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* The PKA Representative

* The PKA Representative

The PKA representative is the head of the PKA pilots division. He or she is a sitting member of the PKA government and will retain his or her office until such a time that said representative has decided to vacate or a motion to replace is voted upon by other members of the PKA.

If a pilot has a matter they wish to put up for a vote, they must clear it with the sitting PKA representative. The representative has every right to deny a vote if it is repetitive in nature. Meaning, someone just tried this vote within the last thirty days. Upon Deciding to hold a vote, the PKA representative will send a letter to the PKA clerk to set up the vote. This will best be handled through a support ticket and please give all information you wish to go in the vote. This is not to include a verbose summation of the vote's reason. That can be handled on the bulletin board.

If a representative is found to be abusing their power or violating some moral or legal regulations they can be impeached and removed from office. A new election would thereby take place within a short period, should they be removed from office. The steps below describe the impeachment process.

1. The plaintiff will provide documentation of the infraction or infractions with time and dates. If you cannot provide dates, be thorough in your petition.
2. The completed documentation will be sent to Judge Joseph Faro, whereupon it will become a legally binding document to be used in the investigation of the alleged infractions. This portion of the process will determine if criminal charges will be pursuant to the removal of the representative.
Should the presiding judge rule in favor of the plaintiff, the PKA Representative will be removed from office and criminal investigations will begin, if applicable.

Duties of The Representative

The PKA representative is to do their best to represent the pilots division. Whether it be through democratically working on laws, or other projects, that will give aid to the PKA at large. The PKA representative may file reports for or against other pilots and while an investigation will take place, their information will carry weight, so long as it is clear and factual.

Being that the PKA is a full democracy, the representative has to take a vote for any pilot changes they wish to make. These would be exclusive to the pilots and not involving the PKA citizenry at large.

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