Vast Horizon News Headlines

Oria Hegemony

Dated: Thursday March 12th, 2220, 9:22 p.m. at COS science talk

COS Michelle Faro addressed a few important science items with Reporter Stacia Bevins today. Among these was the exciting news that her approval was finally given to market up to five day fusion reactor replacement cores. "A vast amount of testing had to be done before I could sign off on this project. Fusion reactors seem to be working well but their are always risks, due to the heat needed to maintain it."

Faro, who suggested I please call her Michelle, further explained the fusion process. "Fusion is created when two atoms are combined to make a workable energy. This process essentially creates an explosion. It is the job of the reactor to contain said explosion. Technology hasn't afforded us the opportunity to contain such an explosion that exceeds temperatures of 170 million degrees Fahrenheit for a lengthy amount of time."
"deuterium is the isotope for this particular reactor. It is a hydrogen isotope consisting of one proton, one neutron and one electron. It is collected from oceans, and even stars. The issue with collecting it from the stars is that the deuterium is destroyed so fast." Michelle continued to explain. "We hope to find a way to extract the deuterium from the stars soon. Which will give us more chances to create better reactors."
Michelle then went on to mention concerns over the ships which have Nuclear Energy Phase Drives installed being cleared to land on Oria. "Nuclear energy can be very dangerous," said Faro. "We've taken every precaution we can to ensure the safety of our citizens. For example, we must be launched in space to instal our replacement reactor cores. The extreme heat the reactors produce and most pilots who will need to replace the cores are not trained engineers but they do have the necessary equipment on their ships to keep them as safe as possible."
In regards to an unrelated item, Michelle said, "We are advising everyone to be very careful in sector 4. Our plans for using comets to terraform the moon are nearing fruition. Things could get dangerous out there."
Michelle declined to comment on deputy chief Amanda Steven's statement warning entrepreneurs to not build shops on Kizak Island. She would only state, "The atmosphere is safe but we do need to do further land based testing." She also did not add anything to the more firm warning not to build yet from a representative of dictator Faro's office.
In 2199, Michelle Faro played a huge part in the discovery of Riphenol at the young age of sixteen. She tested well and went into specific science studies at the age of twelve with proud parents supporting her all the way. Furthermore, she became the youngest ever chief of science in 2204. She has had a hand in many projects, always with safety in mind, and is well-liked by the citizens of Oria and the caverns.
It is widely known that if not for her and fellow scientist Amanda Stevens, humans would not have been able to surface safely. In fact, resentment throughout the science community is on the rise that dictator Larkra Faro lavishes in taking all the credit. Michelle declined comment on this.
Lastly, when I asked Michelle of her blue eyes, she just smiled.

Dated: Saturday May 2nd, 2220, 4:46 p.m. at Chrylia Expands

Chrylia, the mineral rich planet which is mostly uninhabitable, built a new wing to their station after many years of operation. "The population under the dome is growing, industry and trade are growing," said Mayor Slade Faro. "It was time."

"Families of the minors union couldn't be more pleased because this could mean living quarters expansions," said Minor's union president Tom Blake.

Dated: Saturday October 3rd, 2220, 4:51 p.m. at Gonrah deal revealed

The peacekeepers association, founded in 2209, begins to thrive, after striking a deal with the OH to have their own planet. Gonrah, discovered by Michelle Faro and Austin Turner in 2219, was awarded to the association earlier this year on the heels of lengthy discussions.

"We wished to have a place for peace loving civilians and pilots to go," Said Ned Faro, current head of the PKA.
"We have just completed work on an expansive hospital and the OH has rights to use it in exchange for allowing us to be in the FBN," Ned went on to explain. "We also agreed to pay back the $400,000,000,000 loan the OH graciously provided us to help with our upstart cost."
"We also agreed to pay the OH $45,000,000,000 per year for full defense of our sector," pilot Tim Collins added. "While we are peacekeepers, in that we take no part in unnecessary battles, we understand the need for invasion protection and have decided to allow members of the PKA to assist in said invasions. However, we must not own any combat ships nor initiate any combat battles. It is our belief that putting forth the olive branch will be the best way to gain peace moving forward."
"Pilot members of the PKA went far and wide to enlist help from Farolds living abroad with this planet. The interest in more Farolds willingness to call a peacekeeping planet home rather than their ships, was a big factor in the dictator agreeing to this plan. A more extensive trade agreement will be hashed out in the future," a spokesperson for the dictator's office informed. "While this planet is not a member of the OH, it will help strengthen the notion that Farolds can work together and do support peace."
Gonrah is a planet with a circumference of 7100 KMs (4400 miles), located a short distance west of the unclaimed Kizak Island. "Most of the northern hemisphere is barren rock, however, we did discover that a third of the planet has a wealth of trees, fertile land, and vegetation." COS Michelle Faro explained. "We were able to determine that this area would be suitable for beginning settlements without much work."

Dated: Friday October 16th, 2220, 8:37 p.m. at Starships get safer!

Amidst growing concerns of pilot death due to being ill prepared with an adequate amount of oxygen, an announcement was made earlier today from FSI industries. "Over the last decade we've lost a dozen Farolds and at least three hundred humans due to lack of oxygen during space walks. Head of engineering, Berry Weis, traveled to the cavern to work with a human engineering student, Daniel Patel. They have invented a system that is being installed in every starship," engineer Berry Weis announced.

He went on to explain that this computer and salvaging upgrade will snatch a person from the jaws of death if a sensor on the helmet calls the ship. While excitement is in the air, any sane person should know that equipment can malfunction. We were promised that this is one of the best tertiary upgrades since the emergency life support generator.

Dated: Saturday October 24th, 2220, 11:57 a.m. at Charge Boosters!

New Netherlands to the rescue. "We've got five minute charge boosters at the ready in our reactor store on New Netherlands," said engineer Wilhelm Freegenhauf.

Dated: Saturday October 24th, 2220, 8:50 p.m. at science student dead

The farold defense department has informed us that science student, Nancy Carette's remains were found near the foliage in the jungle.
The fuzzy ant is still out there. It was advised for pilots working within the jungle to be careful and take a weapon.
COS Michelle Faro informed us that human pilot Sasha Redfern appeared to be physically fine when she left. Mister Redfern was attacked by the ant and ended up with a nasty leg injury. "He was a bit shaken up," Faro concluded.

She gave no comment on the rusty box retrieved by the pilots in the area.

Dated: Sunday October 25th, 2220, 8:36 a.m. at Price gouging?

Treasure Nicholas Faro finally blew a gasket over the general communications channel this morning when a pilot used the words "slave drivers," in response to a heated discussion about price gouging.

Prior to the big blow up, he tried to inform the public of what is all done for them. The facts show themselves. From May 2219, to May of 2220 alone, the Oria Hegemony spent $165,375,345,000 to help care for the people in the caverns and got nothing in return.
Cavern leaders from Sector A have reported that they are appalled at the actions of people complaining about price gouging. While leaders from Sector C applaud them.
Dictator Faro said this, "Everyone has the right to their opinion. It is when the verbal sparring gets nasty that it can get rough." He has placed treasurer Faro on a ten day leave of absence.
Psychologist Tina Faro added, "Part of the issue here is that these people are coming from those caverns and not understanding how the real world works. The Farolds have given tons of money to help humans over the years. But, the farolds are into making money and nobody can fault them for that. If you earn $50,000 in two hours, why are you really complaining? Even in sector A, nobody earned a tenth of that in two hours.

Dated: Tuesday October 27th, 2220, 8:47 p.m. at Drake gone mad!

Business entrepreneur Natasha Drake has taken up the gauntlet to try out being a pilot. Her family is one of the most influential human families above ground. "I have discovered there is not a pilot in the Drake family. This issue must be remedied, said Drake.

Natasha went a step further. "I have donated all my savings to the HPA so that we can begin to teach those in the caverns how to behave once they exit better than they are doing. I will be donating my shopping center funds to children's schools above ground so that they can have the best opportunities possible."
Though most think Natasha a snob, she can do something good once in awhile. It remains to be seen if she can fly a ship though.

Dated: Saturday October 31st, 2220, 12:16 p.m. at Not so lazy

Outrage among the piloting community, by Stacia Bevins.

Earlier today, it became clear that a ground invasion is threatening the City of Oria. In order to prepare the Civilian Pilots for the combat they may face, The Farold Defense Office and Chief of Science Michelle Faro decided to give out ammunition clips to pilots who desired it. As they all set out to meet in the town square of Oria, some food and drink was also brought along. One of my colleagues chose to write a, in my humble opinion, quite condescending article about the goings on in the square, which made many of the pilots present quite unhappy.
Since I had been fortunate to speak with COS Faro earlier this year, she asked me whether I wrote this, or whether I knew who wrote this. This seemed a good opportunity to investigate the matter myself.
As I joined the pilots gathered in the square, I was greeted warmly, although I could feel some tension. I spoke with several pilots, although it was too chaotic and busy to take a good quality interview. This I deem understandable, as we soon learned from a Farold Defense Officer that the enemy has been able to make tunnels using mining equipment to force their way into the city.
First and foremost, the pilots I saw in the square looked ready for combat. I heard from many that their goal is not to be lazy, but to organize themselves for what is to come. Sasha Redfern, a pilot who was already preparing to write about this publicly, confirmed the following: "My issue with the article was the implication we're having a party here, no, we came here to get our ammunition and we are absolutely not letting our guard down. We're all together so we can defend the square easier than if we were more spread out."
Several pilots mentioned that it was good to eat well before combat, and that it in fact had been COS Michelle Faro who had suggested someone would bring something good to eat and drink. This had been done by several willing pilots, including someone by the name of Lexie. She however was so disheartened by the article, and one pilot Dave as he was called by someone, who defended it, that she decided to take the food away. She did tell me though: "I did bring the snack bin, yes. I went to buy it specifically because Dorian was hungry, and I thought others might be too."
It was mentioned that no one would leave their equipment lying around and keep hanging out once the city was attacked, a very reassuring thought.
I spoke with Dorian Leroux, a gentleman with a lovely French accent, who told me: "Believe that was poorly represented. Was not great party. Was gathering in central location where was best to spread out from. Officers offering ammunition and kind pilots decided to provide food and drink. Is best to fight on full stomach rather than fight on empty stomach and worry about hunger as well as fight. Pilot Dave is one who thrives from chaos. Think that was just enjoying causing discord and nearly succeeded."
Pilot Dave, as he was called, chose not to comment on this. It is unclear whether he was against the party, or just felt that the writer of previously mentioned article was right in calling the gathering a party. But in my brief interaction with the pilots, he and Mr. Dorian got into a heated argument which unfortunately threatened to become violent.
In conclusion, I saw a group of pilots trying to make the best of this situation, taking care of themselves and each other, trying to organize themselves and also having a good time while being at it, and I see nothing wrong with that at all. I thank the pilots, some who remain unnamed, for speaking with me.
I wish to end by saying that while I was in the city, I saw no threats, and a Farold Defense officer made it clear over the Tactical Channel that it might take a while yet for enemies to get into Oria. Although being alert is never bad, I urge citizens and pilots alike to stay calm and keep it cool.

