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* economy

* economy

We will be using the dollar system for this game. There is a blurb in the timeline which you can find on our website or in the help files. This will explain when the dollar became commonly used by the Farolds.

While the Farold government may be wealthy, we are working to build a thriving human economy here at Vast Horizon. This means that while pilots will get paid well, it will gradually increase as time goes on. There probably will be no earning ten million dollars a day here as we start this game.

You will have access to a debit card issued by the bank. This card will be connected to your bank account. As it is in real life, these cards can be stolen so be careful with them or you may lose a bunch of money.

Players will be given a loan so that they can afford their first ship. This loan process will extend to players who are not new as well.

Alternatively, you can also receive a credit card from the bank, which will need to be paid back. Warning, these cards do have interest rates. You may also set up an appointment with a banker to increase your credit card limit.

Since pilots will be paid well, expect inflated prices. The reasons for this could be that the Farolds charge such high prices in certain pilot visited areas because they like wealth and it costs tons of money to create new ships. For example, if you pay $2000,000 for a ship, know that the OH subsidizes 75% of that cost and higher taxes help offset the cost of the subsidy. Below is a simple equation for the Voyager ship.

6,000,000 / 0.25 = 24,000,000.


Wallets are a convenient item used to put credit and debit cards in. We have three types, your basic wallet that you put in a purse or pocket is one. Then we have the neck wallet, which is worn around the neck. This cuts out a bit of text and you just need to type rem wallet, insert wallet in cash, and then wear wallet.

Lastly, we have the card holder. This one can be worn around the neck. It is expensive to buy but, once worn, you only need to type insert wallet in cash or whatever the register is named.

Two things to note here. We have many expensive items in this game but it goes with the game's lore. Being traders by nature, the farolds will drive up prices on luxury items such as RoboChefs, bikes, and card holders. These items are both luxury and considered high tech, thus will be more costly.

The last note. Giving large sums of money to new pilots to purchase bikes for them, and these expensive wallets is considered a work around. Other items such as RoboChefs and showers would be included in that. We strongly advise you let people work for a few things or we will have to make alterations that we really don't want to make.

The really last note.

You may obtain a large loan through an appointment with the banker. This is done by roleplaying but a few things will be considered here.
1. If you are a frequent reroller, you will not get a loan.
2. If you have not established your character by being active and roleplaying for several months, you will not get a loan.
3. Randy does check your debts so this would affect chances of loan approval also.
4. You cannot delete your character before speaking to staff if you owe a large loan.
5. If you take out a large loan and don't show up for a year, we will likely have repossessed ships and so on to repay as much of the loan as we can. Note, this year is not set in stone. There are circumstances, just reach out and communicate with us.
6. If you take out a large loan and then don't bother attempting to make payments, the bank will take action by repossessing a ship or removing it from your bank account. You probably don't want to expect us to do this.

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