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* 05/29/24, 6:14 p.m.; The voting machine works properly again, thank you for your patience.

Announcement number: 2

* 05/29/24, 5:24 p.m.; We broke the voting machine. Please do not cast further votes until further notice. Sorry for those who have to redo them.

Announcement number: 3

* 05/24/24, 12:32 a.m.; For transparency, this issue occurred just as was explained in game. This is not a quick staff plot.

Announcement number: 4

* 05/21/24, 9:02 p.m.; Okay players, we have a request. To the best of your ability, provide us with the number of ship losses you have had, while piloting the ships. Please send this information in a report, not a support.

Announcement number: 5

* 05/20/24, 5:26 p.m.; Hello players. This is a reminder that you cannot reasonably copy everything word for word from such things as channels, especially without obtaining in character permission to do so. This has got to stop. This is absolutely the final warning.

Announcement number: 6

* 05/19/24, 3:46 p.m.; Hi players! We would like to ask that if you pick up something that realistically is too heavy to humanly carry, please assume it is a bug instead of roleplaying it out. There is no conceivable way for humans to lift a large platform, a ship, or a ten seater bench, for example. This does not include things like large instruments, which you can realistically move by emoting dragging or the item having wheels. This is specifically for items like drum kits and pianos.

Announcement number: 7

* 05/15/24, 1:18 p.m.; This is a friendly reminder: Using aliases or scripts with a timer in them to perform 4 tasks in very quick succession is not allowed when playing Vast Horizon. We are notified of this, and highly suggest that you read policy 11 'Bugs, Scripting, Aliases And Triggers'. Thank you.

Announcement number: 8

* 05/15/24, 10:41 a.m.; Please hold off on trading till further notice. We need to sort a few things, hopefully over the weekend.

Announcement number: 9

* 05/11/24, 12:36 a.m.; The deuterium changes for 3500 to gain a bonus point should be all points, not just productivity. It was an early morning change.

Announcement number: 10

* 05/05/24, 10:19 p.m.; Asteroid tugging is working as intended, thank you.

Announcement number: 11

* 05/04/24, 3:47 p.m.; May the force be with you! Happy May 4th.

Announcement number: 12

* 03/30/24, 2:12 p.m.; Currently CALL is broken because Will Ashford sucks. We're working on a means to appease both parties. Point your finger at CWS and we will proudly hear and understand the outrage. Don't worry. The way to fix it will be amazing, delightful, and something you never dreamed of in 500 years. Truly.

Announcement number: 13

* 03/27/24, 4:29 p.m.; It is time to decide this year's theme for the summer ball! Please submit suggestions for the theme by using the suggest command! Submissions close Friday at 3 PM game time! You are allowed to submit 2 suggestions each, any more and it will not be counted. We will pick three from the suggestions and put up a vote to decide the theme. Who knows, it could be yours! Have fun!

Announcement number: 14

* 03/27/24, 9:17 a.m.; Keep in mind, the staff and think commands are IC only, unless you are given clearance to use them to respond to staff. This clearance would be a one time option and not ongoing. In short, staff would clarify with you each time you have been green lighted to use it for an OOC response to us. Thank you.

Announcement number: 15

* 03/27/24, 8:50 a.m.; @team has been updated again, in particular the event and plotline sections.

Announcement number: 16

* 03/16/24, 5:28 p.m.; The rp conversation surrounding chaos and the trickle down factor will need to be postponed due to illness for one of the participants. Thank you for your understanding, and we'll announce when it does happen.

Announcement number: 17

* 03/14/24, 7:06 a.m.; Type @team to view its update.

Announcement number: 18

* 03/14/24, 1:11 a.m.; Sunday at 1 PM game time, staff would like to have a roleplay conversation on the chaos factor and the trickle down affects thereof.

Announcement number: 19

* 03/12/24, 3:52 p.m.; Hi guys! We're aware that there's issues submitting your heart containers. We're working on a fix and will get back to you all soon. For now, please just hang onto your containers until further notice.

Announcement number: 20

* 03/10/24, 9:36 p.m.; Hello players. In an attempt to be transparent, we would like to please ask for your patience. While the staff of Vast Horizon are working diligently to bring you rp, we are also working on reports, supports, and new projects. This means that we may not be able to answer you right away, but trust that we will answer as soon as we can. As much as we all love the world of VH, we cannot be on 24/7 and also take care of ourselves. Please do keep this in mind if a line of roleplay means a help file will need updating, we will get there. We just can't guarantee it will be done instantaneously. The same goes for requests. We will try our best. Thank you all and please keep enjoying this world we call our own.

Announcement number: 21

* 03/06/24, 10:13 p.m.; If you were involved in the Prisoner escapees roleplay event, and did not receive points, please pop up a report.

Announcement number: 22

* 03/04/24, 9:05 p.m.; This is a friendly reminder that sending an emote with incorrect spelling and not a complete sentence isn't a typo on our end, as emotes are entirely dynamic and not normal socials.

Announcement number: 23

* 02/29/24, 10:03 p.m.; While the current story line may be sensitive in nature, we assure you it will not get worse. Maybe sad but not worse otherwise. This was a player initiated storyline that will be revealed to all soon. Please take care of yourselves and visit the turtles, have some fun.

Announcement number: 24

* 02/27/24, 1:28 p.m.; Our roleplay consent system is now live. Type help consent to read the help file, and @set-consent to set your consent levels. Note that this is entirely OOC, and your consent levels can only be seen by staff.

Announcement number: 25

* 02/25/24, 11:49 p.m.; Players! This is a reminder that the "cor" command exists. This is so you may announce your typo corrections without using ooc, as not all players have it enabled. To use it, first ungag it in gag options. Then use cor . So for example, cor . Enjoy!

Announcement number: 26

* 02/24/24, 6:44 a.m.; We may be regretful of this but here goes. Do not forget that players can submit news articles on an IC level at the daily news building. They can also do it on the OOC level via support ticket.

Announcement number: 27

* 01/31/24, 8:13 a.m.; We may be testing weapon hits verses enemy damage over the next week or so. If there is a ship loss during this time, we'll help out, if it is our fault and not crazy pilot skills.

Announcement number: 28

* 01/28/24, 9:34 p.m.; Hey guys and girls. Using crafty wording to indicate each other, or catch each other up on wording after the fact through the game is still meta. It's easy to spot. This should stop. Thanks.

Announcement number: 29

* 01/23/24, 10:03 p.m.; You may state that you take and send pictures via text message. This was a topic of discussion the other week. Since you are allowed to draw on paper, text messages can have photos. However, there would be no current method of copying these photos, thus the cameras would be the better choice for photo albums.

Announcement number: 30

* 01/19/24, 1:48 p.m.; We keep receiving suggestions for the RoboChef. If you want to customize yours, it is a donation item but can be done. Thanks.

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