Dated: Saturday October 31st, 2220, 3:20 p.m. at Zombie Attack

The City of Oria is under attack from zombies, so warns Security Chief JaJa Faro. He urges that all citizens who are without weapons stay safe somewhere. Further advice, in part handed out by the piloting community, is to not travel the streets alone.

Dated: Saturday October 31st, 2220, 3:29 p.m. at Screams of terror

Screams of terror were heard as visitors and employees of the Camp Ground try to defend themselves from a zombie attack with fingernails, tent poles and whatever else they have at hand.

Dated: Saturday October 31st, 2220, 4:18 p.m. at Injuries

As Civilian Pilots and defense personnel fight off a massive zombie attack all over Oria and its surroundings, the first serious injuries have been reported. At least one Civilian Pilot and 6 Defense Officers were brought into the hospital on Gonrah in the last hour. Nurses and medics express concern of what may happen as the fighting continues.

Dated: Saturday October 31st, 2220, 9:35 p.m. at Injury Issues

A group of brave pilots along with COS Michelle Faro dragged three badly injured pilots from the zombie battle. They took them to Gonra only to be denied entry because the unconscious victims had weapons on them. Finally, a nurse and some guards rudely dragged the injured pilots into the hospital wing.

Dated: Sunday November 1st, 2220, 2:10 p.m. at Farolds Award Pilots

Earlier today in the Oria town square, COS Michelle Faro and HOS JaJa Faro joined a group of pilots. Several medals were handed out to recognize those who displayed exemplary skills. It was pointed out that every pilot who participated, including the 28 who got a zombie kill, were appreciated immensely.

"The threat has been stopped and more arrests will be made soon," a law enforcement officer said.

Dated: Monday November 2nd, 2220, 8:45 a.m. at Drake Family Suing

A spokesperson for the renowned Drake family has announced that they will be filing suit against the FDD Ground Forces division. "Damion Drake was not part of a defense team and should never have been in the depths of the caverns," their attorney stated.

JaJa Faro, head of the defense department had this to say. "We would like to extend our condolences to the Drake family. What happened with their son was tragic. However, 10/31/2220 was one of the most chaotic days in history. Our brave ground forces were set on defending nearly two million people in those caverns. Mistakes are bound to happen. It is unfortunate that this one turned so tragic."
Damion Drake was 23-years-old and had begun working to expand the Drake business holdings before his death. Witnesses say that he attempted to hold off half a dozen zombies from entering a childcare center. Thus, he died a hero.

Dated: Friday November 6th, 2220, 8:57 a.m. at FDD Neutrality

A spokesperson for the FDD says that they will remain neutral with any protests against Gonrah's weapons policies. They will not hand out fines, but will not step in if Gonrah does.

They gave no official comment as to their stance on the matter.

Dated: Friday November 6th, 2220, 10:16 a.m. at OH weapon threats

The Oh dictator's office has issued a stern warning to the leaders of Gonrah. "Make readily available a clearance for injured persons to leave your hospital if they have weapons. Not complying with this will cause us to rescind the FBN for use of hospital deal. This means that you will have to pay the high price for being in the network."

Gonrah has not yet responded but it is likely the compliance will be met due to their economic situation.

Dated: Friday November 6th, 2220, 11:10 a.m. at Gonrah Caves

Gonrah leadership has conceded to the demands of the OH and will allow people to leave the hospital with weapons since they were likely brought in with them by the medical transport ship.

If you are trying to assist an unconscious person who has weapons on them, it is best to let the medical ship pick them up. You will not be able to enter otherwise.
Furthermore, if you go astray after leaving the hospital, you could end up unable to leave and need to get assistance. It is advised that you stay on the path.

Dated: Monday November 9th, 2220, 3:36 p.m. at Oria Hospital?

It is rumored that pilots are making ready a way to build a hospital in the city of Oria.

Sources say that COS Michelle Faro supports this petition which was circulated on a voyager class starship.
What the proposal details has not been disclosed but the questions remain. Where does the money come from? Is this a shot at Gonrah to force more compliance with the OH?

Dated: Tuesday November 10th, 2220, 6:20 p.m. at Turner Children

Mark and Angie Turner have finally made a statement regarding these so-called issues with Austin and Maggie Turner. "Dad loves mom, he bought her that diner and always tries to take her wherever he goes, minus combat situations." Mark Turner said.

"Mom has classic symptoms of don't look at that female jealousy. Dad cuts up and jokes but he worships the ground mom walks on. He worked his entire life so that everyone here could have a good life above ground. I love mom but she needs to get it together." Said Angie Turner.

Dated: Wednesday November 11th, 2220, 2:19 p.m. at Austin prevails

Austin Turner held court in Maggie's diner this afternoon where he tried to give assistance to pilots wishing to further their personal projects. Yet again, he provided a hand to the new pilots and praised his wife. This is in sharp contrast to the nay saying pilots who, according to pilot Sandy Lake, spoke badly of him while sifting. "I adore Austin and Maggie. She really needs to stop fretting over silly things. I've known them for seven years and he does nothing but praise her."

Those in the inner circle hope this will put an end to the silly uproar over personal lives. "None of this had any business in the news," Lake went on to say.
For those who aren't in the know, Austin, his wife Maggie and their children, Mark and Angie, were the first humans to set foot above ground in nearly 200 years. Since then, Austin has worked tirelessly to make a good home for humanity.

Dated: Thursday November 12th, 2220, 8:39 a.m. at Judge's Fury

Judge Kensington filed papers to slap a $200,000 fine on Miles Night. She had begun to work out the miss understanding with some pilots and Maggie Turner, who cleared the air about Austin when she admitted these issues were her own and Austin was good to her. Said pilot smirked at her, and after a warning, put his hands on her in a flirtatious way. Anyone who has any knowledge of Miah knows that she is an upstanding judge who will not take crap lightly. Lesson learned for this young pilot.

Dated: Friday November 13th, 2220, 3:20 p.m. at Kensington moves on

Apparently Judge Kensington has moved on with an investigation that she hoped to avoid. Sources say that she is pulling records of a supposed discussion that began regarding coffee and beer. Austin Turner says that he barely recalls this discussion but is very disheartened it took such an ugly turn. His wife, Maggie turner has told judge Kensington that she will fully back her husband in this ridiculous investigation. "I am so sorry that I helped cause such venom towards my husband. He is a wonderful man and this madness needs to end," said Maggie Turner.

Dated: Monday November 16th, 2220, 5:42 p.m. at COS CREW

COS Michelle Faro has selected her crew for the little science jaunt, which is to depart on November 22 at around 3PM. This trip will be doing some final testing before putting the island into the FBN network. Rumor has it that some places of business have already set up shop, against the wishes of the dictator's office. If anyone is not ready to go at the time of departure, they will be left behind as Faro had to go through a lot of red tape to get the dictator's office to allow her to take more than four pilots. Austin Turner has chose five pilots to go with him to provide possible combat backup.

COS crew: Dorian Leroux, Dunnel McKinnin, Alexis Stanton, Kaylenne Buchanan, Luna Brown, Dorothy Borden, and Cataleya Sandes.
HPA Turner's Crew: Kairi Kaeling, Jonathan brown, Giovanni Darkenum, Lucas Rain, and Daniel Patel.

Dated: Friday November 20th, 2220, 4:45 p.m. at debris wars

Members of the OH have been complaining to the dictator's office. They say that they are not getting possible resources for recycling purposes because sector six is charging a higher payout. Among the complainants are the OH science department and New Netherlands recycling center.

Dated: Saturday November 21st, 2220, 6:34 a.m. at Petty cash?

The Treasury department has reported a petty cash discrepancy of $65,225,300. An investigation is underway but the initial trail leads to unknown government officials using it to assist shop keepers who moved to Kizak Island prior to the Treasury secretary and/or the dictator giving the go ahead.

"While it is protocol to assist shops like this with our petty cash funds," treasurer Terry Faro said, "it is not common to do it without proper procedures. This matter will be handled swiftly."

Dated: Sunday November 22nd, 2220, 12:09 a.m. at pilot admits to using firearms

Pilot Lucas rain admitted over the general phone channel that he fired upon and shot pilot Kyle Reynolds. Pilot Reynolds was engaging in a verbal spar with prominent cavern children educator, Dorothy Borden. From what records say, her profession was being called into doubt by Mr. Reynolds. There was also some slanderous remarks against women that were later called jokes.

Mister Rain, took the defense of women into his own hands and shot Reynolds five or six times. Rain says he is willing to pay his fine or do jail time.

Dated: Sunday November 22nd, 2220, 6:16 p.m. at Disaster on Kizak

Disaster struck on Kizak Island today: by Stacia Bevins
Around 2:30 PM today, a group of pilots under the leadership of COS Michelle Faro and HPA Chair Austin Turner left for Kizak Island, a planet that has been discovered in more recent times. Rumors had already been spread that shops may have already opened on the Island, and this final mission was to perform a final check before the Island could become part of the FBN Network. To this end, the crew was divided over two ships, COS Faro took SHQ Voyages, and HPA Chair Turner flew his extended frigate Turner's Dream. Of note is that shortly before departure, Maggie Turner also joined the group, claiming to be ready for anything.

About half an hour later, a scream was heard over the Tactical Channel, Kizak Island had been invaded by the Kiohns. As COS Michelle Faro and her pilots arrived, they decided to spread out and deal with the ground forces. Soon after, ships also appeared in orbit, the invasion was complete. It did not take long for the ground forces to report that casualties had been located, making it clear that things had gone very badly on the island.
The fighting continued for quite some time, and reports came in of one group being surrounded and out of ammunition, fighting hand to hand. A few serious injuries were also reported, but ultimately the combined force of the pilots, COS Faro and Maggie Turner was enough to take the scouts down.
As HPA Chair Turner landed on Kizak to buy new reactors for his ship, he was shocked to learn he could not launch, indicating that the Kiohns had successfully hacked the Farold Computers. Fortunately, COS Faro was able to remedy this problem and the enemy vessels in orbit were dispatched with due haste.
Unfortunately, the real question remains, who allowed the shopkeepers to relocate to Kizak Island while it was not yet secure, and who helped them get set up? Dictator Larkra Faro soon announced that he would find the ones responsible. A possible lead came from a baker, who asked over the General Channel whether anyone had seen her daughter. The woman, recognized by COS Faro as Nancy, received the bad news that her daughter was deceased. She was unable to speak coherently, but she did offer the first useful information, someone from the security department had told the shopkeepers it was safe. With this revealed, Dictator Larkra Faro immediately replaced Security Chief JaJa Faro and made Austin Turner the new head of security. to this day, JaJa Faro claims not to be responsible for these tragic, and potentially criminal events.
Unfortunately, this is not where these sad events ended. Search parties located another casualty, and after a moment of research, Austin Turner announced the tragic news to Dictator Larkra Faro that his son, Phillip Faro, has passed away.
The dictator announced grimly that he would take revenge on whoever was responsible for the death of his boy, and if former Chief of Security JaJa Faro had anything to do with it, he and his family would know the Dictator's pain.
Reports say that a total of seven shopkeepers or their family members lost their lives today, and several other injuries were also reported. This puts a shadow over the island, that really was meant to be a paradise. Many pilots, as well as COS Faro, Austin and his wife Maggie turner have expressed their unhappiness and anger about these turns of events, and the Dictator's office has announced officially that tomorrow will be a day of mourning for those who lost their lives today. It has also been announced that the Delta309 star, which Kizak Island orbits, will be renamed to the Phillip Star, in loving memory of Phillip Faro.
As a final word, I grieve for those who have lost loved ones today, and hope that the culprit will be brought to justice.

