Vast Horizon News Headlines


Dated: Sunday October 25th, 2220, 6:16 p.m. Wild Parties

Headline:As more and more Humans come out of the Caverns, reports come in about half empty beer cans, dirty clothes, and other litter in various places. Pilots expressed concerns about the river getting a quite dangerous place.

Dated: Tuesday October 27th, 2220, 9:35 p.m. drugs and caverns

Headline:A faction of the HPA purportedly has been worrying about the influx of drug use in the pilots, within its association and those outside. The attitude was almost in the who cares zone when a local reporter asked them about crashing their starships while high on mind altering drugs. "There were a couple voices of reason, but not many." A communications officer admitted just after the conversation took place on the general chatter channel.

Dated: Wednesday October 28th, 2220, 8:13 p.m. brave pilots

Headline:A group of brave pilots set out to find one of their own without upgrades to make the job easier. While the defense department helped out in the end, the one called Frenchy was said to give really good advice. This is not to belittle the gentlemen and ladies who pitched in and risked their ships. Rumor has it that this may be the best group of pilots to come out of the caverns, even if they are mostly stoners.

Dated: Saturday October 31st, 2220, 5:11 p.m. Protesters

Headline:Over 30 protesters have been taken into hospitals this day with injuries, anything from deep cuts to broken bones and concussions.

Dated: Friday November 6th, 2220, 8:42 a.m. Protesting?

Headline:HPA member Sasha Redfern threatens a protest after being trapped on Gonrah's landing area. Apparently she has the backing of at least one FDD member who is willing to take a fine to help pilots.

Dated: Saturday November 7th, 2220, 6:47 p.m. Pilot wigs

Headline:In pilot news today. Local Pilot Jonathan Brown seems to have blown a fuse. Mental wellness is like a ship. It must be maintained, and given proper service. Take time to smell the banana tulips, and remember down time is important.

Dated: Wednesday November 18th, 2220, 4:14 p.m. Rayford's Rentals

Headline:Today Rayford got news that the artifact alert on all of his rentals were disabled when the pilot rented them. He has notified his lead software chief, and made sure he enabled them.Rayford had this to say: "This is outrageous. People rent my ship to artifact, and we supply the alert system for a reason. The ship is used for artifacting, so give them the notification for them." He continued to say that he is very sorry for this, and hope people continue to rent his vessels.

Dated: Thursday February 11th, 2221, 5:56 p.m. HPA pilots going soft?

Headline:Earlier this evening, four light fighter Kiohn ships entered sector 5. FDD member Blazer Faro was heard asking if someone was going to get the fighters. Some two and a half hours later, they still hovered there and reportedly heavily damaged a trader ship that had come from a couple hundred light-years out.Once Blazer returned from her duties, she destroyed the fighters and was able to pay for the trader's repairs. It is unclear where the HPA pilots were, but speculation is that they were living life and not bothered to check on the ships.

Dated: Saturday February 13th, 2221, 5:01 p.m. famed combat pilot retires

Headline:Pilot Jonathan Brown has retired, taking an offer on a generation ship to help with boosting the galaxy of gaming. "He'll be missed," quoted judge Miah Kensington.

Dated: Monday March 29th, 2221, 5:48 p.m. Trade talks with Zion

Headline:Human members of the HPA and PKA made a few trade deals with Zion Trading post. This is a space station which the Hegemony made a trade deal with over a decade ago, which allowed them to gain cannons. An added deal was reached a few years ago, allowing the frequent transport and sale of reactors which are used for charging starships."We were excited to see how well our pilots could do," said PKA president Ned Faro. "We are working to build our economy up and the nice bit of cash they procured for us will aid in that. Plus, we will be strengthening trade relations abroad."On the HPA front, COS Michelle Faro will be going back to Zion to assist them in initial NEP drive operations. Zion spokesperson Naomi Faro had this to say. "Talks were very pleasant with human representatives. A few have migrated to live on our station over the years and we welcome them. We also welcome these trades as they will help keep us at the forefront of trades and materials for Farolds abroad.""It has always been our goal to help farolds abroad so that they can have more technology. Many farolds do have good technology as we are science minded by nature but, funding is a huge deficit for many. Thus the hegemony, both the human and farold faction, will lend a hand where we can," said dictator Larkra Faro.Water cooler talk is excited over these and possible future trade agreements with Zion. The biggest thing those at Larry's want to know is, how all those cows will be transported. "It was done a couple hundred years ago by LeeLee, I am sure it can be done now," Maggie Turner was quoted as saying.

Dated: Sunday April 4th, 2221, 6:34 a.m. Brave New Pilot!

Headline:Miss Railey O'Shei was born without vocal cords, thus cannot speak. Yet she decided to be brave and give the pilot career a try. Not to mention, exiting the cavern on her own. FDD security Chief Austin Turner has asked pilots to make an attempt to give her a hand and maybe even make a good friend. Hats off to this young lady. We here at the news daily are pulling for her.

Dated: Wednesday April 7th, 2221, 10:10 a.m. Are Checks Old Fashioned?

