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Dated: Sunday October 25th, 2220, 6:16 p.m. at Wild Parties

As more and more Humans come out of the Caverns, reports come in about half empty beer cans, dirty clothes, and other litter in various places. Pilots expressed concerns about the river getting a quite dangerous place.

Dated: Tuesday October 27th, 2220, 9:35 p.m. at drugs and caverns

A faction of the HPA purportedly has been worrying about the influx of drug use in the pilots, within its association and those outside. The attitude was almost in the who cares zone when a local reporter asked them about crashing their starships while high on mind altering drugs. "There were a couple voices of reason, but not many." A communications officer admitted just after the conversation took place on the general chatter channel.

Dated: Wednesday October 28th, 2220, 8:13 p.m. at brave pilots

A group of brave pilots set out to find one of their own without upgrades to make the job easier. While the defense department helped out in the end, the one called Frenchy was said to give really good advice. This is not to belittle the gentlemen and ladies who pitched in and risked their ships. Rumor has it that this may be the best group of pilots to come out of the caverns, even if they are mostly stoners.

Dated: Saturday October 31st, 2220, 5:11 p.m. at Protesters

Over 30 protesters have been taken into hospitals this day with injuries, anything from deep cuts to broken bones and concussions.

Dated: Friday November 6th, 2220, 8:42 a.m. at Protesting?

HPA member Sasha Redfern threatens a protest after being trapped on Gonrah's landing area. Apparently she has the backing of at least one FDD member who is willing to take a fine to help pilots.

Dated: Saturday November 7th, 2220, 6:47 p.m. at Pilot wigs

In pilot news today. Local Pilot Jonathan Brown seems to have blown a fuse. Mental wellness is like a ship. It must be maintained, and given proper service. Take time to smell the banana tulips, and remember down time is important.

Dated: Wednesday November 18th, 2220, 4:14 p.m. at Rayford's Rentals

Today Rayford got news that the artifact alert on all of his rentals were disabled when the pilot rented them. He has notified his lead software chief, and made sure he enabled them.
Rayford had this to say: "This is outrageous. People rent my ship to artifact, and we supply the alert system for a reason. The ship is used for artifacting, so give them the notification for them." He continued to say that he is very sorry for this, and hope people continue to rent his vessels.

Dated: Thursday February 11th, 2221, 5:56 p.m. at HPA pilots going soft?

Earlier this evening, four light fighter Kiohn ships entered sector 5. FDD member Blazer Faro was heard asking if someone was going to get the fighters. Some two and a half hours later, they still hovered there and reportedly heavily damaged a trader ship that had come from a couple hundred light-years out.
Once Blazer returned from her duties, she destroyed the fighters and was able to pay for the trader's repairs. It is unclear where the HPA pilots were, but speculation is that they were living life and not bothered to check on the ships.

Dated: Saturday February 13th, 2221, 5:01 p.m. at famed combat pilot retires

Pilot Jonathan Brown has retired, taking an offer on a generation ship to help with boosting the galaxy of gaming. "He'll be missed," quoted judge Miah Kensington.

Dated: Monday March 29th, 2221, 5:48 p.m. at Trade talks with Zion

Human members of the HPA and PKA made a few trade deals with Zion Trading post. This is a space station which the Hegemony made a trade deal with over a decade ago, which allowed them to gain cannons. An added deal was reached a few years ago, allowing the frequent transport and sale of reactors which are used for charging starships.
"We were excited to see how well our pilots could do," said PKA president Ned Faro. "We are working to build our economy up and the nice bit of cash they procured for us will aid in that. Plus, we will be strengthening trade relations abroad."
On the HPA front, COS Michelle Faro will be going back to Zion to assist them in initial NEP drive operations. Zion spokesperson Naomi Faro had this to say. "Talks were very pleasant with human representatives. A few have migrated to live on our station over the years and we welcome them. We also welcome these trades as they will help keep us at the forefront of trades and materials for Farolds abroad."
"It has always been our goal to help farolds abroad so that they can have more technology. Many farolds do have good technology as we are science minded by nature but, funding is a huge deficit for many. Thus the hegemony, both the human and farold faction, will lend a hand where we can," said dictator Larkra Faro.
Water cooler talk is excited over these and possible future trade agreements with Zion. The biggest thing those at Larry's want to know is, how all those cows will be transported. "It was done a couple hundred years ago by LeeLee, I am sure it can be done now," Maggie Turner was quoted as saying.