Dated: Sunday November 22nd, 2220, 8:06 p.m. at day of mourning rescheduled

Philip Faro, age 30, will be at the new hope cathedral this coming Wednesday from 2 to 5 PM. November 25, 2220 will be considered a day of mourning for those were slain by the Kiohn scouts on November 22.

Dictator Faro has said that accommodations will be made at the cathedral for others who fell with his son.
Philip Faro had a night out with friends and sneaked out to Kizak to see what was going on over there. He was in line to become the next dictator of Oria.
Some of the pilots had stated that they would like to help pay for those who died to be laid to rest.

Dated: Monday November 23rd, 2220, 11:48 p.m. at HPA Applicants

Judge Miah Kensington announced that HPA chairperson applicants should send their letters to her by December 1, 2220.

On that date, she and new Security chief Austin Turner will hand pick the first HPA chairperson to come from the first fleet.
The officeholder will keep this job for three months and then an election will be held. If nobody else wants the office, the current standing HPA chairperson will keep the job unless he or she writes the judge to inform that they do not want it.
This job is an important one because you may have to do briefings with the security office, the judge, and even the dictator's office. Your job will be to oversee the human pilots association, including possible projects you want to attempt. Even laws you would like to see passed. Your job would be to discuss these things with the first fleet and get signatures of approval or disapproval.
The pay for this job isn't much but that too could be negotiated once you've gained a good standing within the farold government. It is $100,000 per month.

Dated: Monday November 30th, 2220, 8:07 a.m. at chipper-clubbers raise concern

COS Michelle Faro has raised concerns that the chipper clubber's seem to be overtaking the jungle. Not really, but they have swarmed the place pretty heavily.

"These clubbers are hard to destroy. We advise you not kill them alone but also don't allow them to grow so thick because of avoidance."
Faro spoke to us after she and Rayford Billings went out on a clubber hunt.

Dated: Thursday December 3rd, 2220, 2:56 a.m. at JaJa's finances

A leak from the bank has reported that the salary for the security chief is $1.5 million per year. Jaja's finances show transfers higher than those numbers. Among these was a transfer from the phaser shop owner, Byron Edwards.

Edwards was called in to speak with judge Kensington at 6 PM last night. Reports say that they did not leave the chambers until nearing 1 this morning. A reporter of the courts informed that Edwards admitted to paying the security chief 3.5 million dollars to make sure that the phasers were all transferred safely. He was taken to prison immediately. No word on what will become of the security chief who apparently has broken a few major laws here. One being taking personal pay offs from shop owners.
Judge Kensington will be holding a private session in her chambers later today with three other people that are marked as questionable on Jaja's records. Jaja's lawyer claims that the money paid to Jaja was to facilitate testing of experimental phasers.

Dated: Thursday December 3rd, 2220, 8:10 p.m. at JaJa's on the run!

After lengthy court hearings today, the evidence was closing in against former security chief JaJa Faro. About a half hour ago, he and three men overpowered a few security guards, broke into the science department's voyager and headed into phase space.

He got a good head start but the chase is on according to current security chief, Austin Turner.

Dated: Saturday December 5th, 2220, 1:22 a.m. at Medical Facility Donations

In just over two days of the donation terminal for the Oria Emergency Medical Facility being put in the courtyard, located off the landing zone in Oria, those who pledged early have kept their word. Added in the mix are a few donations from pilots and they have raised over $28,000,000.

Dated: Saturday December 5th, 2220, 7:19 p.m. at Kizak's population explodes

Kizak Island has begun to make preparations for a university as it's population explodes over the last few days. Farolds and a few humans have decided to help spread the OH far and wide when near 310,000 of them began plans to move to the smaller planet. This is proving to be quite the headache for developers as the residents of Oria seem pleased that they now will have more space.

Dated: Monday December 7th, 2220, 5:05 a.m. at Stevens Comments on OH points

During a luncheon on Saturday, deputy science chief Amanda Stevens was overheard commenting on the points handed out by the OH involving atmospheric testing.

"I am seeking council with the OH pilot regulations department to have this changed," Said Stevens at Larry's Chicken Palace. "I think it's a science activity yet is being used as another productivity giant by those who want more industrial progress."

Dated: Wednesday December 9th, 2220, 12:22 p.m. at NEW HPA finally announced

Despite concerns from judge Miah Kensington, Lucas Rain is the first HPA since the post was created and Austin Turner took the office.

Due to Austin's absence because he is working on the JaJa Faro hunt, COS Michelle Faro has offered to help the pilots during this transition.

Dated: Friday December 11th, 2220, 11:06 a.m. at Ground Mission Disagreements

Xenozoologist Bryan Faro exploded over the general channel earlier today due to the number of creatures being overpowered by these weird looking clubber creatures. He, and his colleagues, say it's because a few pilots are taking the easy road and destroying things while leaving the tougher creatures alone.

COS Faro ordered that the remaining rabbits be captured and taken to a safe location for attempts to keep the species from dying out.
After Bryan Faro pointed out what was going on, pilots began to organize the death of the clubbers, possibly those involved in the easy kills? Judge Kensington received papers to examine the status of ground missions and the need to give pilots high-powered ground weapon equipment if they are going to just run around and destroy all the little creatures.
We have had no comment from the judge on this matter.

Dated: Sunday December 13th, 2220, 8:19 a.m. at The Clubber saga continues

Early this morning, Judge Kensington issued temporary measures for the jungle.

1. The mission payout for killing clubbers is to be increased.
2. Mission regulations of two people for the baby jungle are to be kept.
3. Pilots doing solo missions are not to destroy clubbers alone, unless they have armor and a higher-end weapon.
4. The group ground mission creature kill requirement is to be slightly lowered, with a small bump to the bonus award.
5. The number of missions will be put back up to three per day.
The judge stated that these measures may be temporary, as she has had further discussions with the ground combat faction of the FDD. She further explained that the six-legged rabbits are in a safe location and in a proper habitat. It may take Bryan Faro and his team some time to keep the species from dying out but he is hopeful. She added that the requirements put in place may take up to 24 hours to be put in place.
Lastly, she put a stern warning to the pilots. "If you want to continue doing missions and receiving better weapons, do the work. The easy road is not always the best road. If the Farolds had taken the easy road, humanity would have been extinct."

Dated: Monday December 14th, 2220, 3:48 p.m. at HPA reversal and fund opening

Today in the town square judge Kensington unveiled the Dorothy Borden educational fund, which was started amidst some courtroom drama.

Furthermore, the decision was put to the pilots as to the possible reversal of the HPA officeholder. While nobody seemed upset with Lucas Rain, they all seemed to want an HPA who was not absent. Thus, the pilots got to make their first big decision and voted Dorothy Borden into the office.
It was a nice little pilot gathering, with some even doing the custom salute to leadership.

Dated: Tuesday December 15th, 2220, 2:15 p.m. at Report on JaJa Faro

We received a report an hour ago that Faro has aligned himself with a nefarious group we know of some 200 light-years from OH space. They had set up shop on an asteroid just five light-years from sector 5.

He agreed to speak with an occupant of The Rookie Special. Only when Blazer exited the ship, she was sprayed with a substance that catches fire when it hits your skin. A crew member got her back into the ship and she is currently on Gonrah, undergoing emergency treatment, which may be extensive and time consuming. During the rescue efforts of Blazer, the voyager escaped. Reports say that Austin Turner and crew are back on the trail.

Dated: Friday January 15th, 2221, 3:51 a.m. at Drake hotel price drop

The Drake family has lowered the prices of their second floor hotel rooms, and more significantly, the top floor. The price has gone down from 18,000 per night, to 13,000 per night. This is a price drop of near $152,500 per month. This was done to counteract the luxury bungalow prices on Kizak and pilots rushing out to purchase homes. A spokesperson noted that while pilots don't seem to understand the full scope of economy above ground, we have come up with these numbers to better compete. "Taxes are high up here, in part, because of the high prices pilots are paid to work. They don't realize how much the government has to put out for them," the spokesperson continued.

From what this reporter has seen, the spokesperson is correct. "This will not affect the wing set aside for lower income people," said the spokesperson.

Dated: Friday January 22nd, 2221, 2:51 p.m. at first fleet pilot flees

Pilot Dunnel McKinnin has become the first HPA first fleet pilot to exit the association and become a member of the up and coming peace keepers association. The PKA currently owns the planet of Gonrah. Head of the PKA Ned Faro said, "We are working on building up a good framework for the pilot aspect of our association. We welcome Mister McKinnin and all who will wish to join us."

Dated: Sunday January 24th, 2221, 1:02 p.m. at Turner lost?

A notification was just sent over tactical in regard's to the FDD having lost communication with its security chief, Austin Turner's ship. The turner family have been duly notified and pilots have been asked to keep eyes and ears open and the FDD is hard at work trying to reestablish communications.

Turner's crew went out after fugitive JaJa Faro some weeks ago.
Stay tuned for further information as we receive it.

Dated: Sunday January 31st, 2221, 10:16 a.m. at Disaster Turner and crew

Yesterday the news reached us that Austin Turner and his crew came under attack by Jaja Faro and his gang while they were visiting a small rest station. Very little is known at this time, as the messenger was aboard a trade ship and had only few details. It is clear that one Human member of the crew survived an explosion that took place when Jaja and his people attempted to force their way aboard the FDD ship. The Farold Leadership of the Rest Station decided to imprison Jaja Faro in order for the OH to retrieve the criminal, but security on the station is poor and medical facilities for the surviving Human are limited.