Headline:Are checks old fashioned, or just inconvenient for wealthy pilots who don't wish to wait for their income? By Stacia BevinsEarlier today, pilots Hector Barclay and Lukas Jonad got into a heated debate about the use of paper checks. "What a stupid load of hassle, checks are so old fashioned," Barclay was heard commenting over the general channel. Jonad responded with the question why this was so? Barclay explained he felt that everyone else, even Rayford Billings, uses electronic transfer these days. Jonad reasoned that it was possible that calculating the values of artifacts took a few days, hence the delay in payments and the checks. Barclay stated he did not mind that aspect of it, which resulted in Jonad asking: "Oh, you just would rather have your money right there and then, correct?" This question was followed by Barclay saying: "Did I just say I don't mind that aspect of it, or did I just say I am a penguin?" This was when Miss Natasha Drake got into it, asking: "The devil are you gentlemen going on about?" This led to a back and forth about implying what someone meant instead of listening to what was really said. The discussion was taken even a step further, when Barclay said: "Simple, I said what I said, you said about me not liking to wait, when I never said any such thing. You're lucky you're not in sector C, you'd be beat the crap out of."This resulted in a heated debate about the three sectors in the Caverns, with Drake stating there are always troublemakers from B and C. When Jonad pointed out he hails from Sector A, he was called a posh git who thinks they know better what people think than those people do themselves by Barclay. Drake responded by siting that quality leaderships can be found in Sector A, with Barclay responding with "Lack of listening skills, apparently." Drake responded to this with: "Jerk skills in sector C apparently." When Barclay stated he was just being honest, Drake responded that making idle threats is not necessary. Barclay responded to this with: "Neither is deciding what people think for them." Drake went on to say: "Telling this man he'd be beat down is just like threatening to do it."The debate went on and on along similar lines, turning quite aggressive when riots were mentioned. At some point, the discussion degraded into a debate about who was to blame for what mishaps down in the Caverns. Eventually, High Judge Kensington put a stop to it, telling the participants of the argument: "I don't care who started it. I better not see anything related to this on my desk as a filed court complaint or you will all three get fined."this leaves the true matter of the discussion, are checks outdated or still valid and useful in this modern day unanswered. Instead of speculating, I went straight to the source and asked OH Treasurer Terry Faro about them. "Checks may seem old fashioned, but they are also very reliable. A clerk can fill them out, put them in the mail, and the person receiving the check can pick it up from a post office near them when it's convenient. Pilots might also consider we have many Farolds and Humans to pay, for many different reasons, so the systems we use are not just designed for their pleasure, but to benefit our entire community. Not to mention, the checks also avoid certain issues with electronic transfers while people receiving them are out of communications range. Or would someone refer to accidentally see their dollars get lost in space somewhere along the way?"In conclusion, I feel that the pilots debating today could have indeed made more effort to truly listen to one another. When Mr. Barclay stated that checks were a hassle and old fashioned, Mr. Jonad immediately jumped to the conclusion that Barclay wanted his money faster, rather than asking more questions on why he felt this was so. Even when Mr. Barclay repeated that the wait did not concern him, Jonad made no effort to inquire further, if he didn't mind the wait, then what part of checks did he consider to be old fashioned and cumbersome? as to What the different sectors ever had to do with this matter beats me entirely.

Dated: Thursday April 15th, 2221, 5:28 p.m. Brawl at the Dove Inn

Headline:Earlier today an HPA pilot and her friends were discussing how some PKA pilots will help with combat if necessary. However, others won't bother. A PKA pilot chimed in with, "It's our right not to fight."Post being glared at, the PKA pilot said, "Okay, if you want fight," she then rose and punched the HPA pilot who retaliated in kind.The fight was broken up quickly but the concern is that this may be a running theme as pilots further divide. The establishment declined to press charges.

Dated: Monday May 31st, 2221, 3:16 p.m. transfer gossip leaked from the bank

Headline:Two bank tellers were overheard gossiping about a large funds transfer at Larry's Chicken palace. Apparently one teller stated that Alexander Willowcroft is paying his home designer $540,000. The other teller wondered what else he is getting for such a high fee. Especially when professional decorators charge a fifth of that cost.The conversation drew other gossipers who made mentions of special favors. Much laughter was happening during the conversation.While these two tellers will probably lose their jobs, this is sure to cause an uproar from normal citizens who already feel pilots are heavily overpaid.

Dated: Thursday July 1st, 2221, 5:50 a.m. HPA pilots secure salvage deal

Headline:On June 30, former HPA pilot Louy Winzlo returned to communications range looking for the HPA chair and PKA representative. Since neither were available, the pilots present said they would work together to secure arrangements. "The deal we ended up getting was that the productivity points of our pilots would be doubled for a couple of days if they went out to salvage for Zion Trading Post. It is our assumption that one carrier is slated to go, with hopes of another to be added if the need should arise." HPA press secretary Andrea Davis said this morning.A government center worker was overheard saying that judge Kensington is very unhappy with the lack of pilot leadership of late. "Thankfully, those pilots present did not stall this announcement to wait for their return," said worker added.

Dated: Tuesday July 13th, 2221, 4:27 p.m. Pilot's cry for help met HPA def ears.

Headline:Pilot Michael Brown got himself into debt due to having to pay the high medical costs at the Gonrah hospital. He could not purchase a train ticket due to this issue. After some time of no response from HPA pilots who were showing on the phone list, PKA pilot Dunnel McKinnin came to his aid.Security chief entered the situation and gave the pilots a bit of a dressing down for their lack of response. He then told current chair Natasha Drake, who was not on the phone list when the incident happened, to get her pilots in hand.Once Natasha sorted out what was going on, she paid off the debt and was later issued a refund by the HPA, per Austin Turner's agreement.Bank secretary Sue Anne Faro, said this. "I was attempting to see what Randy Keller could do but he has not yet returned from his rare coin trip, whatever that is all about. When Mister Turner spoke of pilots being cliques, that told me they only care about their friends. We just don't work that way here in the farold community."

Dated: Thursday July 15th, 2221, 2:21 a.m. Holmes claims ownership of pilots.

Headline:In a statement on the General Communications channel on 14 July, Gemma Holmes said "as if I have ever been after any of my pilots, to have sexual or love relationships, if you get what I mean." Speculation is now rife that humans might try to re-institute slavery, a development which would not be at all welcomed by the Farold government. A spokesperson for the dictator said: "We are trying our hardest to help humanity reestablish itself. It seems counter productive for one human to try to limit the potential of another by treating them as a possession.

Dated: Thursday July 29th, 2221, 5:45 a.m. Billings Explodes, again!

Headline:Pilots got to see the ire of Rayford Billings again when he went over the general channel scolding pilots and demanding 2.5 million dollars for payment from the HPA. This rampage is due to a pilot camping out for two weeks in space.A representative for his station states, "Rayford paid a few hundred million dollars for these ships to help pilots." When asked of his temper, the representative said, "Rayford is a good man, till he is pissed then he is a good man old school."HPA chair Natasha Drake did not commit to paying this heavy fine and Austin Turner could not be reached concerning his.Via phone, Judge Kensington reminded us, "It's Rayford's station. People will learn not to do him wrong one way or the other." She further added, "I have no jurisdiction there unless he takes the HPA to court here. Rayford has informed me that HPA pilots cannot rent speedsters until a fine is paid."

