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Dated: Monday February 8th, 2221, 11:19 a.m. PKA seeking science deal

Headline:Gonrah, ran by the PKA, is seeking a science deal with the OH. Details of the deal will be discussed at greater length once the pilots return home from a rescue mission led by up and coming PKA pilot Dunnel McKinnin. It is reported that they want to strengthen their exploration and trade industries and that they wish to have assistance from the OH science department in this endeavor. "I'd like input from our new pilot members before we go further with this but am excited to see what we can hash out," said president Ned Faro.

Dated: Thursday February 11th, 2221, 8:52 a.m. PKA license purchase

Headline:The PKA has purchased the rights to sell FSI engines to their pilots with different qualification recommendations than the HPA pilots have. A slight markup in price is included to offset the $400,000,000 cost of the licensing fee. In this license includes a clause that engines may be sold to trader ships abroad who are not affiliated with enemies of the OH.

Dated: Friday February 19th, 2221, 1:01 a.m. OH Industries refuse PKA offer

Headline:Due to the PKA's efforts to create some products for themselves, they tried to offer the OH cargo company a deal that was denied. Their plan was to create a higher-level cargo unit specifically for their members. The argument was that they are desiring to give their pilots and trade ships some advantages due to lack of combat ship purchasing.The FSI refused to allow this to be put on their freighters and threatened to prevent PKA members from purchasing the freighter at all.A GSI spokesperson said, "This is not a problem. Our three person freighter has just finished completion and will now be taken off the table for a future agreement."This news is getting a mixed bag of reviews from pilots at large, but most OH pilots are in full agreement with the cargo company's decision. "The more weight a ship carries, the less it can do. I hope they know what they are doing," HPA security chief Austin Turner was overheard saying to colleagues while dining at Larry's Chicken palace.Ned Faro, president of the PKA had this to say. "We don't want to freeze out HPA pilots but we do need some things that our pilots can work with on their own too. It is sad that this deal failed but we did try. We did allow all pilots to purchase our carrier and have no plans to change this, unless pushed," Faro warned.

Dated: Friday February 26th, 2221, 5:34 a.m. Sector 9 has been claimed

Headline:Sector 9, where earth resides, has been claimed by the PKA with no opposition from the Oria Hegemony."There were stipulations in the agreement," science department deputy chief Amanda Stevens stated. "Earth is in such ruin that it would take more money than anyone wants to put in it to attempt repairs. We are talking trillions of dollars here. Thus, the PKA agreed that if any such endeavor were to begin, it would be overseen by the OH science department. Reason being that we have a long term vested interest in humanity and it's survival. Thus, we don't want to see any half-baked project ruin that."Ned Faro gave a brief statement on the exciting news. "We have another plan for the sector. Sadly, we are in full agreement with the Hegemony here, the price tag is far to high for us to bite into at this time. We also will be paying more for the defense of this sector being added to the cost of Gonrah."While the plans for this sector were not divulged, the general public are speculating. It is a good move for PKA expansion is the general theme of chatter at the chicken palace.

Dated: Tuesday March 2nd, 2221, 12:50 p.m. artifact separation

Headline:A publicist for the PKA has announced that their pilots will begin to submit artifacts on the new observatory station in sector 9. "A deal has been made with the OH science department and us as we attempt to grow our own department. Artifacts will still be paid out by the OH but they have granted us a percentage of the pay when our pilots turn the relics in for research. In turn we will make readily available to their pilots some upcoming upgrades that will work with the NEP scan's range."The publicist failed to comment on when we would be able to land on the station.

Dated: Friday May 21st, 2221, 1:59 a.m. PKA Applicants on hold

Headline:During a meeting with PKA representative Dunnel McKinnin and pilot Kairi Kaeling, it was requested that applicants be on an approval basis. This way, the human leadership could speak with the pilots to understand why they wanted to join and to make sure their knowledge of the PKA was correct.This has finally been voted on by the council and approved. Thus, applications will be closed for a brief time so that representative McKinnin can sort how he wants this to work with his current members. This likely won't happen until he sees the process and is able to know what he will have to work with.News of some sort of PKA stunner was mentioned too but there is no set time table for its release.

Dated: Wednesday October 20th, 2221, 4:09 a.m. Beheading Protests On Gonrah

Headline:While the streets are being outfitted with monitors so that the OH citizens will have ample space to witness the beheading, PKA president Ned Faro denied dictator Larkra Faro's request to have all protests ceased. "So long as they are peaceful protests, I will not prevent freedom of speech," said Faro."This likely will strain relations between the hegemony and PKA once the beheading has been completed," sources speculate.Dictator Larkra Faro has mandated that everyone who is a Hegemony citizen attend the beheading. This would include the pilots who have joined the PKA as they have not been able to become full citizens of Gonrah due to labor payment disagreements.Several protests on Oria and Kizak have been responded to with heavy fines and, in many cases, arrests.There is still no comment from Larkra's chosen beheader, FDD member Blazer Faro. Again, sources speculate that she is unhappy to be doing this task but knows she cannot go against Larkra's wishes.There is also still no word on the status of fugitive pilot Natasha Drake. Rayford Billings did state that he will not force anyone to return from his station to attend the beheading, "consequences be damned," he added.