The crew consisted of 3 Farold Men and 3 Human men, including current Security Chief Austin Turner and head FSI engineer Berry Weis, who joined the mission to assist with some necessary Nep Drive work.
The Dictator and his staff are tight lipped about their plans, saying they do not wish to comment, but we know a meeting of civilian pilots was held and that some kind of plan is being worked on. High Judge Miah Kensington was overheard saying to her bailiff: Yeah, there was some progress, but it was the most chaotic meeting I have ever attended. HPA Chair Dorothy Borden asked whether the person the Dictator assigns to the mission actually has some skills that might be useful. Have you ever heard such a question? Our sources tell us that she was rep remanded by a representative of the dictators office. However, there are quite a few younger members of the FDD who are in agreement with Miss Borden, saying that someone without skills should not take up a seat on an already over full ship, notably Blazer Faro who was discussing the matter in Larry's Chicken palace.

Dated: Friday February 12th, 2221, 5:16 p.m. at Pilot under investigation

An FDD officer issued a public statement earlier. "I wish to sincerely apologize to all pilots who had to hear the discussion between myself and the pilot that I was questioning about his starship. Mister Brown answered my question concerning his (unique) setup with a frigate in such a way that I will be investigating the matter. I was simply attempting to find out why one ship was used over another," said the officer. "He then tried to accuse me of getting onto him for using said ship. His actions just give me that weird feeling and now that I have permission, the investigation will go forward."

There was no further comment from the FDD on this matter.

Dated: Monday February 15th, 2221, 9:48 p.m. at Riphenol needed

A short time ago COS Michelle Faro announced that supplies of riphenol were very short above-ground. "We just sent our last 90,000 tablets to the cavern," she said.

Michelle, members of the science department and some pilots, even those with sector A style, raced to help.

Dated: Tuesday April 20th, 2221, 1:21 p.m. at Enough Is Enough!

Opinion: Do reporters go to far to chase stories?
We have all heard of reporters going to extraordinary lengths to get a story, both in personal risk, and at the risk of others. At what point, however, is it a reporter's duty to acknowledge that reporting will cause more harm than good? Like many other professions, ethics and standards is of vital importance for journalists to cultivate in order to promote integrity and trust.

Journalists throughout time have been in war zones, peeking through bedroom curtains, and pushing and shoving to be the first to publish a story. What separates a journalist from a gossip are ethics and standards, a few of which are honesty, transparency, and non-judgment. A journalist should never seek stories in order to cause harm, both physical or emotional to someone else. It is true that reporting a story may end up in causing harm, corruption being exposed, the truth being revealed, etc, but the intent should never be to cause pain to someone else. To that end, journalists, need to act more than most, with a professional demeanor, being non-judgmental of people, customs, and ideas they don't understand or don't agree with. Journalists must uphold these standards and ethics when speaking over public mediums as they are often a trusted source for a population, and often seen as an arbiter of information. Opinions, therefore, should be minimized, and clearly stated as personal preferences or provided with some other clarification. An example might be, if a journalist says that most people don't speak Faroldian, so those who do should not speak it, even if that is all they know because it is difficult to understand, instead could be rephrased more along the lines of, "As Humans and Farolds continue to expand into the stars, diversity is becoming more and more a part of everyday life. Embracing this diversity may seem challenging. Here are the potential benefits and downsides," then back both sides up with thoroughly researched cases.
It is vital that the ODN uphold their journalists to high standards, promote ethical journalism, and provide a source for facts. It is not the job of a reporter to make up someone else's mind, and the absolute impartiality of a reporter is vital for cultivating trust among readers. Providing professional demeanor, in interviews and public forums is a continuation of the job since as public figures they are seen, rightly or wrongly, as arbiters of truth and fact. It is difficult, and nobody is perfect, but the effort should be made, and errors quickly acknowledged, retraced and corrected.

Dated: Tuesday April 27th, 2221, 10:08 p.m. at Pearl Trader Dymus must be back in town

Once every few years, a pearl trader comes to town. As he did in 2117, retired banker, overseer of Kizak, Cam Anderson hit the bank running.
He collected 54 pearls, paying the pilots handsomely for them, at around 7.02 million bucks. He also donated the sum of $550,000 to the HPA.

Pilot Cat Sandes took in 9 pearls pay and was the leader. But, Cam was likely the real winner if he was paid anything near what he got a few years ago, which was $400,000 per rare pearl, or $20,000,000.

Dated: Friday May 7th, 2221, 8:44 p.m. at Android signs on Kizak

Security chief Austin Turner issued a brief statement today. "We've seen signs that androids used to reside on Kizak. We cannot go into details and don't have much information beyond what I am sharing. Stay tuned for further updates."

Dated: Sunday May 16th, 2221, 7:03 a.m. at Hegemony's Net worth dips again

On par with last year, the release of this year's OH treasury report shows a deficit of 2 trillion dollars for the year. Luckily, there were funds to cover it.
"We're doing a lot of research, ship building, and establishing moons," said treasurer Terry Faro. "We understand the deficit looks large and our finances have dipped to under 9 trillion dollars. Rest assured that spending is being closely monitored."
Unrest is vastly growing among the civilian population, particularly the outlying cities that don't have anything to do with the space program. "The current regime is behaving as though ships and pilots are our only important need. It's not fair that all our hard earned tax dollars are funding this," an Idaband council member stated.

Dated: Sunday May 16th, 2221, 12:47 p.m. at Exploration

fun, exciting or even dangerous?
Exploration; fun, exciting or even dangerous?

By Stacia Bevins
Although Farolds and Humans alike are known to travel, actual exploration is a very new concept. Only recently, the technology to scan and survey planets and other interesting phenomenon out in space has been released. Civilian explorers, such as PKA Representative Dunnel McKinnin and former entrepreneur Natasha Drake quickly got their ships outfitted and invited willing participants to join their crews. McKinnin's crew returned in April, and Drake's crew only returned a few days ago. But many readers, as well as myself wonder, what's it like?
Drake and her crew, consisting of Hector Barclay, Shealia Evans, Hunter Trask, Railey O'Shei, Elena Ramirez, Dayna Bell, Scott Northrop, Alexander Willowcroft and Zachary Hendrix departed on Friday, April 30th, and returned on May 14th.
This morning, I spoke over the General channel with Natasha Drake, Shealia Evans, Dayna Bell and Elena Ramirez about their experiences. Drake stated: "The trip was fine, we got around 860 light-years out." Ramirez went on to say: "I loved it. I had a lot of fun on the trip and it was quite profitable," with Drake adding: "My favorite things were visiting Zion station and finding icy planets." My investigation has turned up that Drake's crew were the first of the entire combined Oria Hegemony and Peacekeepers Association to find and survey icy planets. McKinnin's crew holds the honor of the first crew ever to find and survey planets. Both are quite remarkable achievements.
Next, I asked the travelers how they rated their experience. Ramirez stated that she would rate the experience as 8 out of 10. Evans rated it as 5 stars across the board, adding: "I am so ready to do it again. Well maybe after a nap." Bell gave the experience a 9, and her Captain a 10. Drake rated her experience as a 10, saying: It was wonderful getting to travel and exciting to find things."
Drake, as Captain of the expedition was given high praise for her leadership, so I asked for more details. Ramirez had this to say: "I felt that at all times our captain had the best interest of the crew at heart. I felt that at times she had to do things that some did not agree with but she was doing the best she could out in deep space and she was acting on behalf of all of us." Bell added: "The captain's professionalism met expectations, if not more. She was patient and allowed us to learn with patience." Drake showed her humor as she joked about her partner steeling the covers, as well as saying: "They are giving me a ten because I bought a RoboChef." I take this as healthy camaraderie and a sign of friendship among the crew.
We also talked about the visit to Zion Trading Post. Everyone was very excited about this station. Ramirez said: "They had a beautiful garden. I went out for a walk after midnight in the garden. It was amazing, very peaceful and beautiful with strawberries you could pick. And they really like tigers there. I was going to buy a tiger painting and a tiger pendant, but ran out of funds." Drake added: "It's a beautiful station, they have a real garden, animals, it's just great." Bell expressed her disappointment at not having visited the garden. This resulted in various pilots wishing to return to the station as soon as possible. Drake concluded this topic with: "It's a real honest to goodness garden. Oh, there are humans there too. One, Verity Greenwood is head of the gardens." I have done some digging, and there is indeed a Verity Greenwood in the records who left Kapteynia Beta some 10 years ago on a Zion ship.
Zion had more to offer than gardens and lush sceneries. Drake informed me: "Oh oh, Zach is a wonderful young man. We had a trade deal going on Zion and getting items was going to be tight for some at the time. So, he purchased the mini motorcycles with coins and is allowing pilots to pay him. Dayna and I were able to make our own deals though so he did not have to cough up coins for us." Bell added: "Yes, the guy who was trading for it even customized mine. It has pink on it!" Ramirez stated: "The trader selling us the motorbikes was Biker Dude's dad. Didn't he even accept a piece of his son's work for a trade?"
Miss Bell was so gracious to let me take pictures of her motorcycle, which she has dubbed Bess.
Here, a picture of a mini motorcycle is included in the article. This classy and very light weight mini motorcycle has a shiny black plush leather seat, gleaming gold handlebars and bright reflector lights. It is unusually smaller than its typical model, however its roaring motor sounds equivalent to the classic beasts from centuries ago. Though its physical attributes are reminiscent of its ancient origins, it pleasantly runs by battery power alone. Its glossy pink painted rims give this cycle a femininely chic look. The initials DB have been etched into the metal in bubbly girlish script. It stands in a lush meadow clearing.
But it can't all be smiles and good times? Being stuck in one ship with 10 people for 2 weeks takes its tow on people, nerves getting frayed? When I asked about this, Ramirez said: "I wasn't around for some of the issues. The main issue I had was that one of the pilots, when I asked him to teach me something he thought I should already know, was a little bit of a prick about teaching me. Others had issue with him as well." "I had a disagreement with one of my crew mates, but it's okay, I chucked a pillow at his head and we made up," was the response I received from Bell on that question. Drake explained: "I had to make a decision on how to deal with a pilot who kept nodding off with my dataslate, which had important crew information on it. I chose a method that I heard about from the FDD. This was to, hopefully, teach him to be more careful for the future. There was no ill-will and said pilot even signed my report in support of the decision myself and two other crew mates made. Yes, we took great care to constantly monitor his health and I had a healer tank along which was used to fix him up." At this, an unnamed FDD Officer informed us: "Lucky pilot, I didn't get patched up when I... never mind." Drake remarked: "Mind you, the decision was only made after several times of this happening and trying to talk to said pilot nicely." I did notice that pilots were generally unwilling to give names and particulars about various incidents, however one name was dropped.
Drake made one remark about Mr. Hector Barclay, who was in the news some time ago. "I will say about Hector, he and I butted heads a lot before we left as most may know. But he was a very responsible crew member, looking after things, as were most." Ramirez added to this: "He really was. I mean despite the fact I felt he wasn't a patient teacher, he was willing, before I asked him to teach me, to fly me around artifacting and let me do most of the collecting. I owe him that much."
In direct response to how people got along while spending extended time in close quarters, Drake said: "Most of the pilots were involved and eager to learn. Hunter and I had combat ships docked since the carrier has no weapons. Ramirez stated: "I got on extremely well with my roommate, and I don't feel like I butted heads with many despite the close quarters." Bell pointed out: "I chucked pillows, and planted beef and fruit in people's hands who slept out in the open."
All in all, the interview was very informative. I knew from McKinnin and his crew that exploring was a lot of fun, very enjoyable and profitable, but it was good to hear more details from crew members. Still, my sixth sense told me that there was a lot more to be said. Unfortunately, this turned out to be correct sometime after the interview.
It started when Pilot Gemma Holmes mentioned on General Communication that a pilot on the trip had told her about the sighting of some kind of a magical tree, and other unusual phenomenon, in an effort to learn more. Barclay was the first to admit that he had seen something, very briefly. This got a response from an unnamed FDD officer, who wondered what was up. Apparently, said tree also gave Drake's ship a boost on the way home, and offered to do some healing. Drake acted as if she would rather not admit to it and tried to explain it as a dream. COS Faro, when asked by an FDD Officer, said she had no clue. However, it soon became clear that more was beneath the surface, and Dictator Larkra Faro demanded answers. As we have now learned, something similar happened on McKinnin's crew as well, a fact that had remained unknown until this point. Daniel Patel explained his point of view in great detail after some point. As a result, Dictator Larkra Faro has decided that Natasha Drake is grounded until further notice. COS Michelle Faro has been relieved of duty until she has undergone a thorough psych evaluation, her fate after this is yet unclear. Now that the cat was out of the bag, so to speak, several pilots, along with Rayford Billings, and Human Rights Activist Maggie Turner have expressed that the response had gone too far, but to this point, the Dictator's orders stand. Several fines were also handed out to individuals who spoke up in a rude and disrespectful manner. One of these was Rayford Billings, who offered his station to pilots who wished a refuge to speak freely. He also called the Dictator a Dick, possibly putting his loan and station at risk. It also came out that Ned Faro, leader of the PKA, had already heard about this occurrence from Dunnel McKinnin. His rather relaxed and cavalier response to the matter was not appreciated by several pilots. During all of this, Dictator's assistant Gabrielle Faro did ask the Dictator for a private meeting, but whether the matter was related is not entirely clear.
Drake has already announced that she will investigate her legal options. In addition, approximately 50 percent of all Science HQ personnel has by now stated they will not return to work until this travesty has been ended. In a show of solidarity with her friend and Mentor Michelle Faro, Amanda Stevens has refused to take the position of interim Chief Of Science.
The most recent update shows that High Judge Miah Kensington has begun an in-depth investigation into this matter, so all we can do now is wait.
The question that remains is, however, have pilots collectively lost their marbles, have there been adverse effects of the NEP Drive, or is there more here than meets the eye? Many questions remain, and answers are few and far between.