Dated: Saturday October 30th, 2221, 12:24 p.m. Opinion: response to recent events

Headline:Opinion: response to recent eventsThe following was sent in by Michael Roberts, who is a member of the HPA. Hello everyoneBefore reading, please note that this is not written in a news reporting fashion. I am only having fun by writing one, because I felt like it.The latest events showed me that I did not know that much about our history until I became a pilot. Apparently the former ruler cut out the freedom of speech and attempted to use his authority on who is against his decisions without attempting to improve them. He also used money to achieve his goals no matter what happened next. Sometimes I think he is mad, he hired someone to kill his baby and then he wanted to kill that person in public. (Editor's note: The people meant here are Larkra Faro's son Phillip Faro, and former Chief of Security Jaja Faro)I think that this taught any government which is in any colony in our space that ruling like that would bring revolutions no more.Now, let's be positive, Larkra and whoever he hired are both now in a nice prison sell.During the second part of this article, I wanna talk about some points which were not covered in the latest article by the daily news team. Though before I move on, I guess people who still support Larkra do so because they could do what they want while he was ruling and that they could take lots of money, or so I guess. I have no evidence, but I like the new rules issued regarding these matters by Dictator Blazer Faro.First, thanks to everyone who took part in what happened during the last few days, you deserve everyone's respect.Second, I want to give my opinion clearly. Dictator Blazer will be 1 of the best dictators who ever ruled. Her personality says so from what we saw during the party, during her transmissions over the general channel and lots of occasions. In short, she is a modest dictator, something which we need in all our rulers, not only dictators but everyone who works with them.(Editor's note: Modest? Dictator Faro had no issue in firmly reprimanding Defense Minister Austin Turner, King of New Netherlands Ludwig Wrothchild and HPA Pilot Iyana Cunningham for not following protocol.Third, "somethings which were not said in the previous news article should be taken hereThe Dictator said that Mister Billings no longer has a debt to the Oria Hegemony. Cheer up everyone! This was a reward for what he did during the underground initiative and what was before it.What does this mean for us? I am sure this will be clear during the upcoming days.Secondly, citizen rewards for deuterium gathering and sifting got doubled, cheer up citizens!Thirdly, there were some rewards given to pilots on their data slate which were available until the 25th of October at 3 pm by the new dictator.Sadly these gifts are no longer available, but for whoever took one, congratulations!I think I said everything the news reporters forgot to write and also said my opinion about the protests and about the latest events. until I see you soon, stay safeMichael Roberts

Dated: Sunday November 7th, 2221, 8:38 p.m. Pilots on drugs?

Headline:Either the HPA pilots are on drugs or trying to revitalize a form of urban legend. They continuously speak of three headed snapper turtles which are thought to be a myth."I don't think this matter is worth investigating," deputy science chief said to COS Michelle Faro upon her return to home space earlier today.Chief Faro has said she will make a point to personally scout out the stream this week to see if there is something in the pilots drinking water or if it is indeed in the stream.

Dated: Monday November 8th, 2221, 7:34 a.m. Rayford's Sweet Deal

Headline:Rayford Billings, owner of Rayford's Abode Station, has reached a deal with the Hegemony to have a trading post in the FBN network."Dictator Blazer sat down with me and we hashed out some nice things," said Rayford. "I really think this ruler is going to be good for humanity."Rayford went on to explain, "In order to get a discount on defense for my little trading post, I've got to meet the contract. She is giving me one year to develop something that can benefit space travel out at the Abode. My new engineer, former pilot Tara Miller, is confident we can do this here thing," Rayford said."I've also put a team together to find a couple unique things we can offer for trade. Having been involved in the outreach program to Farolds abroad, I have a couple of ideas. This will take some time but I am confident we can pull it off," Rayford continued speaking in a very professional style, which is unlike him in most cases.Dictator Blazer Faro added a few comments. "I have granted Rayford the funds he will need to accommodate living quarters for 500 human citizens of the OH who work in food preparation, construction, engineering, and other key jobs that will aid him in building a safe home for humans. In turn, he has agreed to allow the Hegemony to set up a few shops there, which they will be able to receive their due compensation for.""Mister Billings has entered into the first alliance agreement with the OH as part of our outreach program to Farolds abroad. He will be focusing on this and aiding more humans as they exit the caverns. Mister Billings has agreed that this station's legal affairs will be handled by the Hegemony, if it involves an OH citizen. This does not include the abode which is fully ran by him."We also found out that resources to build the initial section of the station have been donated by the Hegemony. Rayford has also hired members of the Farold community to assist in this endeavor.Some members of the Hegemony regime cautioned about giving several billion dollars to build a station that was not going to earn money for the OH. The dictator simply said, "Sometimes our interests do not include earning money hand over fist."

Dated: Monday November 15th, 2221, 3:16 p.m. Dimitri Defies Dangerous Dragon

Headline:Yesterday afternoon at Garah Stream pilots Natasha Drake, Shealia Evans and Dimitri Stevens claim to have encountered what appeared to be a large beetle like insect with the ability to spit fire in a focused stream. Shealia quickly coined the name "fire beetle." A curious scientist was the first to respond to the messages sent over the tactical channel, but his obvious lack of social skills quickly confused the pilots as only devotees of the sciences memorize the old Latin terminology for things.The OH science department showed interest in the creature and Michelle Faro went out to investigate. That, however, is not the highlight of the events that took place. The dragon that lives in the northeastern part of the jungle was heard before being spotted flying above the stream. Upon this news being spread over the tactical channel Michelle Faro suggested the pilots run, which Natasha Drake and Shealia Evans did so by running to the hut while Dimitri Stevens, overcome with curiosity, stood by and faced the fire breathing beast which ended with him moderately injured by a casual swipe of its tail. He would have been in far worse shape had the dragon been paying attention and used its fire-breathing ability on him. It circled and finally returned to its lair shortly after. It is uncertain what exactly drew the beast from its secluded home but it has never been seen so far from its territory before now. People visiting the jungle should be on the lookout for any more of these fire beetles and this reporter would like to remind anyone who spots the dragon to take immediate cover as it is extremely dangerous.

Dated: Monday November 29th, 2221, 9:01 a.m. Pilots Creating Kiohn Chaos

Headline:In a flurry of motion, the following note has been delivered to our office and submitted with only minor corrections to the provided statement."Hello all, this is me Michael Roberts, I would like to advise all pilots to stay clear out of sector 1. Apparently I had no idea that the general channel was unsecured and was proud that I finished a Kiohn challenge and said I will do more, which resulted in an invasion in sector 1. Sadly not many people are awake and we cannot handle, the FDD said that it will be cleared later. For now, all is advised to stay clear out of sector 1. I did my best to defend the sector but nothing went well and I lost the only ship I owned. if a crew was required at some point to clear the sector, I will go for it. Until later, stay safe and drink lots of tea."No official statement has been made by the dictator at this time, however, an official from the dictator's office said that "She is not happy"It should be noted that this is also the second such incident in as many days.