Dated: Thursday November 4th, 2221, 12:38 p.m. New PKA Healer Tank

Headline:The PKA has revealed that it now has a modified version of the SHQ healer tank IV. This tank holds a dab more repair mixture but has been redesigned to hold three compartments. "We are excited to offer this to our pilots," said a spokesman.A representative of the science department, namely Amanda Stevens, appeared to be confused by this revelation. "I don't recall permission being given by us to do this."

Dated: Wednesday January 19th, 2222, 10:18 a.m. PKA and HPA issues over Zarklans

Headline:PKA president Ned Faro gave the following statement at around 9:15 this morning."We are aware of these Zarklan beings and their genocidal nature. What we are not aware of is a long list of things. This would include such things as where they come from, how many are their numbers, what makes their hive mind tick other than plasma?"After sipping his tea, Ned continued. "Two months of study will not get us all these answers. We are also aware that this is an unpopular opinion because even current PKA pilot members have it in their heads to destroy and ask questions later. This is forcing me to have to evaluate our pilot program again because my citizens will not stand for such quickdraw trigger happy combative reactions.""More questions we need answered are as follows. If there are even a hundred thousand of these beings, what's their other food source or how long does the plasma provide sustenance? The PKA is not buying that there are millions of these beings otherwise most of us would be dead by now. This is especially a true point if the plasma is their only food source."Ned looked upon the reporters as he concluded, "We are in no way saying that combat may not be needed. What we are saying is that more studies than the OH wants to do, due to their willingness to be combative early, should be required to be done. This includes building a controlled environment with which to conduct these proper studies."COS Michelle Faro only said this, "Thankfully they are not in charge of this investigation."An unnamed PKA citizen said this, "We should be in charge, it was a PKA ship who found them. The OH cannot just come in here and rip away our finds."

Dated: Wednesday January 26th, 2222, 10:48 p.m. PKA Treasury report news

Headline:While exact dollar amounts were not given, rumor has it that the struggling association is down over 200 billion dollars from this time last year. "That's no surprise," said OH banker Randy Keller. "Space stations cost a ton of money to build and maintain. They are going to take a hit until some larger profit margins can be seen from that observatory."The dictator nor PKA president Ned Faro had a comment to offer on this matter.

Dated: Wednesday January 26th, 2222, 11:02 p.m. What is peace?

Headline:As tensions mount over the evil beings at the station we were ordered not to name, the PKA appears to be fracturing."Peace is peace, we do not fight under any circumstances," seems to be the majority stance of those living on Gonrah."Peace is one thing but we all must examine when a physical self defense stance must be taken," said a resident of the PKA observatory."That pilot, Dunnel McKinnin, I think he's a double talker," said former PKA science department spokesperson Grant Faro. "He wants peace till it suits him to fight. I am happy to report that he will be discussed in next month's meetings."The dictator followed up with this. "Back off my pilots. Until you pay them for their work, give them full citizenship, and stop using them for glorified mouth pieces in matters of diplomacy abroad only, you cannot tell them where they can go as pertains to missions that I order. Only I can do that."PKA president Ned Faro had this to say. "If a PKA pilot goes out to that station, they would be representing the PKA, especially McKinnin because we pay him to do so."A representative of the OH court added this. "The binding documents are messy but lay out clear agreements. Might I remind the PKA that if one giveth, one can taketh. We gave them Gonrah and judge Kensington is not stupid when drawing up documents."A public opinion screening was done and 67% of the PKA citizenry find that pilot McKinnin needs to pick a side and stay on it.It is also of importance that the PKA did not send a science representative to work with the OH on their discovery mission. Grant Faro, who was slated to go, is still a member of their science department but not its spokesperson. Rumor has it that they are planning their own study apart from the Hegemony.

