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* OH and PKA Relations

* OH and PKA Relations

This help file will be updated as warranted by staff, actions of the players, or suggestions given to staff by the players because we likely forgot to add something.

As the PKA continues to develop its government, several agreements have been made with the OH to aid this process.
1. Any person wishing to join the PKA who is not a pilot will take up citizenship with Gonrah. While those pilots wishing to join will remain OH citizens for the following reasons.
The OH has an advanced pilot payout system in place and the PKA does not. Therefore, negotiations have not yet been entered as to how this would get rectified.
The OH currently has a tax system set up for pilots and the PKA does not. Again, negotiations have not yet been entered as to how this would work. For example, a PKA member wishing to sift for pebbles or do atmospheric missions within OH boundaries.
The PKA is free to come up with work related options that will help their pilots, but the OH then has rights to bolster something for their pilots.
2. PKA pilots will undoubtedly be working to bolster the PKA thus are rendered non-voting citizens of The Oria Hegemony. This means that they cannot vote on any HPA related matter, no exceptions.
3. If any industrial, diplomatic, or otherwise trade trips take place, members of the PKA cannot represent the OH in any way, shape or form. The same rings true for HPA members attempting to represent PKA matters.
4. The PKA currently has a license to trade or sell the FSI engines it has purchased a license for and sells in its engine shop. It also can have a factory to build said engines as was laid out in the agreement. This is to help boost the work force on Gonrah. It however cannot modify any FSI engine in the smallest detail.
5. Any crime committed in PKA jurisdiction, will be handled by their court system and the same holds true for the OH's court system.

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