Dated: Wednesday December 15th, 2221, 11:05 a.m. Pilot Dayna Bell Takes A Stand

Headline:In the name of pilot safety, Dayna Bell decided to sleep in the jungle to show pilots that it was not safe. Sadly, she was proven correct.During the early morning hours, she was attacked and badly burned by a fire breathing beetle.Pilots went into protect and lecture mode until Michelle Faro ordered it to end. "Yelling at someone to not do something while they are in pain for severe injuries is not the best thing to do," said Faro. "At least let them be healed up before the arguing begins."There is not much known about these fire breathing creatures but a team of scientists has been deployed to the jungle for studies.It is also unknown as to what dragged Dayna from the tent.

Dated: Saturday January 1st, 2222, 2:01 p.m. Rayford's Engineer Scores Big

Headline:Former pilot Tara Miller took a job as Rayford Billings's head engineer not so long ago. Part of the agreement he made with Blazer was that they provide something big to help others. "We've done this thing," said Tara Miller. "I miss piloting and may return someday but engineering and computer work is how I can help humanity."Tara went on to explain that she has created a homing beacon. "Unfortunately this is expensive to maintain and wasn't cheap to design. Any pilot using a rental ship from Rayford's station may simply type beacon into the computer. If they are within 5 light-hours of the station, they can quickly return to it. No more getting lost or otherwise discombobulated if you are not big on spacial awareness. Unfortunately, the fee for this trip is $5200. But, people come out here for points usually, not cash."Dictator Blazer is pleased with this news and is looking forward to continued good relations with Rayford.

Dated: Thursday January 27th, 2222, 4:17 p.m. New Classes for pilots

Headline:Dictator Blazer Faro gave the following brief statement."As of January 26, 2222, I have ordered new curriculum to be added to the avenues of cavern departure for new pilot studies. I have done this because of a test pilot study which I approved. This would allow pilots, particularly those with other interests, to come up from the cavern as a pilot without having to be as knowledgeable as us farolds. While these advanced courses are still in place, less stringent ones are also there. A few pilots came up from the cavern having minimal studies and learned their way above ground. Of these, two decided to go into other fields as it was their primary study anyway. One pilot was placed into the HPA's first fleet. This was Tatianna Stewart. I worked with her personally and decided there is no reason this could not be done above ground. Therefore, it is now possible. She has been a great student and I look forward to continuing work with her if she still wants to do so. I realize it must have been hard for her but she continues to push forward to become the best that she can be. Hopefully she can repay another new pilot or few someday as her knowledge and comfort grows."The dictator added that she hopes this will strengthen the desire for people to exit the cavern. "Maybe a doctor might want to come out, knowing he or she just has to take a few classes to operate a starship so that he could swiftly get around providing medical attention. Maybe these food worker parents will come out, knowing their children don't need to have advanced classes to become a pilot now." The dictator indicated that she was merely providing examples but is keeping her fingers crossed that this will be a help to all.

Dated: Monday March 7th, 2222, 5:18 p.m. Kiohn Take a Human life

Headline:The following statement was issued a short time ago by the dictator, Blazer Faro."Shortly after 3 PM, pilot Lucy Bates lost her life to the Kiohn. Her ship was boarded, and after several of us tried to free her in various diplomatic ways, they chose to space her. Her fellow pilots are broken, morale is down, but I know they won't let this be permanent."Note that the dictator was seen often wiping her own eyes as she continued her statement. "We are trying to recover every bit of her ship to see if we can determine how this happened. We are also trying to recover pilot Bates. The pilots were a huge help to the FDD as we cleared the other warships they sent into sectors 1 and 6. Also, the tactical channel will not be secure to use until further notice as the Kiohn commander took Lucy's phone before she was spaced.""I cannot begin to tell her friends and loved ones how sorry I am that this horrific tragedy has befallen us. Yes, us because you are not alone in this fight. The Hegemony will be there by your side until the Kiohn are no longer a threat. We are a team and will do our best to work as such," Blazer continued."Lastly, I want to ensure everyone that Lucy will be honored and her death will not be for nothing. Every step we take to moving humanity forward, will be a step in the name of Lucy Bates," the dictator concluded.

Dated: Monday March 7th, 2222, 9:44 p.m. Tragedy strikes the first fleet.

Headline:First fleet pilot Lucy Bates was killed in action today during an intense Kiohn invasion. It all started when ten Kiohn ships came barreling into Kapteynia Beta. After a few minutes, however, it became clear they were just the diversion as another set of ships jumped in to sector six where Lucy was off to collect shipwrecks."It was horrifying," said a flight control worker who wishes to remain anonymous. "I mean, invasions are always horrifying, but we saw these two little ships, and then this big ship we've never seen before, and her ship just went straight toward it and docked, almost like she intended on going there. Then the first fleet came and well, they killed the little ones, but chased the big one around the sector. Eventually it expelled the light freighter and shot it with a torpedo. It exploded."Workers prepared to receive the escape pod when it landed at the research facility, but when it got there, it was empty. Later, rumors started to fly that Lucy's body was spaced, and that tactical comms were no longer secure.One engineer says that, "Look, I don't know if that was the body of Ms Bates, but it would be very easy to make it look like her especially after vacuum exposure and decompression."Other sources say that her body was recovered and identified, and that the cause of death was a stab wound and not explosive decompression. Eye witnesses have seen the chief of Science as she rushed to the victim, and as far as we know, she is still there. This is the first sighting of the chief of science since her return over a week ago.Pilots gathered at Maggie's diner and spent the whole evening reminiscing about one of their own, and it is clear that morale in the first fleet is low at this time. Witnesses to the conversation say that they heard that she was boarded by a Kiohn and brought aboard their ship for interrogation, but any further information as to what was compromised or what happened aboard the Kiohn craft is unclear.Several other ships were lost as well, before the FDD was able to send the Kiohn packing, and market analysts are saying now is a good time to invest in Farold Ship industries as they expect a boom in sales going into the second quarter.As the Kiohn escalate atrocities, it is clear they are ramping up for something big, and while morale is down in the first fleet, this tragedy has brought Human and Farold together to one purpose, as candle light vigils are being held all over Kapteynia, New Netherlands, Gonrah, and Kizak. Workers at the research facility also state they have recovered the wreckage of Lucy's freighter, and the examination will take some time as it was pretty, "rough around the edges," to use their terms. We will keep you updated upon any further developments of this story.