Dated: Sunday May 16th, 2221, 8:26 p.m. at Protests have begun

Nearly a thousand humans are gathered along the walkways of the Beta Landing zone to protest the treatment of Natasha Drake and Michelle Faro. Security has warned of safety and flight control are taking extra precautions when calculating trajectory landing paths. A spokesperson for the OH warned, "We will not be held responsible for injuries or worse if they do not vacate the landing zone."

Dated: Sunday May 16th, 2221, 9:27 p.m. at peaceful protests continue

The protesting appears to be continuing through the night. Combat director Cat Sandes and pilots Elena Ramirez and Zachery Hendrix joined the group. Also of note security chief Austin Turner and FDD officer Blazer Faro joined along with uncle Ed and deputy chief of science, Amanda Stevens.
While peaceful, a child had to be snagged up from the crowd at pilots urging to keep her from possible harms way.

Dated: Tuesday May 18th, 2221, 11:44 a.m. at issues at a stand still

While the protests continue, a leak from the dictators office indicates that they are pleased to see little kick back from the HPA pilots over matters. Further punishments are expected to come within the next twenty-four hours.

Dated: Tuesday May 18th, 2221, 3:00 p.m. at Stand off Coming to an end?

Judge Miah Kensington issued the following statement just a few moments ago.
"I have just come from a meeting with dictator Faro. In this meeting we were able to agree on a few things. Among these is that HPA pilots who need to report anything to do with exploration trips will do so to the HPA chair. The chair will then handle things from there as he or she is supposed to do."
She went on to add, "I give my utmost apologies to the HPA pilots who were at the receiving end of Larkra's mistrust of our equipment. I hope the proper steps have been taken by HPA chair Borden, Natasha Drakes legal team, and myself to prevent issues such as this from happening again."
After a lengthy pause the esteemed judge continued. "Further more, protesters, thank you for remaining peaceful through this ordeal. Sadly I cannot do anything about Michelle's status but pilot Natasha Drake has her wings back as it were."
"All fines have also been revoked and for those interested in our efforts, HPA pilots may speak to Dorothy or the up coming chair as the document is in their office. Being that this is an HPA matter, it needs to stay as such when viewing our documents."

While she didn't state this, rumor has it that the judge, with cooperation of the other department heads, including HPA Borden, had to peg him to the wall with his own laws to end the pilot end of this issue.

Dated: Wednesday May 19th, 2221, 7:54 p.m. at It's Chocolate!

Studies conducted by the HPA and PKA scientists have concluded that there is nothing strange in the chocolate. However, they have yet to match the recipe to those of confectioners in Hegemony or PKA space. There was also nothing unusual in the box.
The chief of science has been reinstated to her post.
While this mess appears to be over, the high judge's ire at those who started this mess, whomever they are, has not gone unnoticed. She reiterated today that gossip ruins lives, maybe people will learn from this ordeal.

Dated: Friday May 21st, 2221, 2:25 p.m. at Trade talks begin with Fontarsi

A fledgling station just over 300 light-years distance from Oria was awaiting trade from Oria that may have never happened. "I am not sure where the communications lapsed between the pilots and my office, but I never received a possible trade deal from this station," said head of OH Trade Tara Faro.

"This is unacceptable but no punishments will be dealt this time. If this continues, we may have to revoke the HPA's ability to trade on the OH's behalf. It's not something I truly want to see happen because this helps everyone, if done right," Faro went on to say.
In conclusion, she added the following. "Nobody is to blame here but paper pushing did not get where it needed to go. I am not certain why the PKA didn't try to get more involved in this deal but we will take it. From my understanding, this station could use a lot of help thus I may send an envoy to better access the situation prior to finalizing deals. We of the Hegemony are all about helping others as best we can. Work will continue on this front with the HPA chair and other individuals who are interested in this line of work in the coming weeks.

Dated: Tuesday May 25th, 2221, 2:23 p.m. at Statement of Authority Issued

The below statement was rushed to the daily news earlier today, with the order that it be copied as written.

Statement of Authority
It has become clear that more precise instruction needs to be explained to the general populous about certain individual's authority. This document has been created to explain these laws. There is a command structure in the government of the Oria Hegemony, from here on to be referred to as the OH. It is not a democracy. Specifically, it is a dictatorship. The following paragraphs will define a position and what authority it has in the OH. If for whatever reason a question should arise as to who has more authority in a given situation, that will be determined by a person holding office in a higher position, up to but excluding the Dictator.
Dictator: The person in this position is the ruler of the OH. At the time of this writing the current dictator is Larkra Faro. They have ultimate authority. What they say, goes. Should you find the need to question the individual in this position, it is highly suggested that you do it with the absolute utmost respect and for good reason.
Department Heads: These are individuals appointed by the dictator to certain key positions in the government. They have the most authority under circumstances that are in their field of expertise. They are more approachable than the dictator, but should never be disrespected. If they give an order to a subordinate and that person follows those orders, then it is just as though the department head is talking. As of this writing the following department heads are as follows.
Austin Turner, Security
Michelle Faro, Science
Miah Kensington, Legal
Blazer Faro, NPA New Pilot Assistance
Terry Faro, Finance
Tara Faro, Trade
Bryck Faro, FDD Terrestrial Combat
Darren Faro, Foreign Relations
The HPA Chairperson should be treated with the same regard as any department head when acting in their authority. While they are elected by the HPA members and not appointed by the dictator, the position is equivalent to a department head. The HPA Chairperson has near supreme authority over HPA pilots. This includes, but is not limited to, how rules and restrictions are formed and enforced, mandating how HPA funds are spent, When and where HPA members can go, and creating new positions to assist in HPA development. They decide how they will run the HPA while they are in the office. They cannot however override or supersede the authority of other department heads practicing their authority in their field. Unlike appointed positions, the HPA Chairperson can be removed from their position, either through an impeachment process or through a mandate from the dictator. The latter can be done for any reason.
When a department head or a subordinate following the orders of a department head says or does something they should be treated with respect. It is fine to ask questions most of the time, but do so in a polite and respectful manner. You should not contradict or disparage the individual or the office they are representing while they are performing their allotted duties. This is applicable to any individual that has been given orders, be they straight from the dictator's office, head of finance, or the HPA Chairperson's subordinate.
Set forth by HPA Chair Dorothy Borden and NPA Blazer Faro.
Signature of approval was given on 05/23/2221 by dictator Larkra Faro and high judge Miah Kensington.

Dated: Tuesday June 1st, 2221, 2:42 p.m. at FSI concerns over FBN Drive cost

As things are currently, repair prices are quite low because the OH pays for most of it for us. Due to some budget cuts, see the current treasury report, changes are being made.
The cost to replace fully destroyed items is quite high, especially the FBN drive. "We just don't fix them because we know we can land and get them repaired easily," chief of security Austin Turner freely commented.

The FSI has put a proposal on the table which would drastically higher the replacement cost of these drives. "We simply can't carry the pilot combatants forever," a spokesman said.

Dated: Friday June 25th, 2221, 6:56 a.m. at First HPA Trade and Boars for Slaughter?

On June 20, a trade trip to Zion, organized by pilot Hunter Trask, and captained by pilot Natasha Drake, returned home.
"All trades were successful and the pilots pay was properly sorted," HPA trade commissioner Tara Faro said. "This was the first HPA facilitated trip and we are very pleased with their work."

In other news, A large pasture is being worked on in New Netherlands. "This will be a place to corral and do away with the wild creatures that have been destroying farms, killing other animals, and in some cases, badly injuring both humans and farolds." A council member stated this morning.
There is a large contingency of persons who are outraged by this animal slaughter but it has cost the OH a lot of money, creature lives, and food supplies.