Dated: Sunday April 4th, 2221, 6:34 a.m. at Brave New Pilot!

Miss Railey O'Shei was born without vocal cords, thus cannot speak. Yet she decided to be brave and give the pilot career a try. Not to mention, exiting the cavern on her own. FDD security Chief Austin Turner has asked pilots to make an attempt to give her a hand and maybe even make a good friend. Hats off to this young lady. We here at the news daily are pulling for her.

Dated: Wednesday April 7th, 2221, 10:10 a.m. at Are Checks Old Fashioned?

Are checks old fashioned, or just inconvenient for wealthy pilots who don't wish to wait for their income?

By Stacia Bevins
Earlier today, pilots Hector Barclay and Lukas Jonad got into a heated debate about the use of paper checks. "What a stupid load of hassle, checks are so old fashioned," Barclay was heard commenting over the general channel. Jonad responded with the question why this was so? Barclay explained he felt that everyone else, even Rayford Billings, uses electronic transfer these days. Jonad reasoned that it was possible that calculating the values of artifacts took a few days, hence the delay in payments and the checks. Barclay stated he did not mind that aspect of it, which resulted in Jonad asking: "Oh, you just would rather have your money right there and then, correct?" This question was followed by Barclay saying: "Did I just say I don't mind that aspect of it, or did I just say I am a penguin?"
This was when Miss Natasha Drake got into it, asking: "The devil are you gentlemen going on about?" This led to a back and forth about implying what someone meant instead of listening to what was really said. The discussion was taken even a step further, when Barclay said: "Simple, I said what I said, you said about me not liking to wait, when I never said any such thing. You're lucky you're not in sector C, you'd be beat the crap out of."
This resulted in a heated debate about the three sectors in the Caverns, with Drake stating there are always troublemakers from B and C. When Jonad pointed out he hails from Sector A, he was called a posh git who thinks they know better what people think than those people do themselves by Barclay. Drake responded by siting that quality leaderships can be found in Sector A, with Barclay responding with "Lack of listening skills, apparently." Drake responded to this with: "Jerk skills in sector C apparently." When Barclay stated he was just being honest, Drake responded that making idle threats is not necessary. Barclay responded to this with: "Neither is deciding what people think for them." Drake went on to say: "Telling this man he'd be beat down is just like threatening to do it."
The debate went on and on along similar lines, turning quite aggressive when riots were mentioned. At some point, the discussion degraded into a debate about who was to blame for what mishaps down in the Caverns. Eventually, High Judge Kensington put a stop to it, telling the participants of the argument: "I don't care who started it. I better not see anything related to this on my desk as a filed court complaint or you will all three get fined."
this leaves the true matter of the discussion, are checks outdated or still valid and useful in this modern day unanswered. Instead of speculating, I went straight to the source and asked OH Treasurer Terry Faro about them. "Checks may seem old fashioned, but they are also very reliable. A clerk can fill them out, put them in the mail, and the person receiving the check can pick it up from a post office near them when it's convenient. Pilots might also consider we have many Farolds and Humans to pay, for many different reasons, so the systems we use are not just designed for their pleasure, but to benefit our entire community. Not to mention, the checks also avoid certain issues with electronic transfers while people receiving them are out of communications range. Or would someone refer to accidentally see their dollars get lost in space somewhere along the way?"
In conclusion, I feel that the pilots debating today could have indeed made more effort to truly listen to one another. When Mr. Barclay stated that checks were a hassle and old fashioned, Mr. Jonad immediately jumped to the conclusion that Barclay wanted his money faster, rather than asking more questions on why he felt this was so. Even when Mr. Barclay repeated that the wait did not concern him, Jonad made no effort to inquire further, if he didn't mind the wait, then what part of checks did he consider to be old fashioned and cumbersome? as to What the different sectors ever had to do with this matter beats me entirely.

