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* 07/05/22, 6:00 p.m.; Sometimes items such as guitar picks are there for roleplay purposes because the actual code is written on the instruments. We hope role players enjoy these types of props.

Announcement number: 2

* 07/05/22, 4:59 p.m.; In the light of things, would anyone welcome a place such as CashApp to send donations? We would keep the Paypal as well. If you think you'd get use out of this, let us know on CWS or via report. Thanks!

Announcement number: 3

* 07/02/22, 11:35 a.m.; You may now cash checks again.

Announcement number: 4

* 07/01/22, 11:39 p.m.; The check cashing system will be down till we sort an issue with checks. Go ahead and laugh at the treasury department IC if you want, we don't mind.

Announcement number: 5

* 07/01/22, 11:13 p.m.; if you are an officeholder and got extra checks, please send a report. There was a traceback and we broke it.

Announcement number: 6

* 06/30/22, 7:12 p.m.; We've fixed the sword sounds to work for the VIP soundpack. You can download a zip folder of the 3 here: HTTPS:// - unzip the folder, control A, control C go to where your VIP folder is, go to sounds\VastHorizon\Ground, control V and click yes to replace. You'll need to restart the client and then do: #play {VastHorizon\ground\slash.wav} and if you hear a sound, you did it correct.

Announcement number: 7

* 06/28/22, 5:06 p.m.; Updated the tintin++ soundpack to version 0.4 with nep drive sounds, fixes to communications handling, a fix for a bug that would cause a "verb.txt" file to be created when the game encountered an error, and a workaround for a Mac OS terminal segmentation fault when attempting to access certain file paths.

Announcement number: 8

* 06/26/22, 4:28 p.m.; While highly experimental, you can now interact with objects while on a table. USE FLIGHT ON will turn on and off a flight control scanner that is on the table. USE DRINK MACHINE ON TABLE will use the drink machine while it is on a table. This may break, and likely will. If you notice anything strange that isn't working, or random things being told to you, please report them. If you try and use an object like a drink machine, food machine etc and it won't let you while on the table, please let us know. If it says you should be holding it, report please. Stuff to note: You can try any command you want, but if the command is normally something like put bob in container (while you're just holding or wearing it) it will not work on the table. The normal command structure needs to be just without any more input, it will work. Thanks, and hope you guys are excited, as we've wanted this forever!

Announcement number: 9

* 06/26/22, 10:28 a.m.; The tintin++ soundpack has been updated to version 0.3 with nep drive sounds, ground and space combat fixes, and fbn fixes. It has also been tested with tintin on windows 10/11, and Ubuntu 22.04.

Announcement number: 10

* 06/24/22, 6:20 p.m.; Quick reminder: When bolting items in a hotel room, you need to be an owner of the object that you're trying to bolt.

Announcement number: 11

* 06/24/22, 3:07 p.m.; Updated the mac soundpack to version 0.2.1 with mining sound fixes, a new script alias to open script files, automatic opening of local edit windows, remapped volume keys, and corrected documentation. Please don't hate me

Announcement number: 12

* 06/24/22, 10:53 a.m.; Tintin soundpack updated to version 0.2. Adds sounds for mining, and fixes ground combat. Also adds a few more socials and is generally more efficient at handling them.

Announcement number: 13

* 06/24/22, 5:37 a.m.; the mac soundpack has received an update to version 0.1.1. This update contains a critical bug fix that actually allows the pack to work. Updated install instructions are provided in the file. Sorry!

Announcement number: 14

* 06/23/22, 6:03 p.m.; Hello players! Good news! We now have a soundpack for the mac, using the tintin++ client. To download or get more information, visit Enjoy!

Announcement number: 15

* 06/23/22, 5:20 p.m.; A small update has been done to the soundpack. If you are one who has trouble updating, we suggest you delete current copies that you may have lying around outside of VIP. You should only need to replace the scripts folder and VastHorizon.set if you have 3.0 currently installed. If you don't have 3.0 installed, you will need to uninstall your current pack and replace everything as it was a pretty major update. Lastly, if you need help, give us a shout.