Dated: Sunday June 27th, 2221, 11:16 a.m. at Revised Article: Rayford's Abode

Revised Article: Attack on Rayford's Abode

By Stacia Bevins
On the evening of June 24, Rayford's station was hit on the ground. Thankfully an FDD patrol unit was near and able to assist.
"There were several injuries and two casualties," Oh security chief Austin Turner said. "The station is in heavy disarray but residents along with pilot Tara Miller are working to fix it."
Thus far, several other pilots have arrived at the station to salvage for Rayford. These include Lukas Jonad, Hector Barclay, Natasha Drake, Michael Grey, Railey O'Shei, Natalie Scott, HPA combat director Cat Sandes, and Gemma Holmes. "I am thankful for those pilots who were able to take time out of their busy schedules to assist us," Rayford Billings said. "Also, thanks to those who cannot be here but are sending us good vibes."
Pilot Lukas Jonad had this to say: As a pilot, I believe there is a duty to help most people if we can. I know when I got the message from Rayford, I was in a little shock and was about to head out for some sifting at the stream. I immediately came back and offered to help with salvaging, as did many others and we went over there. It was my pleasure to help out and I hope that this doesn't happen again. Though with the threat of the Kiohn all too real, you never know, at least the station is back up and running now."
I also spoke briefly with Emma Billings, who said: "When we were invaded, I thought that was it, we were done for. Fortunately, an FDD Patrol was near, and they came to help us out. I shudder to think what might have happened without their assistance, and I too wish to express my sincere gratitude to all who came to support us during and after the attack."
It is encouraging to see that the FDD was available to respond in time, and how many pilots rushed to assist Rayford and Emma Billing's in their hour of need. At the same time, this sadly and gravely drives home the point how much stations out there are at risk, and how thinly spread the FDD is in an effort to defend outposts spread far and wide against this ruthless enemy.

Dated: Saturday July 17th, 2221, 6:31 p.m. at Statement From HPA Chair Natasha Drake

HPA chair Natasha Drake has been very busy of late. She has facilitated and helped to organize a pilot salvage trip to Zion which will help that fine trading post and strengthen relations between its citizenry and the OH. Pilot Dunnel McKinnin will assist in hauling freighters to the station and pilot Railey O'Shei assisted Natasha in organizing the trip. She requested that the following statement, regarding other matters, be quoted verbatim.
"There have been some statements of concern made in recent days which have caused pilot Gemma Holmes to get herself in hot water. The most important of these was one in which she used the phrase, "my pilots." This apparently caused slavery gossip to begin. I handled the situation swiftly, calling for her to be placed on probation for sixty days. She is also to issue a public apology in short order."
Drake continued, "In another matter, I dealt with a matter concerning pilots ignoring one of the HPA pilots who was calling out for assistance to vacate the jungle. If this type of thing continues happening when there are pilots around who could assist, I am going to push for a heavy fine system to be put in place. We all came up here to make a better life and cannot do this by ignoring someone that may not be our buddy if they are in need of help."
Chair Drake also handed us a direct quote from dictator Larkra Faro concerning the Holmes issue. "While pilot Holmes seems to stick her foot in mouth by times, rest assured nobody of importance in my office linked this last incident with slavery. While I cannot confirm gossip with secretaries and the like, we do not believe that slavery conspiracies are at hand with the human pilots nor other citizens of our great nation. I will find the source of this gossip and it will be remedied. We also stand by chair Drake's swift action to end these matters as said pilot does need to be careful how she speaks."

Dated: Wednesday July 21st, 2221, 5:29 a.m. at Holme's Issues an Apology

The daily news received a letter of apology from pilot Gemma Holmes this morning. This letter is concerning the media frenzy she got herself involved in recently. We are posting her statement in its entirety.
My name is Gemma Holmes. A few days ago, I made a few statements on the general channel without thinking them clearly through, not realizing how wrong they could have been taken. I would very much like to apologize for these statements. The first was about something being a man thing. There is no excuse for this, it was a stupid and thoughtless remark I regretted as soon as I said it. The other involved my statement of the pilots of the HPA to be my pilots. I very much regret that I lead people to believe that I meant to possess pilots, this never was what I meant to convey. I merely meant my fellow pilots, as I have the sense that pilots often form a group that works together. I feel connected to these people, and I would assist and help them in any way I can. I regret that this remark led anyone to believe that I would like to re-institute slavery, nor do I know any Humans who would like to re-institute such a thing. I very much see everyone as equals and would not like it to be any other way. Once again, I sincerely apologize for my miscommunication in this matter.

Dated: Saturday July 24th, 2221, 11:09 p.m. at Pilots Given Crafting Options!

Michelle Faro stood in the town square last evening and made a very important announcement. This has many pilots who did not go on the salvage trip speculating and excited.
"In late 2217, engineer Berry Weis came to me with the idea of putting some crafting work in the hands of the pilots. He wanted to use 3D printers. Being uncertain of how I could help with this, I was on board."
After a pause, Michelle continued. "Thanks to the hard work of his team of engineers and myself with working on the printer, his dream is coming to fruition very soon. We had to obtain several licenses from the FSI and set up many safety regulations but I believe that the pilots are going to love it."
Her usual smile plastered on her face, Michelle added, "The reason I decided to get more hands on involved in this is that it is my goal to help humanity all that I can. While fees will be a mandated requirement of using the printer, most are relatively small. This is to offset the licensing costs from manufacturers of a few things that some products will lend a fantastic hand to."
Her face turning sad, Michelle added, "I only wish Berry were here to see this come to light. I just hope you pilots will be as pleased to see what we have brought to you as I was to assist with the products."

While Michelle and the computer technology person who was with her did not give a date for this to be unveiled, rumor has it that it will be by early August, if not before.

Dated: Monday July 26th, 2221, 2:48 p.m. at Crafting has been released to pilots

The daily news received word just a few moments ago that crafting is ready to go. Supply carts and the printers are on the research center.

"I am so happy that Berry's dream was kept alive. I just hope that he will be found alive to see how well it works and has been received by crafters," biologist Bryan Faro said of his engineer partner.
Berry Weis has been a great asset to the Hegemony, assisting COS Michelle Faro with the NEP drive and now this. "This is a huge score for humanity," continued Bryan Faro.

Dated: Saturday July 31st, 2221, 12:30 p.m. at Ludwig who?

Ludwig Wrothchild came up from the cavern in 2204. He moved to New Netherlands and established himself as some sort of self proclaimed royalty. After the council had told him not to build a palace, nothing else was heard about it, until now. Dictator Larkra Faro ordered security chief, Austin Turner to investigate this matter claiming that Ludwig was involved in some crazy underground operation.
"We located an entrance and I took Rayford Billings and inactive HPA chair Zachery Hendrix along," said Turner. "The problem was, once we gained entry, an explosion occurred and tossed Hendrix down the mountain side. We had yelled for him to run but I think he froze due to an incident he had down in the cavern."
"Rayford chased after me and grabbed hold or I don't know what would have happened," said Hendricks.
Turner's report to the dictator's office concluded that this place appeared to be an opulent palace with no underground military activity. The palace is not yet open to the public but Ludwig promises good things with it soon.

Dated: Wednesday August 4th, 2221, 5:10 a.m. at Beheading Drawing Near

JaJa Faro is a criminal ex security chief of the Hegemony. Among others, he murdered dictator Larkra Faro's son, Philip. This took place during the bloody battle that occurred when Kizak Island was opened to the public on November 22, 2220. Pilot Cat Sandes was among those who were clinging to life by the end of the blood bath.

Dictator Faro soon ordered that JaJa Faro would be beheaded in the town square for his crimes and he would do it personally. This prompted a chase and the loss of several more lives, including the torture of current security chief Austin Turner.
While a date has not been given, we have received a few details on this punishment.
Dictator Faro has ordered that it will be set up as a big celebration, "A strong message needs sent and we shall have a feast to honor just punishment being dealt," said the dictator. "Citizens seen trying to usurp authority and not attending will be in subordination of the highest form. We must show unity, thus it is a mandate to attend." The dictator further laid out the plans.
He further stated that new pilot liaison and FDD member, Blazer Faro, has been ordered to perform the beheading while the masses watch. Blazer has not commented officially on this matter but rumor has it that she is none to pleased to be carrying out this ancient method of punishing a criminal. In fact, while many are pleased to have this event growing near, many are not. Very small, scattered protests are being held. "He needs punished but does it have to be like this?" A now ex prison guard was heard stating shortly prior to his being fired. He now works as a bouncer at Foxy's Games on Rayford's station.

Dated: Friday August 13th, 2221, 12:18 p.m. at Rayford's Trader Hub falls short

Rayford Billings had applied to have a trader hub built in Sector 3. "Our offer included 25% of the cash earned to go to the Hegemony as payment for the FBN Network use," said Billings's spokesman, Louis Manning. "We just want to get in on the up and coming pilot trading. It will help us and the pilots earn some money," he continued.

Dictator Larkra Faro denied the proposal this morning. "There is some weird static there that's unknown," deputy scientist Amanda Stevens said.
A spokesperson for the dictator's office added, "Mister Billings could easily solve the matter by becoming a member of the Hegemony and we would then set him up for FBN travel."

Dated: Sunday August 22nd, 2221, 7:12 p.m. at Space Leeches?

As Dunnel McKinnin's carrier was returning home from an artifacting trip, reports began to filter in that they had giant leeches attached to the hull. Reports state that the ship was nearly lost a couple of times but the crew were able to keep things together.
In the midst of a rather snarky discussion over tactical, Deputy COS Amanda Stevens was able to throw together a hopeful combatant spray. Between she and COS Michelle Faro's ideas, it worked. There was a contamination scare for a few crewmembers but all are well.
We have no further information on these leeches nor how they travel. In a quick phone conversation COS Faro said, "They literally look like giant leeches. They destroy ship components while sucking charge. They are ugly and have antenna looking eyes. Further testing will be done this week on the spray and leech chunk that we were able to obtain."

