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* 01/29/23, 1:19 p.m.; If anyone is interested in visiting our teamtalk server, please provide username and password in a support ticket. We only ask a few things. Please respect meta rules, please do not harass anyone about sex, race, religion, or roleplay preferences. Please, enjoy yourselves and have a good time. Also note, if one does not opt to give out personal information, do not push them to do so. Thank you and we hope you enjoy yourselves.

Announcement number: 2

* 01/19/23, 10:51 p.m.; The @team command was updated to include our newest staff member.

Announcement number: 3

* 01/15/23, 11:06 a.m.; Points have been given out for the dictator fleet meeting held last night. If you didn't receive roleplay points and you attended, let us know

Announcement number: 4

* 01/14/23, 4:57 p.m.; Asteroid Tugging is back. It shouldn't traceback when setting lines, and result in you needing a staff member. Happy tugging.

Announcement number: 5

* 01/14/23, 12:09 p.m.; It's afternoon, but never a better time to start! Asteroid tugging grappling guns have been locked as we do the much needed fixes. It'll be back soon.

Announcement number: 6

* 01/13/23, 8:05 p.m.; The @team command has been updated to reflect a few event and other changes.

Announcement number: 7

* 01/13/23, 1:04 p.m.; People, when you spot, what may be an issue, please do not discuss it OOCly and then not bother to report it.

Announcement number: 8

* 01/12/23, 4:05 p.m.; Hello. Starting 01/14/2023 we will be locking Asteroid Tugging so that we can fix tracebacks that happen with the grappling gun. The reason it needs to be locked is we'll be adjusting the format in which the lines data is stored on ships and the asteroid. It shouldn't take us long to complete, but we will notify you via an announcement when we're starting, and when it's done. Thanks.

Announcement number: 9

* 01/10/23, 8:20 a.m.; Hello players! We're going to be going through our list of open support tickets here in the next day or 2. If you have one that has been open for a month or more, and we appear to just be waiting on a reply from you, it may be closed. If you do not wish this to happen, please reply to your open supports with the requested information, or, failing that, a reason it can't be provided yet. Thank you.

Announcement number: 10

* 01/09/23, 7:27 a.m.; Those building their backstories may want to heavily consider writing the profiles. It is good to help both staff and you, the player, keep on task with what you are doing. We do not deny profiles for spelling and grammar. Though the better the profile, the more roleplay points you will be rewarded. Feel free to ask any lore questions you need as you work to add your character into the game's lore.

Announcement number: 11

* 01/08/23, 7:01 a.m.; Hotfix. The tintin soundpack now works with the creature detector. As usual, the link is

Announcement number: 12

* 01/07/23, 1:20 p.m.; Version 3.2 of the soundpack is here. Fixes many things including sword sounds, lightyear notice chime, social sounds coming disabled, and a few other things. Adds sounds for when creatures are in the room with you, changes how sign notifications are handled, a sound when your phone finishes charging, roleplay point notifications and a few others. Https:// - Enjoy.

Announcement number: 13

* 01/06/23, 11:10 a.m.; As a reminder communicating possible information out of character isn't good. Please watch communicating information to your friends outside of the game so that they can connect and help. Please read over policy 8, with POLICY Metagaming or POLICY followed by enter and option 8. Thanks.

Announcement number: 14

* 01/04/23, 9:56 a.m.; Just a reminder, NPC's, whether they be quickly thought up ones or more permanent, are just that. They are not the staff and do not reflect the opinions of the staff. It is not mandatory to be agreeable just because one has spoke.

Announcement number: 15

* 01/03/23, 7:30 a.m.; We're light on the jewelry at present time because we know that we need to do work on its clothing slots. Just a quick FYI.

Announcement number: 16

* 01/02/23, 2:16 p.m.; If you just donated around 2:00 P.M central time, can you please send a support with the amount you donated and your transaction ID? Thanks.

Announcement number: 17

* 01/02/23, 2:09 p.m.; This is a friendly reminder: When sending donations please put your character name, or username in the note section so we can quickly credit you. Thanks!

Announcement number: 18

* 01/01/23, 10:51 p.m.; It's a new year, which means it's a new time to rate the game and its staff. Type @rate and don't worry, we won't see your name.

Announcement number: 19

* 12/30/22, 5:46 a.m.; The NPC's help file has been updated with several bits of information. Good catch on one of them.

Announcement number: 20

* 12/25/22, 1:00 a.m.; Merry Christmas from the staff. Be safe, enjoy time with family/friends, and eat some good food. Maybe a cookie or 22 for us!

Announcement number: 21

* 12/22/22, 10:08 a.m.; Collect the passengers and drop them off for points will begin on Christmas Eve and run through midnight of Christmas day. Enjoy.

Announcement number: 22

* 12/20/22, 12:28 p.m.; We bring Bunki-Clock! What in the world is Bunki-Clock? Well, of course it is a clock written by BunkiCenter. It's pretty basic, but a nice to have: It will play a sound for A.M and P.M at the top of the hour, saying which hour it is, and if A.M or P.M. It goes off a quarter past the hour, half past, and quarter till the following hour. This currently works for windows only, but will be ported to run on MacOs in the future. You can run a .bat file to enable the program to automatically start when your computer starts, another one to stop it from auto starting, and a stop.exe file to stop the clock when running. To run the clock, just hit Bunki-Clock.exe to enable it. There is information in the Docs folder, and you can use the new link on the homepage to download. Once downloaded, just unzip the folder and move the folder where you would like. Any feedback, please send it to Thanks!

Announcement number: 23

* 12/19/22, 8:31 p.m.; This is a reminder hooking a new pilot up with a chunk of cash isn't the way to do it. Help get them in the right direction for making money, a quick fix won't help them with what they really need. Thanks.

Announcement number: 24

* 12/08/22, 8:57 p.m.; The @team command has been updated to note our latest little plot line. Read, get involved if you wish, and most of all thank you for playing the game.

Announcement number: 25

* 12/01/22, 2:52 p.m.; The vast horizon tintin soundpack has been majorly rewritten for full compatibility with all distributions of tintin++. How much testing have I done? About 10 seconds. Please test and give feedback! The URL is still

Announcement number: 26

* 11/24/22, 10:46 a.m.; Happy Thanksgiving! Eat lots of food if you do, and enjoy some beans for me! Thanks!

Announcement number: 27

* 11/21/22, 8:35 a.m.; As a reminder, please send Christmas gift requests in a support ticket. It allows us to communicate easier if required. Thanks.

Announcement number: 28

* 11/05/22, 5:47 a.m.; Notes, if you are submitting a report with a question that you would like answered, it is best to send in a support ticket. We cannot respond to reports. If you receive a traceback it is best to report with information such as what you typed, location, or item you were working with as this will help us track down the problem faster. Thank you.

Announcement number: 29

* 10/28/22, 3:42 p.m.; I just wanted to welcome our new players! Thanks for checking out VH and we all hope you enjoy your time here!

Announcement number: 30

* 10/22/22, 2:03 p.m.; BunkiCenter, Vast Horizon. Players, staff, all. Thank you for being here with us. Today we have reached our second year of when we first opened 10/22/2020. We've gone under a lot of change, and we've experienced many different forms of roleplay. There have been the good times, and there have been the not so good. There has been the great, and the alright. Thanks for being here for the last two years, and if you're new here, welcome and thank you. You also mean a lot to us. Here's to another two years!

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