few items we have in circulation.

Announcement number: 9

* 05/04/23, 3:29 a.m.; Hello players. We think some things need clarified as regards to Teamtalk. 1. Privacy. Our server is not your private server. The same rules apply to Teamtalk that apply to public places in the game. 2. Private discussions. While we do not mind you creating temporary private channels to have a discussion, requesting someone leave a public channel created by us so you can discuss your private matters there is not acceptable. The server is a community space, and requesting someone leave a public channel for you is like asking someone to leave a restaurant because they are sitting somewhere you want to sit. Please keep these things in mind when using the OOC contact services we provide. They are there for everyone.

Announcement number: 10

* 05/01/23, 3:21 p.m.; This is just a friendly reminder. Some players take their roleplay very seriously. It is sometimes better to make an IC exit than explain why you have to go and then encourage them to move you. Here again, this is an example. Also of note, there is a command called OOC toggle for those who rather not be interrupted by OOC messages.

Announcement number: 11

* 04/23/23, 5:04 a.m.; Hello players! I would like to give a shout out to all the roleplay that has been happening, and for recognizing each other. We just ask that in order to best reward everyone in a rp situation, please submit all the names of your fellow roleplayers, instead of just saying, "others" or something to that affect. Keep up the great work!

Announcement number: 12

* 04/22/23, 1:44 a.m.; Fashionistas of Vast Horizon! Many of you have requested for more clothing to be added to shops. We want to hear from you. We'd like more input on what exactly you are looking for. Please drop suggests with clothing types. Small roleplay point rewards will be given out for those who put in considerable thought to their suggestions. Thank you!

Announcement number: 13

* 04/21/23, 9:21 p.m.; You can once again view help files on the web, and through the HELP command. All formatting has been correctly updated.

Announcement number: 14

* 04/21/23, 8:35 p.m.; The HELP FILES (HELP COMMAND IN GAME) and on the web have been disabled as they go through a conversion process. We'll let you know when they're open again. Thanks, and sorry! It won't be long!

Announcement number: 15

* 04/18/23, 8:00 a.m.; Hi, hello role-players of Vast Horizon. We understand you love roleplay, and so do we. That's why we are here. However, we need to try and get better about sending a support into the staff before a large caliper event/issue gets started. We'll give you a few reasons: It allows us to see a conversation, and log with timestamps on when it started, who on the staff has taken interest, and of course, conversed with you. We have things going on in our lives outside of the game, and we need to make sure that what you're going to start doesn't damage or go against our timeline in any way, shape or form. We're not saying you can't start a little ark, but please so we can help guide it come to us first. We just can't always dive into something with 0 warning. This might sound a little harsh, but we may just have to lock people up and say that they had a real bad mental break or are faking all of it. When you become a pilot you go through super strict background checks, health screenings, etc. Lets have some fun roleplay, not always dark backgrounds. This is in no way pointing fingers as it has happened more times than we can count. Help us help you, and bring your flushed out idea to a support (SUPPORT) is the command, and wait for a staff member to make contact. If you have any questions, go a head and open a support with us. Thank you, and happy second day of the work week.

Announcement number: 16

* 04/09/23, 1:08 a.m.; Happy Easter, to the two best time zones! And maybe another. No one knows what time it is.

Announcement number: 17

* 04/08/23, 9:18 a.m.; The privacy policy has been updated for clarity. Give us a shout if you have questions.

Announcement number: 18

* 03/23/23, 12:22 p.m.; Quick reminder: If the staff is playing a character in an event, it isn't us. It is someone different. Just because it is staff played, doesn't mean it is anything like one of the staff members that shows up under @TEAM. If you have any questions about how your character may interact, or you need help with the interactions because you know it's a staff member behind the character, please feel free to open a support with us, and we'll help you out. Thanks.

Announcement number: 19

* 03/20/23, 5:11 p.m.; For those running Ubuntu lts and tintin, we have just been made aware of an issue that results in the soundpack not being fully functional on those systems. We will update the soundpack to work correctly on those systems in the coming days. In the meantime, you can install tintin++ as a snap, or build from source to work around this issue. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Announcement number: 20

* 03/18/23, 11:52 a.m.; Players, we just want to inform you of something. We are aware of the desire for multi-seat vehicles. We too want to do this but there are other important things that must come ahead of it. We cannot fulfill requests for multi-person vehicles very soon. Thank you for understanding.

Announcement number: 21

* 03/16/23, 9:59 p.m.; People, we do appreciate everyone hanging in there while we work this event out. We are sorry for the glitches but keep in mind, this is a live test of a new system. We thank you for your patience. We also ask that you remember, it is most likely that any issues with tools are either matching or there is a bug. These are OOC issues and should not be handled IC. If you are broken and we have not got to you, please report and you may call out over newbie. We will do our utmost to see to your issue ASAP. Thanks again, you are a great bunch of players and sorry for any inconvenience. Things do not always work as intended and it can be frustrating.

Announcement number: 22

* 03/15/23, 10:45 a.m.; Hey, we're back again. If you got a support from us with the new system, please reply to it when you have time, and so that we know you got it. Thanks.

Announcement number: 23

* 03/14/23, 10:30 p.m.; Hi, Vast Horizon! We have just switched everything over to our new support system. It works the same, for the most part on your side: Few changes: SUPPORT (the menu) looks different). You can view replies under there, otherwise, everything else is the same. Fun, right? Oh know, staff, all our supports are gone! Whatever will you do? This is insane, that's years of good hard work gone! No, stop. It will be okay. We have them. We will be going through and opening supports with you, and we'll paste the entire contents into the one we open, it's okay, promise. Give us a few days, and we'll get them in there. We'll be pulling and putting all your closed ones in the archives, but this is going to help us from missing any supports with faster replies, etc. Any tracebacks, report them as it likely means there is a bug with supports, and yes... We can't support with a broken system!

Announcement number: 24

* 03/14/23, 11:12 a.m.; Morning, BunkiCenterings. While TT is a nice thing that we setup, sharing information to others through our server that isn't connected so they can comment on with the OOC command is a no. This needs to stop. We do not want to take action, but we can, and will. Please if you have people on a secondary server of yours that are not on ours, mute yourself or tell them they can't use that information. If you're sharing your audio between the two, knock it off. There is no reason to do that when both parties can connect to the one server. This is a warning, we don't want to block people from it, but if it comes down to it we will.

Announcement number: 25

* 03/13/23, 9:03 p.m.; Please ignore the ammunition IC. This was a staff oversight.

Announcement number: 26

* 03/12/23, 6:49 p.m.; Twice in a day. Phones are not ooc. Ever

Announcement number: 27

* 03/11/23, 8:53 p.m.; The phones are absolutely not, no way, no shape, no form, to be used to provide OOC information.

Announcement number: 28

* 03/09/23, 6:43 p.m.; People can really apply for the fleet now.

Announcement number: 29

* 03/05/23, 11:38 p.m.; Thank you to everyone who submitted ideas for Southern foods! There was an overwhelming submission and while it's all wonderfully appreciated, not all of it made the cut, unfortunately. However, those who did not get used have been stored away for future use! Who knows what might be found in space? Once again thank you and enjoy!

Announcement number: 30

* 03/02/23, 9:36 a.m.; Friendly reminder: If someone is not in your group when you pay for the train ticket, they will not be counted as a member of the group.

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