Dated: Monday August 30th, 2221, 2:52 a.m. at COS Faro Explains NEP

COS Michelle Faro decided to sit down with me and expound a little on how the NEP drive finds objects.
"The NEP detection array consists of a multitude of small panels placed on the hull of the ship when the NEP drive is installed. While in NEP space these panels unfold into larger passive collection cones. They intake neutrinos the entire time you are in NEP space. When neutrinos with certain configurations are encountered the scanner goes active. Once the active scanners are initiated they begin emitting a faster than light form of energy called Vekla, which is highly classified. The communications are based off of This energy which goes out and reflects off of objects in space. The problem is since you are in NEP space the signaps are indistinct hence why they can only show you distance, direction, and a general idea of what it is you are looking at." I was thoroughly confused after this but maybe more scientific minds will understand her statement.
The following was based on a Q & A format.
Q, If it is based on the communications technology then why can we only detect things up to about 5 light-years away?
a, There are many factors that answer this question. one, you are in NEP space. It phases you out of alignment with real space, folding it up in a sense. So it has to cross over that border not once, but twice. Second, The energy the detection array is sending out is reflecting, not being collected and sent in another direction. Third, the communications network has redundancies and repeaters, which insure a clear signal most of the time. The asteroid you are sending the same energy at, doesn't. We do have higher end detection, up to 15 light-years.
q, If we spend so much time approaching the target, why does the information never get any better?
a, The Vekla energy emitted by the ship in NEP space requires a lot of processing power to interpret. In order for the detection array to make out more information than is currently provided would require a complete redesign of the ships we've manage to design to have the option of the drive. It would also cost about 500% of the original cost, or more.
q, Why don't stations and the like show up. I know they are there, so why don't they show up?
a, Well, this is a question with many answers. It depends on what you are talking about. Stations specifically are built to contain pressure in a zero pressure environment so they are thick skinned to begin with. On top of that even the oldest stations use a form of the energy we use for their own communications arrays, so when you send out your energy pulses they simply absorb them and there is no reflection. For example Kapteynia Beta would show on NEP scan because it is a planet and the energy pulses wouldn't all get absorbed and so some get reflected, where as sector 7 with only a space station in it would receive all the pulses and recognize them as a registered FSI ship, thus sending a manufactured reflection back, Zion wouldn't have the registry, so would send no ping and is small enough that the entire pulse would get swallowed.
q, On another topic, what is this turbulence we keep hitting in NEP space?
a, There is a lot we do not yet know about NEP space but the general consensus is that it is created due to how NEP space is out of alignment with real space when the ship travels.
q, Why does the NEP drive keep stalling out?
a, It's a safety net due to the heat from the reactor. When it stalls, coolant kicks into high gear. You are safe to quickly restart it again. If ever it won't start back up right away, just give it a moment and you will be good to go.

Submitted by reporter Stacia Bevins

Dated: Thursday October 7th, 2221, 6:37 p.m. at Beheading protests lead to arrests

Nearly two hundred citizens and some pilots at large gathered in front of the government center to protest the beheading that is scheduled for 10/22/2221. This caused near fifty citizens who are in favor of the beheading to come on the scene. Words got heated from both sides and police were called in.
Most citizens scattered when the law showed up but seven were arrested. These included a human doctor, two farold and one human pilot at large, as well as others.
The arrests were only handed down to those opposing the beheading. A representative of the dictator's office stated that the protesters were arrested to send out a message. "All are required to attend the beheading at the town square," said the spokesperson.
Stacia Bevins

Dated: Wednesday October 13th, 2221, 9:13 a.m. at Natasha Drake Out Of Office

Natasha Drake removed from office
By Stacia Bevins:

Earlier today, Dictator Larkra Faro announced over the Tactical Channel that Natasha Drake has been removed from her position as HPA Chair and that High Judge Miah Kensington is in charge of the HPA until a new chair can be found. The justification for this decision is a news article that came out several days ago, that suggests that Drake might switch careers to become a prostitute. Although most view said article as pure entertainment value and little else, the Dictator views this as undesirable publicity for the Oria Hegemony.
Except for a few individuals speaking up, the tactical channel stayed relatively quiet. Miss Drake and Hector Barclay both expressed disbelief with regards to this decision. Drake said that the news article in question reflects her words poorly, and that the Dictator can check this information easily. Barclay stated that said news article should be taken as seriously as the slaver news was a few months ago.
The dictator saw this response as questioning of his authority. In response, he issued a firm warning to Barclay not to question him again. For Drake he promptly issued an arrest order, stating: "Natasha, I've been waiting to repay you for that tree mess. Security will be to pick you up. I advise that you do not run."
Soon after, Rayford Billings announced over the tactical channel that Drake was on his station in order to go artifact hunting. He added: "While I will not allow her to artifact, I will not send her back home nor allow your security team to pick her up until it goes through judge Kensington because that's all proper like." This, Billings said, was pay for not letting him have a trading post in the FBN network. In response to this, Dictator Larkra stated that Billings had 30 days to pay off his loan to the OH in full. Given the size of this loan, it is highly improbable that Billings can pay it off in his lifetime, much less in 30 days.
The dictator refused to answer Barclay's question as to what it would mean for pilots if Billings failed to pay off the loan at the end of 30 days, but pilot Scott Northrop stated in response: "I however, will answer that question, based on logical thinking. If he has to pay his lone in full, and is unable to. The government might attempt collection efforts. If, however they didn't, and he had to cut services, the research department might lose access to incoming finds from that region, unless pilots that have the ability to go out further, lead expeditions on their own merits. Other than that, I can't think of any other immediate impact that pilots themselves would face, other than the inconvenience of being able to get out there."
Billings made it clear that he will not let this situation go by without a fight. "Implications be damned, stand up for what I think is right is what I do. Removing this woman's post over a news item that we all know is incorrect is wrong. Besides, if he does that, I'll go far and wide telling everyone how the Hegemony reneges on their financial deals unless you always agree with them."
This shocking and unexpected news comes at a time of great turmoil over the upcoming public beheading. It is yet another example of the apparent need to take revenge. Personally, I ask myself what else is going on behind the scenes, as responding so severely to entertainment news seems out of character for Dictator Larkra.

Dated: Thursday October 21st, 2221, 9:18 a.m. at Protests Intensify

Protests across Oria and in the town square intensify as the day of the beheading draws near. Groups in favor and against the beheading clash all the time, and innocent bystanders have frequently ended up in the middle.
The Human Rights activists are also present, and Maggie Turner, The HRA Chairperson had this to say: "There is no Denying that Jaja Faro is a criminal, who deserves to be punished for his actions. Yes, I know that he is responsible for The deaths of several FDD officers, and for gravely injuring Blazer Faro and my husband Austin turner. I am not saying he deserves leniency, and I personally will never forgive him for what he has done to me and my family. But if this beheading is allowed to happen, I fear we become as bad as he is. I therefore respectfully request that The Dictator reviews this decision before it is too late. Please, give a sign of justice, and let High Judge Kensington handle things."
In other news, earlier today it was announced that FDD Officers have taken Natasha Drake and Rayford Billings into custody. Rayford's Abode is on lock down, while an investigation is ongoing. Dictator Larkra Faro had this to say: "We have done what is necessary to bring in a fugitive and the one hiding her. No damage was done to the station or its occupants, minus the two who resisted."

Dated: Friday October 22nd, 2221, 9:13 a.m. at Spiraling out of control

Spiraling out of control
By Gabrielle Faro
It has been a while since I have written a news article, but then I always was a reporter at heart. Life however took me in a different direction, and I ended up as Dictator Larkra Faro's personal assistant.
As you all know, The FDD invaded Rayford's Abode, a sovereign station under Rayford Billing's jurisdiction by written agreement, in order to arrest Rayford for protecting Natasha Drake. Natasha herself was arrested as well, which was ultimately The goal of this operation. Rayford Billings, in his effort to protect his Guest Natasha Drake as well as his home, was badly beaten into unconsciousness and then roughly dragged off in The way one would drag a dead animal. Also miss Drake took several injuries that, to my knowledge, have still not been tended to. The Dictator maintains that The FDD officers he sent only did what was necessary, and that no one else was injured, but this is not true. Although not severely, several inhabitants of Rayford's Abode who happened to get in The way also took several injuries. Rayford's office and home were also ransacked. It is not clear what The FDD was looking for, nor whether anything of relevance was found.

Natasha Drake's arrest was an action of revenge, as has already become clear from an article by Stacia Bevins. The truth is, Dictator Larkra Faro has never forgiven Miss Drake and others involved in the situation with the tree, that according to reports visited at least two exploration crews. For writing this article, Stacia Bevins was arrested, and her status is unknown.
I think that you, the reader, should be aware of these events. I do not agree with these actions, but for so much as saying this, I could get in serious trouble. I therefore will go into hiding as soon as I drop this article off at the Oh Daily News. Due to his recent actions, I fear my life is in jeopardy.
Thank you for reading!

