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Announcement number: 1

* 10/27/21, 10:45 a.m.; The @bugs command was updated to denote possible text line editing issues with the dataslates.

Announcement number: 2

* 10/27/21, 10:34 a.m.; We have updated all descriptions. Please let us know if you spot errors. If you really want a wording change for age only, report by Friday or the window is closed. Please send a report as replies are not really necessary here.

Announcement number: 3

* 10/27/21, 8:14 a.m.; Descriptions are broken. We will begin sorting this today and try to do it as quickly as possible

Announcement number: 4

* 10/27/21, 7:53 a.m.; We apologize for the interruption in your game play, as the game unfortunately went down earlier this morning.

Announcement number: 5

* 10/26/21, 10:33 a.m.; At some point tomorrow, October 27, player descriptions will be broken as we begin to make the age change. From tomorrow onward, typing %age% in a character description will just provide the year. It will be up to the players to type appears to be, is, looks like, years-old or whatever they want. This will give newly created characters more flexibility when writing their descriptions. If you don't want a phrase like year-old or years-old stuck in your description when staff begins editing the broken descriptions, get a report in soon. Otherwise it will be done.

Announcement number: 6

* 10/25/21, 12:51 p.m.; Roleplay points are not always given directly after a scene and sometimes are. If you receive roleplay points we would rather you not question why you got them with things like, "I did nothing." over CWS. Just be happy you got them for something.

Announcement number: 7

* 10/24/21, 8:13 p.m.; Woops, please type blazer data if you have a dataslate.

Announcement number: 8

* 10/24/21, 8:12 p.m.; You have less than 24 hours to collect your event point gift. It will end on October 25 at 3 PM central.

Announcement number: 9

* 10/23/21, 6:42 a.m.; Participants in the underground initiative have received their due rewards. Enjoy and we hope to see you all Sunday at 2 PM game time.

Announcement number: 10

* 10/23/21, 6:13 a.m.; OOC communications are done over the room OOC and CWS only. Never, ever, do we do them on channels, in text messages, or other means of chat.

Announcement number: 11

* 10/22/21, 8:03 a.m.; Good morning everyone! We, the staff wanted to thank you for being here and playing Vast Horizon, and all the great information you have given over the year and sticking it out. It means the world to us, and thank you the most! Happy 1 year, and hope many more to go, thank you!

Announcement number: 12

* 10/19/21, 3:29 a.m.; Players, please remember, if your questions go unanswered over newbie, send in a support. We cannot help you if we don't know the issue. Case in point, a few food tray questions were piped over channels and the staff member who handles those is likely not going to see them because of a schedule change. Staff simply cannot always address possible issues quickly and it is not our job to note these unanswered questions in support tickets for you.

Announcement number: 13

* 10/15/21, 4:05 a.m.; The soundpack has been updated to version 1.7.1. A train trigger was fixed, a ship being destroyed trigger was fixed and alt key functions were added for walking.

Announcement number: 14

* 10/10/21, 9:41 a.m.; There is a new survey up. It is about teleportation in some form. Please take the survey if interested. Type @survey to begin.

Announcement number: 15

* 10/03/21, 1:33 p.m.; Another people, remember we do have language barriers, be mindful of this. Thanks.

Announcement number: 16

* 10/03/21, 1:31 p.m.; People, acronyms are capitalized. MC means "Master of Ceremonies." This is the most common definition for MC on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. Mistakes are going to happen but when we miss communicate, whoops or sorry about that often works.

Announcement number: 17

* 09/18/21, 12:29 p.m.; We have decided to take a survey on babies as we work to come to a final decision on the matter. Your voices are important to us and we believe that we can use information that you provide to come to a well-informed decision. Type @survey and read carefully.

Announcement number: 18

* 09/18/21, 8:10 a.m.; Players, please read the help files carefully, especially those dealing with the caverns daily living. There is a lot of information to take in and we are here to help and answer questions.

Announcement number: 19

* 08/28/21, 3:10 p.m.; The @team command has been updated.

Announcement number: 20

* 08/20/21, 11:02 p.m.; Feel free to text again!

Announcement number: 21

* 08/20/21, 10:02 p.m.; Hello everyone! Texting will be locked down for the time being as a few other features with it is updated. We will announce when you're free to use it again.

Announcement number: 22

* 08/07/21, 11:58 a.m.; The @team command has been updated to reflect the 1 year event.

Announcement number: 23

* 08/04/21, 1:17 p.m.; Probably don't trade until further notice.

Announcement number: 24

* 08/04/21, 4:25 a.m.; The @team command has received an update.

Announcement number: 25

* 08/03/21, 11:59 a.m.; We don't normally changelog and announce, but there was a change made regarding height in creation. If you're 3 feet something tall, support about it and we'll change it if you like. You do not need to change it though. Thanks!

Announcement number: 26

* 07/29/21, 2:51 p.m.; Feel free crafting plaques and placards again, and if it blows up again, blame someone like the guy that works at the local Target in hardware.

Announcement number: 27

* 07/29/21, 12:48 p.m.; We added a new category for plaques and other decor items.

Announcement number: 28

* 07/29/21, 12:34 p.m.; Don't craft plaques until given the go ahead, thanks.

Announcement number: 29

* 07/26/21, 8:01 p.m.; The @team command was updated to reflect what we're doing next.

Announcement number: 30

* 07/22/21, 10:52 a.m.; We fixed an issue with payouts on this event. We'll try to make the points right. Those who have salvaged before 10:30 game time, tell us how many loads.