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* The HPA Chairperson

* The HPA Chairperson

The HPA chair person is the head of the human pilots association. Currently, they will behave as a mini dictator to the pilots but can take up votes to gain perspective from their pilots. The chair does not override the dictators office. They cannot overrule but are required to work in tandem with other department heads to get projects done in various fields. These would include such people as the high judge, the chief of science, the OH treasurer, and the OH minister of defense. This would also include other department heads as needed for important roleplay events that are not named here. Note, these department heads cannot overrule the HPA chair with exception to the judge in a legal setting, such as the court room.

The HPA is not a lowly liaison of sorts but is an acting member of the OH government and considered an equal to various department heads, minus the dictator. Think of it as a big corporation which as the president and several vice presidents. Each department head would be like the vice president.


The chairperson cannot raise their pay without consent of the current treasurer of the OH. He or she cannot order someone to be fined nor imprisoned but can work with the high judge to get this act done. He or she cannot rule on the release of imprisonment, but can provide recommendations as to why it should or should not be done. He or she cannot run amok with science projects without discussing these matters with the chief of science.

What can they do?

The chairperson can mandate how the funds of the HPA are dispersed. He or she can set forth laws for the pilots so long as they do not conflict with any mandate the OH has in place. For example, they cannot mandate new payouts for work related income but may discuss things with various department heads related to this.

The chairperson can also mandate pilot restrictions until investigations are completed by OH officials. Example of this would be, a group of pilots are causing disruption at a specific setting. The chairperson can bar them from entering until the matter is resolved in court. If the accused is disobeyed and caught, it will likely result in a heavy fine and be a strike against the offender in court.

Clearly we don't have everything that the HPA chairperson can do listed here but it is enough to show that, where pilots are concerned, his or her word is law.

In early 2222, the voting for the HPA chair right was taken away by the dictator. The dictator will now appoint a new chair and it is entirely up to said dictator if they take recommendations.

If a chairperson is found abusing their power or violating some moral or legal regulations they can be impeached and removed from office. A new election would thereby take place within a short period, should they be removed from office. The steps below describe the impeachment process.

1. The plaintiff will provide documentation, with witness statements and at least three signatures (including yours), of the infraction or infractions with time and dates. If you cannot provide dates, be thorough in your petition.

2. The completed documentation will be sent to Miah Kensington, whereupon it will become a legally binding document to be used in the investigation of the alleged infractions. This portion of the process will determine if criminal charges will be pursuant to the removal of the chairperson.

Should the presiding judge rule in favor of the plaintiff, the HPA Chairperson will be removed from office and criminal investigations will begin, if applicable.

Should a Chairperson have multiple impeachment requests filed against them an investigation of the chairperson will ensue, regardless. Should multiple impeachment requests be filed by a single plaintiff and be dismissed because of lack of evidence an investigation of the plaintiff will ensue.


If a pilot has a matter they wish to put up for a vote, they must clear it with the sitting HPA chair. The chair has every right to deny a vote but should consider it heavily and give good reasons as to why they have done so. Upon deciding to hold a vote, the HPA chair will send a letter to the HPA clerk to set up the vote. This will best be handled through a support ticket and please give all information you wish to go in the vote. This is not to include a verbose summation of the vote's reason. That can be handled on the bulletin board.

If a pilot is wishing to have a full vote for impeachment, the HPA chair cannot deny it so long as the above prerequisites have been met.

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