Dated: Thursday April 15th, 2221, 5:28 p.m. at Brawl at the Dove Inn

Earlier today an HPA pilot and her friends were discussing how some PKA pilots will help with combat if necessary. However, others won't bother. A PKA pilot chimed in with, "It's our right not to fight."

Post being glared at, the PKA pilot said, "Okay, if you want fight," she then rose and punched the HPA pilot who retaliated in kind.
The fight was broken up quickly but the concern is that this may be a running theme as pilots further divide. The establishment declined to press charges.

Dated: Monday May 31st, 2221, 3:16 p.m. at transfer gossip leaked from the bank

Two bank tellers were overheard gossiping about a large funds transfer at Larry's Chicken palace. Apparently one teller stated that Alexander Willowcroft is paying his home designer $540,000. The other teller wondered what else he is getting for such a high fee. Especially when professional decorators charge a fifth of that cost.

The conversation drew other gossipers who made mentions of special favors. Much laughter was happening during the conversation.
While these two tellers will probably lose their jobs, this is sure to cause an uproar from normal citizens who already feel pilots are heavily overpaid.

Dated: Thursday July 1st, 2221, 5:50 a.m. at HPA pilots secure salvage deal

On June 30, former HPA pilot Louy Winzlo returned to communications range looking for the HPA chair and PKA representative. Since neither were available, the pilots present said they would work together to secure arrangements. "The deal we ended up getting was that the productivity points of our pilots would be doubled for a couple of days if they went out to salvage for Zion Trading Post. It is our assumption that one carrier is slated to go, with hopes of another to be added if the need should arise." HPA press secretary Andrea Davis said this morning.

A government center worker was overheard saying that judge Kensington is very unhappy with the lack of pilot leadership of late. "Thankfully, those pilots present did not stall this announcement to wait for their return," said worker added.

Dated: Tuesday July 13th, 2221, 4:27 p.m. at Pilot's cry for help met HPA def ears.

Pilot Michael Brown got himself into debt due to having to pay the high medical costs at the Gonrah hospital. He could not purchase a train ticket due to this issue. After some time of no response from HPA pilots who were showing on the phone list, PKA pilot Dunnel McKinnin came to his aid.
Security chief entered the situation and gave the pilots a bit of a dressing down for their lack of response. He then told current chair Natasha Drake, who was not on the phone list when the incident happened, to get her pilots in hand.
Once Natasha sorted out what was going on, she paid off the debt and was later issued a refund by the HPA, per Austin Turner's agreement.

Bank secretary Sue Anne Faro, said this. "I was attempting to see what Randy Keller could do but he has not yet returned from his rare coin trip, whatever that is all about. When Mister Turner spoke of pilots being cliques, that told me they only care about their friends. We just don't work that way here in the farold community."

Dated: Thursday July 15th, 2221, 2:21 a.m. at Holmes claims ownership of pilots.

In a statement on the General Communications channel on 14 July, Gemma Holmes said "as if I have ever been after any of my pilots, to have sexual or love relationships, if you get what I mean." Speculation is now rife that humans might try to re-institute slavery, a development which would not be at all welcomed by the Farold government. A spokesperson for the dictator said: "We are trying our hardest to help humanity reestablish itself. It seems counter productive for one human to try to limit the potential of another by treating them as a possession.

Dated: Thursday July 29th, 2221, 5:45 a.m. at Billings Explodes, again!

Pilots got to see the ire of Rayford Billings again when he went over the general channel scolding pilots and demanding 2.5 million dollars for payment from the HPA. This rampage is due to a pilot camping out for two weeks in space.

A representative for his station states, "Rayford paid a few hundred million dollars for these ships to help pilots." When asked of his temper, the representative said, "Rayford is a good man, till he is pissed then he is a good man old school."
HPA chair Natasha Drake did not commit to paying this heavy fine and Austin Turner could not be reached concerning his.
Via phone, Judge Kensington reminded us, "It's Rayford's station. People will learn not to do him wrong one way or the other." She further added, "I have no jurisdiction there unless he takes the HPA to court here. Rayford has informed me that HPA pilots cannot rent speedsters until a fine is paid."

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