Dated: Friday March 18th, 2222, 5:19 a.m. First human dictator

Headline:During a conversation on the newly secured tactical channel, one of the First Fleet pilots revealed a rather surprising fact.As pilots celebrated the victory of our Dictator shutting down the weapons factory in Sector B, an elite guard warned them that both Blazer and Austin were unavailable in case another crisis struck. She told the pilots they would have to "just gather up and handle things." After some concern was expressed, Hunter Trask claimed he could act as Dictator Pro Tem, a fact that came as a shock to many."As of this moment, until Blazer gets back, I am empowered to take command if necessary." Trask is quoted as saying over tactical. "We're all capable adults though, so I hope that won't be needed."Old man Murphy must have been listening, however, because not much time later, Trask gave his first orders, calling a meeting with head Judge Miah Kensington, HPA Chair Alexis Jenson, Directorate of Defense Natasha Drake, and HPA pilots Ash Layman and Aaron Hatfield. The purpose was to be briefed on the events of Dictator Blazer Faro's quick decision to take guards and troops into the cavern in search of the previously mentioned factory and the humans responsible for manufacturing illegal weapons. Press could not gain access to the courtroom where the meeting was held, nor were any statements given. The only other fact of note was Trask summoning one more pilot, Rex Galvion, some time later.While Hunter Trask's orders are nothing special, his appointment to Dictator Pro Tem marks a momentous milestone in humanity's position in the Oria Hegemony. For a brief time, a human acted and spoke with the might of the dictatorship. For a handful of hours, a human controlled all Farold resources. Never in the history of faroldian society has the dictatorship been passed to another species."She certainly knows how to make waves," a soldier was overheard saying as his unit returned from the caverns behind a tired and pleased dictator. "I'm glad she's our dictator though. Maybe now humans will finally have a ruler who will think of us as more than a drain on the economy."

Dated: Tuesday May 3rd, 2222, 12:31 p.m. COS Elated, Galtaf found!

Headline:COS Michelle Faro made the following statement this morning."Thanks to Natasha Drake and her crew, we may have found the mineral I have been looking for," said Faro. "During my extensive studies of the periodic table, I found similarities with galtaf and glatonite. My running theory, hope, is that this can be mixed to strengthen the glatonite. If I prove to be correct, it will mean that less riphenol pills will be needed on a per person basis. I cannot hazard a guess at this time, but any reduction from thirty pills to exit the cavern will mean more people can come above ground."Michelle also indicated that we shouldn't expect news of this until some time in 2223. She also stated, "If this proves to be what we think, a deal will be made to obtain as much galtaf as we can. It will also mean that Natasha Drake, Dunnel McKinnin, Ash Layman, Cataleya Sandes, Tatianna Stewart, Jodelle Love, Hunter Trask, Dimitri Stevens, Amber Knightsbridge, and Alexis Jenson have done a huge thing for humanity."Trade commissioner Tara Faro stated the following, "Chair Jenson was hands on, obtaining the information she needed swiftly to assure that all parties received a fair trade across the board. If the chief's theory is correct, former HPA third fleet pilot Christina Williams and her crew can be doing work for humanity from afar."

Dated: Friday May 27th, 2222, 12:07 a.m. Dr. Stevens links farolds with animals

Headline:"Faroldians are more predatory," he said over the general channel.This caused outrage from several late night diners at Larry's chicken palace."We are not felines!" Shouted one scientist as he typed out a text on his phone.

Dated: Monday July 4th, 2222, 11:40 a.m. Human's given a holiday

Headline:Dictator Blazer Faro announced that this July 4 would be considered human Independence day."Humans deserve this recognition for their bravery, their suffering at the hands of the kiohn, and they shall have it," Faro said."Furthermore, many don't realize that before humans had to go into hiding, they were allowed to set up shops here, to live and work here. The cathedral is one of those buildings still in place today," Blazer continued."You are not beneath the farolds. You are not freeloading people! You are not vassals as some will say in dark corners of the jungle! You are full fledged members of the hegemony and have the right to be treated as our equals!"Blazer then added, "I hope you all have a grand time this evening as you celebrate this important day in your history. As you celebrate though, remember the fallen for she made a huge sacrifice. Lucy Bates's death cannot be pointless. Use it to unify, to grow as one! Use it to persevere and then her death will be avenged."

Dated: Wednesday July 6th, 2222, 7:34 p.m. Uncle Ed does his own security

Headline:Late last evening, a human couple were drinking at Ed's bar. One was mouthing off about dictatorships having slaves and how we will not be slaves.Without a word, Ed lunged and sent the man to the Gonrah hospital. Nurse Clarisa opted to not go to assist in his care. "We're a team," she said as she went into the bar.

Dated: Sunday July 31st, 2222, 1:46 a.m. Ego challenge issued!

Headline:During a conversation at Maggies concerning Ash Layman's ego, pilot Rex Galvion mentioned his big warship.A third fleet pilot pointed out that he is not the only one with a big warship and maybe Rex should duel with the other owner of one so that they could laugh at them both.We feel this point that the first fleet are full up with egotistical pilots was made.Now how will Ash and the other big warship owner, Natasha Drake, respond?Stay tuned.

Dated: Thursday August 4th, 2222, 8:03 p.m. Exploration and drugs go hand in hand?

Headline:On July 16, 2222 a contingent of pilots set out with the dictator to travel into deep space. The dictator graciously purchased a ship in order to give the pilots who chose to go along, a thank you for services rendered trip.The crew included Dictator Blazer Faro, Director of Defense Natasha Drake, New Pilot Assistant Amanda Welington, Personal Security Officer Tatianna Stewart, Representative Dunnel McKinnin, Automn Rose, Piper Bellamy, Aurelia Montrose, Raiyoku Ruatha, Giovanni Darkenum, Zachery Hendrix, Vergil Stone, Randall Rosenthal, and the ship's Captain, Seneschal Kaylenne Buchanan.The science department is elated that this crew found some sort of anomaly which the computers classified as a whirlpool. Plans are being made to do further studies and reports say that everyone in the department is clamoring to go.Whispered rumors of someone having to deal with drug related withdrawals while aboard the ship were also abound. A name was not provided but the speculation is that it is a member of the dictator's pilot office holders. Speculation was further fueled that it could be Natasha Drake, who is rumored to have issues post nearly being murdered by Larkra's band of soldiers in October of 2221. Further water cooler speculation is that is the former actress, Aurelia Montros, who has been newly appointed to become the dictator's personal assistant.Chief of science Michelle Faro's assistant, Katie would not provide any comment. However, it is being rumored that exploration changes are on the horizon due to behavioral issues. "We saw no celebration upon this important discovery," said one young scientist. "Maybe dad was right, humans should not be at the forefront of exploration."

Dated: Wednesday August 17th, 2222, 8:23 a.m. Crimson Dagger Club shut down!

