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* Navigation and aiming

* Navigation and aiming

Whether you are walking through a city, moving in a ship through a sector, or walking in space, navigation is straight forward. X is east and west. Y would be north and south. Z would be up and down.

Each sector is 25 by 25 by 25. West being 1 and east being 25. North is 25 and south is 1. Lastly, up is 25 and down is 1.

These numbers will work for manual piloting at any time. Also, they work for vector locking during combat. If your enemy ship is northeast and up, you would simply type one of two commands. These are AIM or you can use the SLASH key. If you use aim, you must put a space between the word and numbers. If you use the slash key it is not necessary. So you would type AIM 9+ or /9+ to target your enemy, or AIM and a set of coordinates if you prefer.

Alternatively, you can use the left side of the keyboard for movement and aiming. You set this in your options.

A or 4 is west.

Q or 7 is Northwest.

W or 8 is north.

E or 9 is northeast.

R or + is up.

F or - is down.

D or 6 is east.

C or 3 is southeast.

X or 2 is south.

Z or 1 is southwest.

Numbers and letters will also work for spacewalking.

Walking through the streets or a building is done the same way. You can type 8 or N for north as displayed above.

Speedwalks are not allowed in this game. While you may provide directional assistance to others, don't make it sound like a speedwalk.

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