Vast Horizon News Headlines


Dated: Sunday October 25th, 2220, 8:05 p.m. Combat and Drama

Headline:Quite a scene was caused when an unnamed Farold Defense Officer and several new pilots in their freighters took on a Kiohn invasion force in sector 2. Amidst the shooting with weapons, the Officer in question and a Farold Defense Captain also shot with words, the Captain threatening with loss of wages. Things got particularly problematic when it turned out Chrylia, a planet well known for its riches in minerals, had no Starship Armory whatsoever.

Dated: Saturday October 31st, 2220, 10:56 a.m. Shocking

Headline:With the threat of an invasion looming, Farold Chief of Science, Human Rights Activist Maggie Turner and a variety of pilots celebrate an all-out party in the Oria Town Square. They brought food and drinks and have been seen totally relaxed and without a worry in the world.

Dated: Saturday October 31st, 2220, 6:50 p.m. Frying Pans

Headline:Rumors say that Maggie Turner defends her diner from zombies by hurling frying pans at the ugly creatures.

Dated: Saturday October 31st, 2220, 8:21 p.m. Girlish screams!

Headline:Banker Randy Keller lit up the night with his, "girlish screams," noting that zombies were in the bank. Pilots came in to rescue the poor, man. Rumor has it that he dove up onto the desk, heels and all.

Dated: Sunday November 1st, 2220, 5:02 p.m. Stanton's Revenge

Headline:Pilot Lexie Stanton was in the middle of a firestorm from pilot Dave Steve yesterday. He accused pilots of having a party before the pending invasion. He said, "I will never sleep in public."It turns out that Lexie Stanton gets her revenge for Dave's bashing her when she brought sustenance to the pilots at the town square. What did she do? It's simple, she caught Dave sleeping in public.

Dated: Saturday November 7th, 2220, 7:02 p.m. smooth talkers

Headline:Rumor has it that Giovanni Darkenum is on a quest to be the best smooth talking pilot to exit the caverns. Women, watch out for this one.

Dated: Sunday November 8th, 2220, 11:32 a.m. Love Lost?

Headline:Sources report unrest in the Turner home. According to friends of the twin children, their parents simply do not get along anymore. The reasons sighted were political.

Dated: Tuesday November 10th, 2220, 11:07 a.m. Bottle It.

Headline:I spoke with Human Rights activist, chef and restaurant owner Maggie turner about her recent experiences in space."To see the void, you know, just gaze out of a porthole and see, space, is an amazing feeling. But then to be aboard the same ship during a combat situation? It was exhilarating! I wish I could bottle the feeling and send it to all people who are down below in the Caverns, scared to abandon the safe haven and discover what is really out here. Ok, being aboard a ship that was being shot at, and hearing our weapons fire, of course that was a tense experience as well. Still, the bravery of the pilots, facing the Kiohns and fighting for continued freedom and survival, that was quite something. I am grateful I took the opportunity to travel with COS Michelle Faro when she decided to demonstrate one of her ships to a small group of pilots."

Dated: Tuesday November 17th, 2220, 3:12 p.m. Festive Farold Fun!

Headline:Shortly before 3PM a loud laugh broke the silence of our radios. Soon thereafter a jolly Farold began talking to pilots. After some cheerful interaction, the Farold reminded people that an entire month of festivities would begin next week to celebrate family and community spirit.Ace Chef Maggie Turner said that she will once again provide a free Thanksgiving meal to all, while the Farolds will be laying on the alcohol. Meanwhile Sam the Grocer announced that he would be soon offering a new product, but was tight lipped on the details. The dance competition will have new competitors this year as more people arrive from the caverns.Before more laughter from the Farold Fun Enforcement Officer, it is confirmed that there will be a number of other surprises throughout December. Pilots cheered and seem in high spirits as they look forward to Thanksgiving next Friday, the 27th of November.

