Vast Horizon News Headlines


Dated: Sunday November 1st, 2220, 9:53 a.m. at Caverns overrun

Reports coming in from all Sectors of the Cavern City of zombies being spotted there. Farold Defense personnel and the regular police force have their hands full trying to deal with the threat and protect innocent civilians. A more recent report speaks about zombies in the Cavern Hub, the area where those who have decided to leave the Caverns have time to acclimate before going fully above ground. One of the shopkeepers there said: "I am not sure I would have survived if that group of brave Civilian Pilots had not come over to rescue me."

Dated: Wednesday December 16th, 2220, 8:43 p.m. at Unrest in the caverns

Pockets of violence have reignited in the caverns and Jason Abrams, the cavern leader, has called for extra security assistance from the farolds. Thus ground defense will be slight while a number of the FDD's defense ground team goes down to help sort whatever mess is going on. We have no further details at this time.

Dated: Friday January 1st, 2221, 11:44 a.m. at Cavern Unrest calming

The caverns underwent a violent outburst over the last couple of weeks. This was apparently started when a group of sector C individuals murdered a sector B individual for boasting about leaving the caverns soon. "These people who go above ground are filling our citizens full of pipe dreams," said one individual.

Citizens of sector B retaliated and murdered an uninvolved individual from sector C. The rioting followed shortly after.
Cavern leader, Jason Abrams, called for assistance from the FDD to help squash the situation quickly. This caused rioting individuals to kidnap a member of sector A. They bound and tortured said individual before ending their life.
Dictator Faro has said that stronger sanctions will be levied against the caverns if they do not work towards unity. He has also said that some 500 non pilot citizens have left the caverns in the last two weeks. Friends and family members of these individuals have provided living assistance on New Netherlands.
"We're getting people out as fast as we can," COS Michelle Faro stated. "Our supply of riphenol is low and the budget simply won't allow for more pay to the pilots and citizens who do sifting for a job."

Dated: Saturday April 10th, 2221, 3:42 p.m. at sector C toils

Pilots have been coming above-ground from sector C complaining of subpar conditions, even having to fight for food. While it is known this is an issue, many other sector people are totally befuddled by this. Drake Hotel Security head, David Brooks, is pushing for an investigation and awaits HPA chair, Dorothy Borden's return home.

Dated: Friday April 16th, 2221, 7:39 p.m. at Pilots have authority issues?

As a new human combat director was being sought by COS Austin Turner's appointee, Blazer Faro, the rumors began to swirl. Unconfirmed sources say that a human pilot tried to tell Blazer how to handle the situation and continued to rebuff her authority in the jungle.
When asked of the situation, Turner said, "Never you mind."

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