Dated: Monday February 14th, 2222, 7:34 p.m. Hegemony Fears Happened, Gonrah Invaded

Headline:At around 2:15 PM on February 13, dictator Blazer Faro announced a rumored invasion on Gonrah. With PKA leaders away, the only option Blazer had was to evacuate. Thus the pilots, government officials, and FDD officers went to work.Pilots hauled near 1,458 passengers from Gonrah to New Netherlands. Another 5,400 were brought in by government officials and FDD officers. This went on throughout the night and into February 14th.At near 11 in the morning, the worst fear of everyone came true. Gonrah was bombarded by Kiohn soldiers, scouts and heavy defenders. The defender nearly took out a pilot crew of ten or more strong, but they escaped for treatment into the Combat Directorate's ship. PKA scientist Grant Faro, heavily injured himself, and the dictator gave them the medical aid they could not provide for themselves. HPA pilot Alexis Jenson came up with the idea to use her trailer to carry weapons through the city. This idea proved to win out over everyone sitting on stretchers, which was a good one in itself.Things came together after this and the pilots moved around engaging the ground Kiohn troops in heavy, lengthy battles. Several were knocked out more than once, including DOD Drake, Giovanni Darkenum, and Amber Knightsbridge. Medics from both the hospital and the quarantine facility took heavy injuries to assist the pilots as it was not feasible to move to the hospital with possible Kiohn in the way. Finally, Blazer announced the all clear and everyone began to sort themselves out.That wasn't all, some 17 Kiohn ships came calling. Drake and Knightsbridge grabbed crews. Ash Layman and Giovanni Darkenum piloted the way to victory.While most citizens of Gonrah felt that nothing was going to happen, the number believing that you can still be peaceful and have a way of being defended is on the rise. "I liked that sword," said one of the cathedral ladies. These ladies worked tirelessly through the night providing food, comfort and shelter for those who wished to evacuate. "I am very pleased to having these pilots work along side me rather than just for me," said the dictator. "Even several newer pilots dove right in and battled with all they had. Each and every one of them should be proud for what they accomplished today."

Dated: Friday February 18th, 2222, 1:27 p.m. Defense demands ramp up

Headline:The following letter was submitted to us. The letter will be posted verbatim. This is in regards to the weapon issues on Gonrah, which were further galvanized when the Kiohn ground troops invaded on February 14.Open Letter to the PKATo the people of Gonrah and the Peacekeepers Association:The past few months, culminating in the invasion on the fourteenth of February, have brought home several stark truths. I was hoping these issues could be talked through, debated, and discussed, as reasonable people do when there are differences of opinions, but the invasion has brought forth a need for a more expedient response.The short of it is, at least according to the poll in the news, most of you are apathetic, thinking that if it hasn't happened yet, it won't happen. Well, ladies and gentlemen, it has happened, and it probably will again, so what next? Will you not even assist your own survival? And morally, will you not assist in the survival of others who are not able to help themselves? Finally, if you are not willing to be good neighbors, why should your neighbors be good to you?What I ask is not that the people of Gonrah take up violence. There are other ways to support those willing to protect. What I am, and have been asking for for over a year now, is an interest in applying our scientific knowledge, research, and medical expertise to those who fight on our behalf. IN addition, we are in the perfect position to provide logistic support as well, transportation, trade, and the like. If someone is willing to fight, and possibly die for you, you don't just pay them. Money is not worth a life. We could be using our assets to help protect those lives, and make sure they are not fighting for a people who will just roll over and let things happen to them.This goes beyond just the survival of the PKA. It goes to our moral duties as sentient creatures to help those who are unable to help themselves. There is argument over my stance on the Zarklan genocide which ties directly into this. Paraphrasing from my statement to Grant Faro, it is ironic that the same sort of people who would have argued against intervening in the rescue of Humanity 200 years ago came to your rescue just the other day. The consequences of that decision saved Gonrah from occupation. It is my firm belief, that if you persist in being unwilling to stand up to genocide and those who practice it, Humanity will turn their back on the PKA in disgust and lobby to leave you to your own devices in the future, and you know what? If they do, I will not blame them.Finally, being a good neighbor is important for any civilization. If your neighbor's house gets broken into, you call for law enforcement. If their house burns down, you offer them a place to stay while they sort things out. This applies in the macro scale as well as the micro scale. Being good neighbors with the OH and others means sometimes pulling our heads out of the sand, and you know, actually contributing to the well-being of others through trade, assistance, etc.I would like to end with a piece of history from Earth's past. A few centuries before we came to space, sailors were sailing across the ocean and found these islands. Hungry, they went ashore to search for food. What they found was a bird who had no fear of them or what they did. The sailors found out that they could club these birds to death and they'd just stand there. Well, needless to say, it didn't take long before that bird, called the dodo, became extinct, and I Don't need to teach you English to know what dodo means today. Don't let that happen to the PKA. Don't be selfish and pretend helping to heal OH pilots was anything but your own self-interest because if they didn't protect you , nobody else would, and those of you who are funding the PKA and forcing bad policies, you better make more enlightened life choices for yourselves, or I will take any necessary action to negate your influence in perpetuity.Yours in Peace,Dunnel McKinninPKA pilot representativeBlazer FaroOH Dictator

