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* 01/20/22, 9:22 a.m.; If your spacesuit equipment has lost its descriptions, please report so we can go through and fix yours. Sorry about that.

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* 01/20/22, 8:38 a.m.; Please do not purchase the sinks with counters till further notice.

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* 01/20/22, 6:33 a.m.; The @team command has been updated, rejoice or not.

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* 01/16/22, 10:18 a.m.; Ground combat quests have been opened back up, enjoy.

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* 01/15/22, 12:29 p.m.; Hey guys, this is a quick reminder to watch how much money you're throwing around to new characters. Some money for small items isn't bad, but dropping $200,000+ discourages work on the new characters side. Thanks, and we hope this finds you well.

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* 01/12/22, 6:05 p.m.; Ground missions are temporarily closed. We will alert everyone when they are reopened.

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* 01/09/22, 9:27 p.m.; Players who craft, please do not drop your crafting bins on the floor and retrieve them. Load cart with bin in hand is how you can get the items into your cart. We will be working to prevent this issue but till then, be careful. Thank you.

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* 01/08/22, 4:32 p.m.; Sorry for any inconvenience, we're back!

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* 01/08/22, 11:58 a.m.; Players, please report things that could be bugs. We do not always check channel history to find them.

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* 01/07/22, 5:41 a.m.; Reminder, while profiles aren't a necessity to have, they will help you get considered for more top billing roleplay options. Reason being, if we need a set type of character and it would fit your profile, you could be it. They also help you keep track of your character.

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* 01/06/22, 5:36 p.m.; The latest change about clips and the darts does not include previously purchased examples.

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* 01/01/22, 10:00 p.m.; Hey guys, we know the game might lag a bit through the night, and we are sorry. We're trying to update over 130,000 values and there just isn't a better way of doing it. We'll make it as slow as possible so it doesn't lag as much. Sorry again!

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* 01/01/22, 8:08 a.m.; Happy New Year, Vast Horizon! We hope you have a good 2022, and hope that you were safe last night!

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* 12/31/21, 4:56 a.m.; After having been kicking for over a year now, the @rate command has been cleared for everyone. Feel free to rate us and feedback is most appreciated.

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* 12/31/21, 4:49 a.m.; @team has been updated to reflect an event date.

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* 12/25/21, 7:29 a.m.; The staff of Vast Horizon wishes all who celebrate a happy holiday season. Be safe, have fun, and don't forget to stop in to say hello!

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* 12/23/21, 1:05 p.m.; Miners, let us know if you notice your scanner not staying linked to the borer by times.

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* 12/17/21, 3:00 p.m.; Just a warning, OOC and CWS will be off during the party. Get your fix on now.

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* 12/16/21, 9:19 a.m.; First off, staff would like to sincerely apologize to anyone who had issues with yesterday's impromptu suicide roleplay event. Like you, staff had no knowledge it was happening until it started. Once the player saw reactions, he kindly sent a support ticket to alter his actions. While we understand that heavy issues like suicide can be a very bad trigger for people, we cannot police each roleplay scene someone does not care for. We have policed this one though as it is a rough issue and can have very bad impacts on a person. We have had some respectful discussions with some people who this really bothered and hopefully they are comfortable with the steps we have taken. We do hope the players can understand that deciding what to allow and what not to allow in terms of roleplay is a very difficult decision. While there are some things that we need to be very careful with, if we don't weigh things out properly there will be a tight hold on what can and cannot be roleplayed here. If you do have issues, triggers, and the like, we would love to assist you all that we can. As some of you did yesterday, letting others know you cannot do this because of personal trauma to your person is a good idea. It shows that the issue is important that you not do rather than just saying I don't like this. It is our desire to build a good, friendly relationship with the players and staff here. We do our utmost to keep everyone comfortable and only ask that we be respected, and maybe even assisted. Thanks for the understanding and if you wish to discuss this further, CWS is fine. It's a good place to help build a nice, fun, and even strong support group when we all need it.

Announcement number: 20

* 12/14/21, 1:21 p.m.; Note that you will want to get your qualifying gift by typing blazer data if you are under 1300 points and gift data if you are over 1300 total points by December 19, 2021. You need to own a data slate to receive these gifts. Also, new pilots, please send a support with your gift request by Thursday evening.

Announcement number: 21

* 12/08/21, 8:41 a.m.; Please read the event policy and keep a few things in mind. You may run an exploration trip whenever you like, but failing to provide information about your trip to staff in a support ticket will prevent you from having a possible chance at something getting to happen. Unless we had prior plans for your heading. Also, make sure we know of your parties and other things you may be planning. Here again, we cannot plan things for you without information.

Announcement number: 22

* 12/06/21, 9:36 a.m.; The soundpack has been updated to version 1.8.1 in tandem of the airlock text changes. For this, you can go to the website and simply download the scripts folder. Please read directions carefully there though. If you are running a version prior to 1.8, you will need to update the entire pack. This will be indicated in our announcements and on the website. To replace just the scripts folder, open your zip file that you downloaded, copy the folder and then open vip mud folder. After this, open the VastHorizon folder. Then simply paste your scripts folder in. It will ask you to replace, and you will want to pick yes. If this sounds too hard, simply download the entire pack as you have always done.

Announcement number: 23

* 12/05/21, 5:35 p.m.; Hi guys. We hate doing this with every part of us, but disabled the new sensor bit with ships and people in space for now. We are having some problems with it being a little to slow, and has some other design flaws. It will be worked on in the next few days.

Announcement number: 24

* 11/28/21, 6:32 a.m.; The soundpack has been updated to version 1.8. This is a big one requiring the sounds and scripts folders be updated. Such changes as a sound for people being in a room, a sound for targeting ships only, a softer general communications sound, mute and unmute sounds for the phone, triggers fixed for a few text changes, and more, were made.

Announcement number: 25

* 11/26/21, 7:10 a.m.; All trophy's from last month's big event have now been handed out to the people who could not be there on the culmination day. If not in your hands, you will find them in the room where you are.

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* 11/25/21, 9:49 a.m.; Good morning Vast Horizon family! If you celebrate Thanksgiving, we would like to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving. Eat lots of food, and be safe!

Announcement number: 27

* 11/11/21, 5:02 p.m.; Please welcome Quinn and Malik, our two newest VH team members. @team has been updated.

Announcement number: 28

* 11/03/21, 4:37 p.m.; Hello everyone, just want to give you a fare warning. Currently the system for how signed names is handled with dataslates, pieces of paper, etc is being overhauled. This will take a few days to fix all of them, so please, please, be kind to us. We will be going through updating things manually. If you have an open file on your dataslate and it tracebacks, don't worry about it. We will get to it. If you want to make it easier on us, send a report and leave the file open if you can. If you load files from memory and they don't work correctly, again. Do not panic, we will get to it.

Announcement number: 29

* 11/02/21, 5:11 p.m.; Quick reminder for everyone. You will be able to send and receive text messages, calls, the such while in FBN. This is because FBN doesn't know how to correctly calculate distance and you're current placement. In character reason: The starship is able to keep in communications range while in FBN because the signal follows the starship.

Announcement number: 30

* 10/28/21, 6:07 a.m.; Scratch the newbie loan change for now. It's being a bugger.