Dated: Saturday October 23rd, 2221, 10:40 a.m. at Coup d'etat successful

Coup d'etat successful
By Stacia Bevins

Last night at 6 PM, many Citizens of Oria gathered as ordered on the Oria Town Square to witness the public beheading of Jaja Faro. Jaja has been responsible for several deaths and severe injuries on Kizak Island. While he fled from justice, he also killed several FDD Officers and gravely injured Chief of Security Austin Turner and former New Pilot Liaison Blazer Faro. Although unable to attend in person, I watched the proceedings from my prison cell.
Shortly past 6 PM, Prisoner Jaja Faro was escorted onto a busy square, where protests were still ongoing. It was also clearly visible that a contingent of HPA Pilots had gathered near Blazer Faro. The atmosphere was tense, and FDD Officers had their hands full keeping the peace. Several people were arrested, and a few bystanders were knocked over as they got in the way of fleeing protesters.
At 6.15 PM, Dictator Larkra Faro was escorted into the square by guards, as all rose and saluted him. After a brief moment of observing the square, the Dictator began his speech. Faro spoke about the events on Kizak Island and the death of his son Phillip Faro. He also touched up on Jaja's escape and how FDD officers were sent to apprehend him and his associates. Although Larkra expressed his upset over the death of several FDD Officers and the severe injuries of Austin Turner, he failed to mention that Blazer Faro had also been gravely injured and nearly killed by the accused. Engineer Berry Weiss did get a mention, as his fate is still unknown, and it is generally assumed that Jaja Faro was involved in this as well.
Then Faro went on to speak about his authority, that had been questioned far too often in recent times. He said: "A clear example, that without doubt, makes it known. Go against my authority, and the authority of the Oria Hegemony, and there will be consequences." Given the recent events, it would not have been very hard to imagine what consequences were implied here.
In between Larkra Faro speaking, Jaja Faro frequently spoke up as well. He claimed that he had been ordered to kill Phillip Faro and was now being made the scape goat. According to one of my sources, he also made this claim earlier over the general channel. However, even if he had been given those orders, what happened after he ran was entirely his doing, and he did not show any remorse for his actions.
Jaja also gave Blazer Faro some dirty looks. In turn, during the exchange, Blazer slapped Jaja, and she kept stroking her sword. It is not entirely clear how she was really feeling about the beheading and this entire situation. Was she really against it, or would part of her have loved to pay him back for nearly killing her? We may never know.
Finally, Larkra Faro turned his attention to the accused, Jaja Faro directly. Jaja Faro was formally accused of murder, misconduct in office and the death of Phillip Faro. He was sentenced to death by beheading, to be carried out immediately. Larkra pointed at Blazer Faro, called her a rookie, and ordered her to step forth and do her duty.
This was when Blazer Faro, while casting a brief glance at HPA Pilots Dorothy Borden and Blaine Argon, raised her sword. From here, everything went very differently from what most people had surely expected. Argon seemed to retrieve some kind of object that mostly resembled some kind of trash can, that turned out to be a highly effective tasering riot shield. Bordon said to one pilot in particular: "Now Iyana, on the opposite side of that coin, Larkra is a dick who's got his own crimes to pay for. That's one reason we're gathered here today. To show him that flagrant abuse of his position won't be tolerated."
At this point, the Oria Town Square erupted into total chaos. Rebels and HPA pilots clashed head on with Larkra Faro and his guards who loyally attempted to protect him. PKA representative Dunnel McKinnin quickly took action to insure Jaja Faro could not escape. Argon bravely protected members of the underground initiative using his shield, frequently ending up in the firing line. Before long, both Larkra Faro and Jaja Faro were in pretty bad shape. It did not take very long for Argon to successfully pin Larkra Faro under his tasering riot shield. Then, Argon and Emily Hernandez, who was carrying a needle with some kind of substance, dragged Larkra away from the square. Around the same time, Borden dragged Jaja away. The battle on the ground against the loyalist guards took somewhat longer, but fortunately no one involved with the underground initiative got severely injured. I am also grateful to write that none of the guards were killed, they were all allowed to leave the square once no longer able to fight.
While the battle was ongoing, Loan Officer Randy Keller was seen attacking guards with his stilletoed heal. Many present fled the scene, others observed the goings on, and HPA Pilot Amanda Welington was seen hiding behind a large trash can looking on in fear.
With the ground battle over, Blazer Faro, who had a big part in organizing this takeover, was declared the new OH Dictator. She was cheered on by those who were still in attendance, however, there were still a few battles to be fought.
Dictator Blazer Faro immediately issued the order that Larkra Faro and Jaja Faro be taken into custody. Railey O'Shei and Dorothy Borden led crews into battle against a fleet of ships flown by FDD members still loyal to Larkra. Dunnel McKinnin and Amber Knightsbridge took the initiative to head to the Research Station, in order to be at hand in case Natasha Drake and Rayford Billings happened to be on one of those ships.
We soon learned from Billings, who spoke on the Tactical Channel, that he was nowhere near Kapteynia Beta. He announced that his guards were now following Dictator Blazer Faro's orders and had turned back. They unfortunately were 12 hours out from Kapteynia Beta, and Billings said that he was in poor shape. He added: "If I don't make it, tell Emma I love her."
The battle in space was fierce and went on for quite some time. Unfortunately, Railey O'Shei's ship was destroyed. The dictator immediately promised to pay for this, which according to one of my sources has also happened. Eventually, all ships crewed by Larkra's loyalists were destroyed, and their crews were arrested as soon as they landed on the research station. With this, the coup d'etat was complete.
Dictator Blazer Faro immediately made use of her new position to issue some new rules. These can be found in the legal section of your dataslate, and go as follows:
Individuals who display flagrant and habitual insubordination as determined by the high judge will be fined no less than $100,000, no matter their net worth. The judge will have the right to forego the fine in favor of a jail sentence for no less than thirty days. This is not to say one cannot freely speak, but there is a distinct difference between the two.
Any individual working for the OH government who defies their direct superior officer will first meet a fine of $500,000. If it happens again, once proven, they will be dismissed from their duties without further compensation.
HPA pilots who are in direct insubordination to the chair, may be fined such an amount that the chair sees fit. This fine will be directly paid to the HPA fund.
Larkra is being charged with embezzlement of several hundred million dollars taken from NEP drive funds. He is also charged with leading a conspiracy to have his own son murdered on Kizak, and nearly getting pilots killed there. Other charges may be pending.
The Dictator has invited all to gather in The Oria Town Square this Sunday, October 24th at 2 PM. She has also ordered that all who were wrongly arrested in recent weeks, including anyone who protested peacefully, are to be released immediately. This order was followed without question, and so I am happy to report I am no longer in jail.
Although the takeover is complete and has been accepted by most, some remain loyal to Larkra Faro. FDD Officers have made several arrests. Only recently, Dictator Blazer Faro's main squad was held up on Willow Lane. Five people were arrested, and heavy explosives were found. While this was happening, Blazer was attacked in the garage on Kapteynia Beta, several pilots kept her safe in a ship until the situation was brought under control. They then safely escorted her to the Government Center.
Although those who fought bravely on the ground and in space to make this all possible are well known by now, several people who have played important roles have mostly done so from the shadows. I would like to mention Daniel Patel and COS Michelle Faro, who took control of the Dictator's Office in the Government Center. From here, they were able to disable various systems and take control of the tactical channel. This prevented Larkra from summoning backup, insuring this victory. At the same time, Security Chief Austin Turner made sure that the Defense Outpost was secure.
All individuals who were involved with this underground initiative took great risks, as it became obvious early on what would happen to anyone who defied Larkra. Natasha Drake is currently safely tucked away, healing from her injuries and the trauma she went through these last few days. Rayford Billings has been rushed to hospital where he is being treated. His condition is grave, and without Drake's actions, he may not have survived. I have been told that his wife, Emma Billings, is by his side.
It is still unclear how many others ended up in harms way because they dared to speak up against the beheading. Many arrests were made without justification. Others were threatened with imprisonment or worse simply for requesting that the beheading would not proceed. I have no doubt that, if this takeover had failed, all involved would have met similar fates.
This concludes my report, and I personally wish to take this opportunity to thank all who made this takeover possible and congratulate Blazer Faro on her new position as Dictator.

Dated: Monday October 25th, 2221, 1:36 p.m. at Dictator Blazer's initial plans revealed

On October 24 2221 the Oria town square began filling up with large numbers of OH and PKA citizens. They were there to witness the changing of the guard as it were. Along with a lot of substance, Blazer had just enough mentions of her grandmother, LeeLee Faro, to appease the masses who love her dearly. The speech was well done, especially seeing as she wrote it herself. That is yet another similarity to LeeLee, a good writing style. LeeLee was a people person, one that we have not seen the likes of since her time in office. Many believe we are seeing it again now.

Pilot Natasha Drake was among the first to enter the square, behaving in a very nervous and out of sorts fashion. Pilots and guards quickly took up duties of sheltering her, as she did not seem to want people touching her.
Soon to be appointed Defense minister Austin Turner had a little fun with the pilots, getting them to stand and sit at his will. This went on until COS Michelle Faro told him to stop, clearly Austin still needs some polish as she told him, "You need to learn these salute rules."
As Blazer entered the square, the crowds seemed pleased and officials such as Ludwig Wrothchild quickly learned that standing before him was not the fun loving rule breaking Blazer Faro we have all come to know and love. He was quickly admonished for not saluting in such a tone that indicated he may not keep his post that she would later bestow upon him.
Blazer began her presentation by showing everyone a letter and her birth certificates. Yes, two of them. One was clearly fake and the real one, was indeed signed by Larkra. The accompanying letter detailed threats to her mother, Anna, if she told anyone he was Blazer's father.
As Blazer unveiled her initial plans, cheers erupted on Chrylia for non pilot career minors were getting a long overdo pay increase. She later revealed to me that extra money would be set aside so that the transportation department could order all new mining shuttles to be built.
Much work was also going to be done in the cavern, dictator Faro revealed. This includes giving above ground farmers incentives to provide extra food for the cavern, "Hunger in sector C must stop," said Blazer, who appointed pilot Dorothy Borden as administrator for human children. At the time of this writing, several farmers were trying to stall this process for more money than she offered. Upon failed talks with the newly appointed OH treasurer, she mandated it be done without any incentives and left the meeting.
We have not received word from cavern leadership as pertains to her stern warning to them that the farolds will take over the cavern if they do not comply with her liaison's, investigation and having a farold take over the riot police. High judge Miah Kensington was put in the liaison investigation post.
At the same time, Blazer appointed Amber Knightsbridge to be the new pilot liaison, and stated that pilots had one week to sort out who the new HPA chair would be, or forever lose the right to vote on said position, since Natasha is in no fit state to continue.
Furthermore, former pilot Kaylenne Buchanan's true job was revealed. She came up as a spy for the underground initiative and now is palace seneschal to Ludwig Wrothchild, who controls local matters on New Netherlands. Ludwig's leadership role is probationary now due to his no salute action yesterday. We are also informed that deputy chief scientist, Amanda Stevens, is also on a probationary period for her flagrant disregard of Michelle Faro's authority.
Pilots Cat Sandes and Natasha Drake had requested affordable housing for people coming up from the caverns who are not pilots. The sum of $25,000,000 was given to this project by Blazer. Details on how it will work out are not clear but it is believed they will have a 90 day grace period before having to pay rent or purchase, if below a set income.
Pilots abroad were overjoyed to learn that the NEP drive prices would be reduced by $5,000,000, and probably not so overjoyed when she gave a stern admonishment to them for their flagrant disregard to authority figures, in particular the HPA chair. The happiness was reinstated though when she handed out trophies to those pilots who assisted her in the underground initiative. This was topped off with a very generous work gift.
In similar fashion as she did in New Netherlands, Blazer appointed a human government to run local matters on Luna. While the OH has spent several billion dollars for Luna's restoration, including building the mall, allowing humans to run the moon has been seen as a wonderful gesture by most. It seemed that pilot Dunnel McKinnin had questions regarding this, but that may or may not unfold at a later date.
The five guard salute was carried out as they fired their weapons three times. This practice adds a guard as a new member of LeeLee's family takes power. Thus LeeLee received one guard and the next dictator, if a family member of LeeLee's, will receive six guards. Farold onlookers really seemed to enjoy this bit of tradition.
After Blazer set aside 2 billion dollars for the defense department, Austin Turner was able to make an announcement once she completed her speech. This involves freeing up more FDD ships to assist in larger invasions. He told me afterword though, "This could include sector clean up for smaller invasions when combat oriented pilots are not around too."
During the presentation, Blazer also informed us that Larkra and JaJa Faro would remain in prison for the rest of their days. This was good news to all but scant numbers of Larkra supporters who remain scattered throughout the OH. In fact, during a conversation on the general channel this morning, one of his supporters was quickly arrested after mouthing off to the dictator. This is yet another showing of authority rather than friendship to all.
Along with clearing Rayford Billings of his vast debt to the OH, Blazer also mandated that asteroid tugger fuel prices be reduced this morning. This took place after a discussion with pilot Scott Northrop.

Dated: Tuesday October 26th, 2221, 9:00 p.m. at Shooting at Maggie's Diner

HPA pilots convened at near 6 PM to discuss the next HPA chair. All was going well until a hooded figure raced in and fired a shot. Chaos ensued with people screaming, Natasha Drake got down fast and began to sob. The dictator raced in with gun in hand. She went into the kitchen and raced back out with an injured Chef Patel. This is the second time he was injured in nearly a year's time.
Security complained to the dictator, telling her to stop running off. "The pilots acted fast and helped to control the situation," a waitress said. "Namely, Dorothy Borden and Iyana Cunningham, they showed good leadership," she continued. Railey O'Shei, the meeting organizer, Amanda Welington, and Cat Sandes did their part to help as well. Daniel Patel, surely worried sick over his father, stood his ground with weapon in hand.
The shooter was caught on Swan street as he was about to go into the footwear store. It is believed that Maggie Turner was the target and she now has security round the clock.

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