Dated: Monday November 30th, 2220, 12:58 a.m. gender division for bikes

Headline:Pilot Jonathan Brown has been known to hand out money to a female or two for the purchase of a bike. When a male asks about bikes, Brown advises to purchase your ship first, bike later.

Dated: Wednesday December 2nd, 2220, 12:14 p.m. Party East of The River!

Headline:Pilots Dunnel McKinnin and Giovanni are holding a party for pilots and anyone else who wishes to come on Thursday, 12/3/2220 at 6PM. It will be held on New Netherlands on the east bank of the river just south of the bridge. Food and drinks will be provided. All are welcome.

Dated: Saturday December 12th, 2220, 8:55 p.m. Drakes Rule everywhere?

Headline:At the tropical diner on Kizak there was nearly a fight when a patron insulted Natasha Drake. Saying that they are surprised she came from her brilliant father. The woman, likely a former employee of the Drake family, was then verbally assaulted by Cat Sandes, who was dining with Natasha. Diner employees quickly defused the nearly hostile situation by informing the woman that she would have to leave and Miss Drake was apparently fine to stay.

Dated: Saturday December 19th, 2220, 7:16 p.m. Festivities

Headline:Earlier today, citizens of Oria as well as a number of pilots gathered in the town square for some seasonal festivities. There was live music, with dances and songs being performed, and a story teller to entertain the children. This year, well known banker Randy Keller oversaw the celebrations. He began by telling a story about the significance of the tree."In the caverns, we celebrated this time of year in different methods, depending on many things. Coming up here, the farolds had turned it into something that we all could feel comfortable celebrating, unity and freedom. This tree signifies that."Keller then invited the guests to enjoy the drinks and snacks that had been prepared, as he took each individual who requested it to the Festivities Booth to receive their gifts. The party was a great success, and a toast was given to the future, when all of Humanity will be able to live above ground.

Dated: Tuesday December 22nd, 2220, 10:20 p.m. Rafts for pilots?

Headline:During a Drake rant over finding a sleepy street pilot on her walkway, Cat Sandes suggested that pilots be tossed on a raft so they can float away. While others mentioned a raft, they did not go quite so far.

Dated: Thursday January 21st, 2221, 12:53 p.m. Pop Star leaving Caverns

Headline:In an interview, pop star Jessica Barker, known from her debut album "Beautiful Dreamer" and her current hit "Loves you, loves you not", has announced that she is making plans to leave the Caverns. "I think the time is right to move out and make a life for myself," said the 22-year old singer/songwriter from Sector B when asked about her future plans. when asked where she intends to live, she said: "Satra-17 in The commonwealth of Satra is where many recording artists seem to be settling. They have several great recording studios, and people who can help me get further with my career. I have already been in touch with a producing team who seem interested, and I am looking for a new voice coach over there too. Most importantly, I am really done with a stone roof above my head and I need more space to develop my creative side and writing skills." When Barker will travel above ground is not clear, due to a Riphenol shortage in combination with some riot related issues.

Dated: Friday January 22nd, 2221, 1:08 p.m. Police Drama Series announced

Headline:the Farold Entertainment Group has announced that they have gained rights to start filming a Police drama series in the Caverns and that filming will start in the next few weeks. A spokesperson said: "Getting the rights to film for this drama down in the caverns were hard to get, given the rule that no one from above ground is allowed to return to the Caverns. The Cavern leaders finally relented after we had agreed we would use actors and personnel currently living in the Caverns as much as possible. For a time, we feared we would have to build our own cavern set elsewhere. the goal is to provide entertainment for all, while also depicting aspects of life underground." Lilah Faro has been named as one of the directors of the series, and some of the actors involved will be Lily Chambers and Christoph Wilder.

Dated: Friday January 22nd, 2221, 10:11 p.m. Crazy pilot?

Headline:Well-known combat pilot Jonathan Brown admits to being crazy over the general channel. How does this bode for pilots in general?

Dated: Sunday January 31st, 2221, 10:53 a.m. Dictator's wife useless?