Headline:On 08/16/2222, the eight month long battle with the crimson dagger club came to its bitter end. The dictator's intelligence team uncovered evidence that pilot Dimitri Stevens was heavily involved. Thus, the dictator did what she always does and went to her group of human pilots.The pilots had to tread carefully because one of her security guards, Aaron Hatfield, had been grabbed up and beaten badly.Finally, directorate Natasha Drake took a small group of the pilots to rescue Hatfield. Among these pilots were PKA member Kairi Kaeling and HPA member Randal Rosenthal who assumed healing duties as the crew had to battle three scruffy looking human men who sported axes for weapons. FDD officer Joey Silkwood, who has come back home to join the pilot ranks so that he may provide more combat help was in this group also.Finally, Stevens, who sabotaged the most recent train crash in order to murder one Vergil Stone was knocked out by the crew and dealt with by the guards.Stone's part in this was to decode a recording device that Lucy Bates was logging. Lucy was murdered by the Kiohn on March 7, 2222. It was discovered that Dimitri Stevens was the instigator of this murder."These pilots may not get along in the best of times, but they do work hard to secure safety in the best of times. Many pilots were involved in this and I thank them all. I really enjoyed knowing that pilot Logan Sloan can use my sword as good as I can," the dictator stated "Piper, Aurelia, Sandes, and all that I have not mentioned, thank you for being you and working hard to keep humanity safe. You are all equal, no one is greater than another. Always hold to that."Vergil Stone decoded the following recording from Lucy Bates. We now know that she was a top spy for the dictator and lost her life in the line of duty. We have obtained permission to use this recording in its entirety due to the fact that whatever that code means, will have to now be changed anyway.On the small screen, you can clearly see the cerulean blue eyes, captivating heart-shaped face with its alabaster complexion, of Lucy Bates.The soft voice of Lucy Bates clearly states, "Dictator Blazer, this is the first of my investigation notes. I feel that you were right about something being off with Dimitri Stevens. I have also scavenged some information on the so called Knightsbridge family that I will formulate into proper notes at a later date. I am going to shadow Dimitri and have no problem faking the love or lust interest. This is spoken by myself on January 16, 2222.Lucy Bates quickly states, "Once the dictator is compromised, I have the charisma to handle the other two leaders, Amanda and that Knightsbridge character. I found this text on a thumb drive on January 21, 2022. I am working to get more information from it."Lucy states, "Some woman named Kaylenne was captured. Doug wanted to create a microfusion bomb, implant it in her along with a camera. The plan was for Dimitri to then set it off at the best time. Only the Wrothchild family intruded and rescued her just as he put her under. He was able to shoot an air bubble into the IV hoping it would kill. Dimitri's Intel states that it has not done this and he is trying to find out what damage it did cause. This is January 27, 2222."Lucy states, "Amber Knightsbridge's parents records are wiped. Maybe she can crack them. I do know now that this couple who raised her were family members of theirs from another sector. It was probably easy for them to get in and do whatever they did to the real parents. This is February 13, 2222."Lucy quickly states, "I have located documents from Dimitri which state that android program work is being done at the prime location. I am scanning all these documents so that I can present everything at our meeting on March 8. This is February 19, 2222."Lucy's handwriting scrolls across the screen. He is beginning to ask me questions about my computer skills. I have to do this quietly. He was talking to someone in hushed voices while he thought I slept in his room. They are worried about the decline in numbers and need to pull out the big guns. This is written on March 1, 2222.Lucy shouts, "Blazer, I have been compromised. I do believe they are boarding my ship. I have initiated 9216-32Z25. These fuckers are involved with the Kiohn to kill the remaining humans up here. Stop him, stop them! This is March 7, 2222 from aboard my freighter in sector 6. There is a big ship in..."Many of us know that this is when Lucy was likely grabbed by the Kiohn.This is one sad chapter in pilot history we are glad to see end. In all, there were probably fifteen pilots involved. To name a few that weren't previously mentioned, Aurelia Montrose, Jodelle Love, Kaylenne Buchanan, and Raiyoku Ruatha.

Dated: Sunday September 18th, 2222, 12:20 p.m. Big contract for humanity

Headline:Today marks a historic moment in humanity's history. It was the first time that a contract was signed with the intent to help humanity along in its trek to greatness. It was signed by several pilots, including the Dictator herself. In fact, it is the first contract ever between the hegemony and humanity since they began coming above ground.A spokesperson for the HPA hegemony said that the Luna Project will be underway as soon as they get the Chair's and the DOD's go ahead and the Dictator has specifically stated, "I have high hopes for humanity but if my willingness to enter into this project is met with bad behavior rather than good teamwork, there may be no more contracts." The woman said that there will also be a 20 percent payout reduction to show good will to the hegemony. The planet of Luna is under some construction after it closed because of the threat of war on the horizon. The salvage aspect of the Luna project is about to begin. If it succeeds in six months time, the pilots will govern Luna, but it will remain a member of the hegemony.If the pilots succeed with this endeavor, then they may be given more opportunities in the future.

Dated: Monday October 17th, 2222, 9:58 p.m. Coup anniversary fast approaching

Headline:Humans are excited about the anniversary festivities which will kick off with a gathering at Randre park on the twenty-second of October. It was just one year ago when a few human pilots bravely stood with Blazer Faro as she successfully overthrew Larkra Faro and became dictator.Now, she enters into a contract with humanity and the salvage for Luna kicks off this Saturday as well."I really hope to see the human hegemony citizens succeed here as they begin to learn how to govern and more," the dictator said. "This may prepare them for the future, if they prevail.""A dictator pretty much rules everything," said a human historian. "They can tell you what to wear and you do it. However, I am thankful the farold lineage of dictators are not so harsh. I am looking forward to writing this chapter of our history as our dictator steers us into being able to make it alone someday, years in the future."

Dated: Sunday January 15th, 2223, 11:58 a.m. New houses and a bigger economy!

Headline:Yesterday, the dictator allowed the opening of new housing for pilots in Olivia and residential drive which made lucky pilots who managed to buy these homes closer to the government center, the train, the landing pad and the bank. I went to take a look at them to see how they look like and how easy they are to reach.The Olivia drive housing, being at the beginning of the street seemed closer than the residential drive housing For me which you go to through drake road, however, Both put you at strategic locations in oria. For example, The Olivia drive housing puts you a block away from the government center while the residential drive housing puts you close to a restaurant and Natasha's mall where card holders are sold. The distance between the residential drive housing and the government center is about the same distance between Poplar road and the landing pad.It isn't surprising that Spaces fill so quickly on oria as Kapteynia beta is the central place where pilots begin and finish most of their jobs and it has important locations for pilots such as the bank, science HQ and the government center which gives Oria an advantage when it comes to residential places for pilots. Indeed, nearly all the spaces which opened in both drives got sold earlier today except 2 places in the residential drive, Even Poplar road doesn't have more spaces for pilots to buy plots of land. The new housing should have given the lucky pilots a place to live an Oria while boosting the economy, considering that each house costs a total of 30 rare coins as a start which counts as 2 million dollars.Lastly, I hope that this isn't the last place where houses could be built on Oria and that more places open soon for pilots. Until later, Stay safe and have a nice time.This is Michael Roberts, Reporting live from Kapteynia Beta.