Announcement number: 16

* 06/20/22, 1:56 p.m.; Okay players, listen up. This is big thing if you want to punch and kick people. We're going to be working on some higher level to hit chances for these. If you think your character should have it, send us a report telling why. Does this mean you will get it? Nope. It means we will check your profile and character's behavior. If you don't send in a report, you will have the average chance given to everyone.

Announcement number: 17

* 06/17/22, 12:08 p.m.; People who have submitted profiles, gentle reminder. Check your profile once in awhile so that you can keep track of what your character is supposed to be lined up with. It may help prevent over-powered character attempts. Keep in mind, one character cannot be everything. However, they can think they are if they want to deal with possible consequences both negative and positive. This is the last gentle reminder.

Announcement number: 18

* 06/16/22, 8:43 a.m.; The pack should be fine to download now. Those who have installed 3.0, should only need to install the VastHorizon folder which has all the files in it, not the sounds folder. Those who are not running version 3.0, install the entire pack please.

Announcement number: 19

* 06/15/22, 5:20 p.m.; If you have not done so yet, please do not get the pack until we sort a few things. Thanks to those who did for alerting us.

Announcement number: 20

* 06/15/22, 4:50 p.m.; The VIP soundpack has been updated to version 3.0. Small text fixes and several male, and female social sounds have been added. This is a pretty big update for those who want that sort of thing. Probably install the entire pack to be safe. Note anyone using other pronouns such as it, will receive a random female or male sound. It's the best we could do at this time.

Announcement number: 21

* 06/03/22, 8:30 a.m.; Good morning everyone. We have changed something on the back end with roundtime, in hopes to solve an issue that let you skip through your roundtime sometimes. This has been (we think) an issue from the date of adding roundtime to floating points (10.0 seconds, over just 10 seconds). If you still get this issue being able to skip through roundtime sometimes if you perform two actions quickly, please let us know in a report. Thanks for your understanding, and sorry about giving you endless roundtime! Don't worry, we aren't stuck forever... Or are we?

Announcement number: 22

* 06/01/22, 7:28 a.m.; Friendly reminder. If you're reporting a typo it would be very helpful if you could give us a real example of where the typo can be found. Sadly we can't remember where every word is used, and might never find it. Thanks!

Announcement number: 23

* 05/29/22, 8:34 p.m.; Hello. You have likely noticed a bit of lag lately, from 1/4 seconds here and there. Someone has nothing better to do with their lives than attack our server. The only thing they're able to do is give lag spikes once and a while. Sorry for the inconvenience, hopefully it will stop soon.

Announcement number: 24

* 05/26/22, 4:03 p.m.; There is a new survey up. We would like feedback if you are interested. Type @survey to have a look.

Announcement number: 25

* 05/25/22, 1:40 a.m.; Please allow people to emote in their comfort zone. If they ask for assistance, that's fine.

Announcement number: 26

* 05/22/22, 7:58 p.m.; Hello everyone. We know there has been brief seconds of lag all day. We are actively trying to find the root of the problem. Please continue doing as you have done all day, it's helping! Thanks and sorry for the annoyance.

Announcement number: 27

* 05/20/22, 10:29 a.m.; Feel free to request challenges again.

Announcement number: 28

* 05/20/22, 4:56 a.m.; Please do not do challenges until further notice. Thank you.

Announcement number: 29

* 05/19/22, 9:21 p.m.; This is just a friendly reminder: If you want someone to be apart of a group train ticket they must be apart of your group at time of buying and paying for the ticket.

Announcement number: 30

* 05/15/22, 3:57 p.m.; For a short time only, the bank is selling rare coins at a highly discounted price. Please do not take advantage of this in that you purchase and then turn around and sell them right back. This will only be valid for a day.

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