Headline:Gabrielle Faro, a highly placed assistant to the dictator was overheard stating the dictator's wife is useless.An anonymous source claims she said, "I told him, and the others, if the Dictator sent his wife, she would have no choice but to go, even if there is nothing she can do to help."Her reasons are unclear, whether it was just a power play, or even perhaps jealousy, but our source tells us that Gabrielle is quick to point out her position when opposed, and perhaps those higher-up should take a look at this ambitious Farold's motivations.

Dated: Saturday February 20th, 2221, 8:57 a.m. Big Plans

Headline:Several members of the ultrarich Kamprad family have recently left Sector A in the Caverns and made it above ground. Only days after settling into their new home in Oria, Mr. Kamprad was interviewed by one of our journalists. "We want to own a planet!" he explained when asked about his future plans. He went on to say: "I want to do my part to insure a bright future for humanity. And if you want to really make it, you must think big, and make long term plans." Kamprad explained he realizes that owning a planet is a tall order, and he and his wife hope to find a suitable planet and set up home for a few million Humans and Farolds. The Kamprads hope that their dream will be realized by the year 2275. Mr. and Mrs. Kamprad are already in their early 40s, so chances of them still being alive in 2275 are low. When asked about this, Mrs. Kamprad said: "But our children and grandchildren will be alive, that is all that matters.

Dated: Thursday April 1st, 2221, 4:43 a.m. Pilot taking too many pills?

Headline:HPA pilot Tara Miller admitted over general that, "pills work for me." This may be a concern that be addressed by the HPA prior to people becoming pilots.

Dated: Saturday July 3rd, 2221, 9:48 a.m. Pills, again?

Headline:Pilot Dayna Bell is another pilot in a long string of them who enjoys her pills so much that she would "die," for them.

Dated: Sunday July 11th, 2221, 12:07 p.m. HPA's most eligible bachelor

Headline:Pilot Michael Grey seems to be the HPA's debonair man of the galaxy. The question being bantered at the water coolers of The HPA and government center secretarial staff is, who will hook the man?Will it be Dayna Bell, Gemma Holmes, or girlfriend of inactive HPA chair Zachery Hendrix, Railey O'Shei. Rumor has it that she is the front runner. Drama is abound readers!

Dated: Wednesday July 14th, 2221, 2:11 p.m. Wallets in pockets for men only?

Headline:Pilot Gemma Holmes stated, "It's a man thing," on the general channel. This was during a conversation in which she was confused as to why pilot Wilson Ericson keeps garbage in his pockets.This has already outraged a few lesser known pilots and the good folks hanging out at Ed's bar and grill. "It's a very sexist remark," Maggie Turner stated.

Dated: Saturday October 9th, 2221, 12:50 p.m. Natasha Drake a prostitute?

Headline:Natasha Drake, HPA chair person, was heard on the general channel offering a deal to former cavern pimp Emily Hernandez. The rumor mill has it that Natasha is looking to be pimped out, possibly transitioning out of a pilot career.

Dated: Saturday October 23rd, 2221, 2:56 p.m. Dictator still listens to mom and more!

Headline:Dictator Blazer Faro went against the advice of her security team and hung out in the jungle with pilot Michael Roberts. Larkra Faro supporters show up and promptly shot them both. The dictator fired back in true Blazer fashion. The dictator mom then got involved and ordered her daughter to get home. Blazer complied as any good daughter would do.Apparently Blazer still wants to keep her pilot friends when she showed concerns for pilot Cat Sande's love life. From how the conversation went, apparently these pilots fall in and out of love with someone on a weekly basis.Blazer is certainly a different type of dictator, one that the public is mostly behind. This is a reprint as ordered by the dictator, who also levied a fine against the daily news team.

Dated: Thursday December 16th, 2221, 10:49 p.m. What are they smoking in the jungle?

Headline:Chair Cunningham just announced that her boyfriend, pilot Scott Northrop is in love with a turtle. It makes one wonder, do turtles have three heads or are they smoking something funny out there? Maybe it's one of those zoology professors being loopy again.