Dated: Sunday April 23rd, 2223, 5:11 p.m. Human fleet not to be trusted

Headline:Earlier on the General channel, A pilot was heard to be saying that the security captain of the dictator's fleet was trying to kill her. Before this event, there was some conversation had about the same pilot trying to land a ship. Who knows what the security captain was attempting here, and if this is how they will act, should we really be trusting them with the protection of our dictator?This reporter thinks no.

Dated: Wednesday April 26th, 2223, 10:26 a.m. Maggie Turner involved in an extortion ring?

Headline:It would seem that she passed a note to Greg white who is in search of expensive items or information. While the plan fell through, it is clear the Turners are not so clean cut after all. The eyes are upon you dictator, how will you get your favorite humans out of this jam.

Dated: Wednesday May 3rd, 2223, 8:38 p.m. The Dictator Defends her fleet.

Headline:Dictator Blazer Faro issued the following statement just a few minutes ago. "I am sad to report that the gossip reporter taking jabs at possible DF fleet member Greg White, was another human. It deeply saddens me to see members of a race that is in fight for survival mode, will attack each other without regard for anything."She continued, "This reporter will be dismissed from his job and will never report the news within the hegemony again. Furthermore, I have confidence in commander Drake's statement which I will provide here."Her last clause was as follows. "I still believe in you pilots, even if members of my and your own race do not."Having finished, the dictator provided us with the commander's statement. "These claims are unfounded. When the fleet was first opened Greg White opted to help Automn with her chair duties due to her sometimes having the ability to gain attention rather than join the fleet. Which he would have been suited for. I opened up the fact that I needed a security captain and had some interest from a pilot who I told needs to learn how to perform with various duties before I can consider that. I also know that officer love is a scientific doctor, and the NPA. While she is capable of holding this position, I was not wanting to put yet another larger duty on her. I also gave Greg White the option as coming in as an officer if he would like. Regardless of issues on the trade trip, when the dictator could have been harmed, Greg was one who stayed with her while others performed needed tasks. He, I was told by several, checked for weapons and did not abandon his post of standing guard over the dictator and Zachery. Now, I believe someone is following Greg a little too much because they seem to know everything he says. I will be looking into criminal charges for whomever is hounding him. While news can happen, him being popped in two separate locations this quickly is grounds for it, I believe. Furthermore, when this fleet opened, just 5 months ago, none of us held any ranking yet we all got one. If anyone in the fleet has an issue, they have not approached me with this. Nor have other members of the fleet approached me that they would like to fill this position, that I recall."Note that statistics show most farold members of the hegemony have no problem with the human faction of our holdings. In fact, humans and farolds typically get along well and even wed.

Dated: Tuesday June 20th, 2223, 8:35 p.m. The Toll of Invasions

Headline:The Strength of ResilienceBy Arabelle Copernicus, JournalistFrom the scorched grounds of the jungle of Kapteynia to the besieged streets of New Netherlands, pilots have had to persevere through multiple assaults upon the communities in which they inhabit, due to an enemy campaign meant to terrify and demoralize. Homes have been lost, people injured, and unfortunately, some were killed.One might assume the situation completely hopeless as the grip of the enemy became tighter and unrelenting. What the enemy did not count on were the brave acts of citizens and pilots alike who refused to stand down or give in.**A photo collage of a small group of pilots with guns and swords, fighting blue-haired creatures dressed in armor. The first photo shows a group of armored pilots engaging well-armored Kiohn soldiers of different caliber. The second photo depicts the heat-soaked jungle of the same planet with its wild flora and fauna as a goblin peeks his head around an ant suffering from various mutations. The third photo shows a larger group of pilots fighting against a nine foot tall robot. The final photo of this set shows the icy streets of Bad abbach as a guard is in mid-run, a stretcher in tow. Careful shading has been applied so that these pilots are not easily recognizable, yet for those who know them, it is likely not difficult to figure out. Beneath the collage is a caption which reads 'This is Bravery.'While no pilots were killed during these raids, they were not left unscathed. Gonrah's hospital saw many patients come through their doors due to brutal injury. When asked about this, Nurse Gema Ortega shook her head, her gaze worried. "They fought bravely and repeatedly. We'd tried to keep some of them there, but they just kept talking about going back to the fight, worrying about their comrades and complete strangers. May we all have such strength in the face of seemingly impossible odds. It was my honor to provide what comfort I could."**Photo of Gema Ortega, a middle-aged woman with short, curly black hair wearing a nurse uniform. The caption reads, 'Medical staff worked tirelessly in their pursuit to tend the wounded.'On Kizak, a wild party was in mid-swing for party goers Cammie Henderson and Bret Carpenter. The two were near the dunes with friends when they heard the first alerts go off."Not gonna lie," Bret told us. "At first we were like, what's trying to ruin our good time. But then Cammie was like, whoa! Bret. There's something really bad here. Then like, I looked up, and there was this giant robot thing. I'm not ashamed to say that I ran."Cammie, a student of the business management program at Wyatt Memorial University soberly recounts, "We were just getting together for a day of fun, burgers, and drinking. Then I saw that thing and screamed for everyone to run. It came toward us and I just grabbed Bret's hand and frankly, hauled ass. We ran right past the pilots as they were forming and we holed up at the pizza place. I'm telling you, while I was scared, it was a real relief to see them."**A photo of Cammie, a young, bright-eyed woman wearing a bright yellow dress with her green hair pulled back in a braid holds the hand of a taller, dark-haired man dressed in a plaid shirt and jean shorts. The next photo shows the sand dunes with an organized pilot formation engaging the robot. In the background lies an overturned keg with alcohol soaking in to the sand and refreshments on the ground, some of them crushed. The caption reads, 'Cammie and Bret barely escaped with their lives.'The last person that we interviewed for this article is Hugo Van Alst, a man who recently came topside from the cavern with his four-year-old granddaughter, Saskia. We met Hugo as he surveyed the rubble of his home that he recently obtained so that he and Saskia could have a better life."All my life, I have worked." Hugo said to me as he stared at the rubble of their home. "I am sad for this. But I would have been broken if I had lost her." I asked what his plans were and he stated, "I will rebuild. But I would not be willing to if she had not survived. Material things can be replaced, life cannot."**A photo spread of a blond-haired little girl holding an origami crane. She wears blue-jeans and a t-shirt that reads, 'I'm Grampa's best kid'. Hugo stands behind her, his face weather-worn with age, his callused hands making bunny ears. The backdrop of their ruined home can be seen. More photos show other homes in disarray or which have been destroyed. The caption reads, 'Rebuilding is hard, but they will persevere.'While attacks may not always last for a long time, the pain of devastation ripple like echoes which never cease.And yet, courage persist. From the brave pilots who fight both in space and on land, to the medical staff rushing those in harm's way for triage, to those whose acts of bravery may never be seen, you do not go unnoticed. You are heard, you are seen, and you prevail.