Dated: Saturday February 19th, 2222, 7:38 a.m. Changes Coming to the PKA

Headline:Five large ships were seen over Gonrah this morning as smaller vessels undocked, picked up several passengers and flew away. "We think someone used official means to contact old friends," said Brent Faro. "I came from one of these generation ships and we donated a chunk of change to assist the building of the PKA."Brent went on to say that many farolds from abroad donated this money and some may have been taken back out of the funds. "People don't understand that there are people who want peace at any cost. I tried to enforce the law a few days ago which should have afforded the Hegemony the chance to defend us. Ned and the other council members knew this but did not allow for it to happen. They deliberately broke all the laws that they set forth."Grant Faro added, "Now that the public has seen what has been done to them, many are outraged but some are leaving. We expect to lose about 15,000 to 25,000 members and an unknown amount of money. I have tried to get hold of current council members, including our president but we have got no response. I think they ran off in the night to escape conviction," Faro concluded."We don't want to fight, peace should be the first option on the table," said one Gonrah citizen. "But we always thought Ned had a plan for what happened on February 14th. Now where do we go, what do we do?"This sentiment seems to be a hard line by many Gonrah citizens. "I am a little put off by violence and think some PKA pilots just want to find loopholes to fight. I believe our curriculum should hold fast but we should allow those who are able to do so to properly defend us. It is what we pay them for," said another citizen.Dictator Blazer Faro has put guards in place so that the hard line weapon haters cannot put the drones back online. "I believe that people are making progress in determining a power structure. I believe in their right to peace and not allowing their people to carry weapons. But they must provide defense in order to save lives. We simply cannot conduct an evacuation every time there is an invasion. Rest assured that if any one of my citizens abuses a weapon in PKA owned areas, they will get hit with a punishment ten fold of what they would receive in Hegemony space. We must show respect for each other and stop the in fighting. We must treat each other with respect.""I think the hegemony dictator is fair and I am glad she rushed in here to save us. She did not completely take over our space as we were told she would. But, if these people stay in power, I hope she does," said an elderly PKA citizen.

Dated: Saturday February 19th, 2222, 12:36 p.m. McKinnin begins to Rally the people

Headline:PKA representative Dunnel McKinnin went to work on the streets of Gonrah this afternoon. He gave speeches and gained many positive cheers from those listening."WE have a lot of work ahead of us all, and we need you to help us chart this path forward. What plans are made mean nothing without the support of the people, and I urge you all to get involved, share your thoughts, come to people in charge, and choose leaders who will represent you with integrity, honesty, and transparency," was one statement Dunnel shouted as he moved through Gonrah.

Dated: Sunday August 7th, 2222, 9:44 p.m. Should pilots be in the medical field?

Headline:An important meeting was held at Maggie's diner yesterday. While the staff tried to make sure all reporting ears were kept out, we're pretty smart and so it was not to be.The PKA medic was heard to say, "putting someone through withdrawals of a medication was not the right timing nor the best use of resources."This was reportedly his challenge to Michelle Faro who did not exit the meeting in a good mood. It looks like this grand coupling is over.The medical community is outraged. "We don't get to pick what time nor when to treat somebody," said nurse practitioner Clarissa Darkenum. We treat those we can, when we can because it is what we signed up to do. If people don't like it, get out of the kitchen and let those of us with real know how deal."

Dated: Friday November 4th, 2222, 7:11 a.m. PKA rolling out new work for pilots?

Headline:PKA science director is mum about this possibility. However, while lounging in Glade park earlier this week, it became apparent that a small path was being carved out in the rock. "There is even a sign there stating that there is a science job ahead," one source stated.Upon investigating this for myself, I did find the sign but it looks like construction is ongoing and the job is not yet ready.Reporter Mason Faro

Dated: Thursday January 19th, 2223, 10:32 a.m. PKA is no more

Headline:The gentlemen known as Biker Dude, with a private backer, have made a deal which effectively ends the PKA."Gonrah and its research observatory now belong to me. This is a huge undertaking but one that was necessary to strengthening my base. There is much wrangling to be done but I have hope that the dictator and I can come to terms.""The peace keeping people will be allowed to remain on my planet, signs included. Farolds are generally a peace keeping bunch so this is not an issue. However, if they choose to live under my rule, they must know that I have no issues with defense.""Many changes will come in the next several days and I will extend a pilot an offer to be my trade person abroad. It will likely be the gentlemen who was attempting to salvage the PKA issues. Thankfully, I have likely made his job a lot easier.""The ground, engine, and possible other shops will be closed until I gather information from pertinent hegemony officials, including the dictator. It is not my will to go against their wishes as far as who has what point requirements to buy this or that."Biker ended with, "Please be patient and await word from your dictator."Blazer had no comment at this time as she was rushing off to a meeting.

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