Dated: Saturday January 1st, 2222, 9:20 a.m. Pilots ring in 2222 in style

Headline:Pilot Dayna Bell had a lavish party with fireworks, food, drink and, purportedly, Indica Sativa paid a visit.It is rumored that pilots lost their memories of the event and even the dictator was visiting Sativa.

Dated: Thursday March 10th, 2222, 4:38 p.m. Dictator urging sexual advertisements

Headline:Dictator Blazer Faro was overheard encouraging Dayna Bell to advertise her desire to be involved in a favorite pass time of many, sex.This took place on the general channel and is entirely factual.

Dated: Saturday March 19th, 2222, 8:24 p.m. PSO loses ship due to cupcakes

Headline:Blazer Faro's personal security officer, Hunter Trask, lost his freighter today. Rumor has it that he was indulging in cupcakes, got distracted and his ship went down at the hands of the Kiohn.

Dated: Tuesday June 7th, 2222, 9:09 p.m. Purple And Pink Smoke? It's A Party!

Headline:It's the Kiohn's birthday! They brought 21 ships in on a challenge for a party! They even brought pink and purple smoke. So many people are wondering why they couldn't be apart of the fun. I think the Kiohn arranged something with flight control, because they seemed to have joined in.Just another day of a pilot life. Partying with the Kiohn.Partying it up, Kiohn stile!Yay!

Dated: Sunday June 19th, 2222, 12:33 a.m. Love is in the air for the Farolds?

Headline:Love Sure Knows How to Move in the Farold RaceEarlier today, Dictator Blazer Faro and Seneschal Kaylenne Buchanan were among those involved in a conversation regarding romance. Encouraged of course by the pilots over the general channel, both ladies expressed their lack of partnership and the likelihood of it relating to their roles.Likewise earlier this week, dictator Eva from Zion Trading Post instigated a possible date between both figureheads, among whoops and hollers by the community at large. Discussion relating to bedroom talk seemed to have the Seneschal in a flustered tizzy, while others teased and seemed to enjoy pushing the issue. Has a date between both women been planned? Will they join forces as dictator Faro was the one to put former pilot Buchanan in her current position. What comes next for these high-profile ladies? Stay tuned!

Dated: Thursday June 23rd, 2222, 12:56 a.m. Is the dictator stepping out?

Headline:During a sexual innuendo sacrifice conversation, the dictator pointed out a nice looking lady pilot. Sandes, who is supposed to be deeply in love with a long distance pilot, claimed she too would enjoy the sacrifice. Who will get the lovely lady pilot? Stay tuned.

Dated: Wednesday June 29th, 2222, 9:52 p.m. Business partnership rumor.

Headline:Rumor has it that assistant DOD and PKA pilot are planning to go into some crafting business together. Details weren't provided by the research station source but this was said.Is it an equal partnership or is someone on the take?What about the Kiohn shipwrecks? If not violent, should PKA members be earning possible revenue from these?

Dated: Saturday July 2nd, 2222, 11:16 p.m. Shooting lost pilots?

Headline:The pilot most call Gio was heard issuing warnings that he will shoot anyone who gets lost. What is going on within the ranks of the pilots?

Dated: Monday July 4th, 2222, 12:39 a.m. Seneschal and Dictator Gallivanting?

Headline:Dictator Blazer Faro and palace Seneschal Kaylenne Buchanan Spotted on New Netherlands Amid Dating RumorsEarlier this evening, several reporters for the O Daily News were alerted of the sighting of the powerhouse pair walking arm in arm throughout New Tillberg's busy streets. The pair, who were seen laughing and sharing looks all while Seneschal Buchanan made a rude gesture at the news headquarters, seemed in no rush to be departing from one another.The pair, who have sparked countless rumors topside as news of their budding friendship turned serious, have not been spotted together in public until today. Keep your teacups prepared for this piping hot tea, folks. This might get interesting.

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