Dated: Friday June 23rd, 2223, 12:30 a.m. Housing Crisis for pilots?

Headline:The housing crisis for pilots is in high swing. Reportedly the chair has plans to handle some of this and Gonrah is offering a few more plots.Medic Aurora Taylor took it upon herself to actually help out and provided this statement. "We as pilots are privileged, but now that we find ourselves in a housing shortage for plots of land to purchase and build on. I ask my fellow pilots that like me purchased two plots of land to give up one so other pilots have the same opportunities that we did to purchase and build their dream home. I will not be greedy in seeing such a need for my fellow pilots when there is something I can do.""Maybe they should do something about those unfinished homes that are taking up space," a contractor named Ernie Eddings was quoted as stating.Real Reporter,Thomas Faro

Dated: Monday July 3rd, 2223, 6:59 a.m. Humanity day take II!

Headline:Fireworks lit up the skies last night as humanity day was celebrated for the second year. While the Holiday is on July 4th, the event was held a couple days early. "Pilot Oliver Jackson put on a lovely party with some very nice food," judge Kensington stated as she entered her home last evening. "The ball was wonderful too but, I did enjoy visiting a lovely farm."The dictator joined a host of pilots and other officials, much the same as the ball, for this outdoor extravaganza for humanity.Prior to the kick off of the party, the dictator and defense minister showed off the new LB sabers, having fun with them until they had to put them to the test for real. These 7 person ships are named in honor of Lucy Bates, who was killed by the Kiohn on March 7 2222.The pilots, and other human citizens seemed to have a wonderful time last evening with many parties taking place at homes. "It is hard to know which pilot is about to sleep with whom though," a gardener was overheard to say. "Some of these people sleep around so much that they may need a who's the daddy holovid show one day soon."No doubt that the sanitation department will be working over time to clean up the streets and parks as thousands were on hand to watch the festivities, eat, drink and were certainly merry.Real Reporter Jack Faro

Dated: Sunday July 23rd, 2223, 6:48 p.m. Turtle vs. Humanity: Both could Lose

Headline:Tamre Soft-shell Turtle and Cavern exodus on Verge of CollapseBy Arabella CopernicusThe jungle is a place filled with dangersexotic flora, intriguing animals, and unrelenting heat work together to make this landscape treacherous and demanding of respect. It is also a place of danger, mystery, and intrigue. Today, we will be focusing on the critically endangered Tamre giant soft-shelled turtle seen in the Garah stream.The first sighting was on Thursday night, when pilots sifting for pebbles containing glatonite first saw a massive creature in the stream.Rosalia Brannigan, leader of her sifting team, describes the actions of the pilots. "One was twirling a stick in the water. I remember that. I wanted to know what was going on, but also, we mind our business. WE sift, we assist with what is needed to help people come out of the cavern. But then this group started getting in the water. One girl poked her sifter in the center of the stream. But it was the guy who threw a rock that really agitated it."Witnesses say the turtle became agitated and attacked the man, who we have since learned is a pilot, and broke his leg.After this event, NPA Fleet Officer Jodelle Love sighted the creature, observing its habitat and movements.The next sighting of the creature was early Saturday morning when pilots were concerned about the turtle and safety. As we learned today, Chief of Science Michelle Faro, sent word to both pilots and the sift workers for the turtle not to be disturbed, and for offerings of fish to be thrown in the stream. It was established that the turtle will not harm anyone unless it is in self-defense.Today as pilots sifted the stream, workers began collecting their sifters and leaving. It is claimed the disturbance in the water caused the Tamre giant soft-shell turtle to become agitated. A sift worker attempted to poke the turtle with sifting equipment, which then caused a ripple effect. The equipment was broken in half by the jaws of the turtle, and what can only be described as pandemonium ensued.Sifters are calling for a strike and refusing to work, claiming they are in danger and that they only did what they'd seen modeled by pilots. The turtle may still be agitated.And perhaps the greatest tragedy of all, besides a critically endangered species being misunderstood by those who come across it, is the fact people will be unable to emerge from the caverns without a steady stream of riphenol tablets to help their bodies not succumb to the radiation present topside. A shortage will make the exodus from the caverns impossible.Barker Faro, head of the sift workers, claims that he will just hire other workers. However, the word is getting around and misinformation fuels fear. Fear fuels refusal to work. This could be detrimental.It is the hope of many that sift workers and pilots will be able to look beyond their misconceptions of one another and that a solution will be found, for it is not only the Tamre giant soft-shell turtle who is an endangered species very close to the edge of obscurity and extinction.

Dated: Tuesday August 15th, 2223, 7:21 a.m. Fleet troubles mounting?

Headline:Bets are being placed around many water coolers at places of business. These bets consist of how long the fleet will last?One question is how many fleet members get to sit on the dictator's lap?Another question is, how many lurk around like hulking trees, while they try to chop down trees?The laughter continues with, "How many ships will they get away with destroying as they stomp on each others lives?"

Dated: Monday May 20th, 2224, 5:11 a.m. From drug addict to culinary graduate.

Headline:Yesterday, in the town square, on the heels of her best friend skipping town, Aurelia Montrose had a graduation party for culinary school. The graduates had a large gathering, including a spinning platform and dazzling cooking show for onlookers.Rumor has it that she put her best face forward to have a good time as her best friend had told her she was leaving town less than an hour before the festivities.We here at the OH daily news couldn't be more proud of this success story. "She kicked those drugs out the door and turned her life around," said an unnamed source.Thus, with a despondent looking dictator, friends and loved ones, she and her friends put on a cooking show which included another rendition of the battle hymn of the republic, done with knives slicing prep foods.To make matters worse for the embattled former film star from sector A, she was robbed while the party went on. Both her hotel and ship were picked apart and security feeds at the hotel tampered with.Bev Faro

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