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* getting started

* getting started

Character creation

After providing a username and password, a player must create his or her character. At any point, help may be found either by typing NEWBIE and asking a question, or through reading the help files. Aside from the usual character creating process where a player decides the gender, age, and description for his or her character, Vast Horizon has an additional parameter of a characters position in the caverns. The sector a character comes from helps decide a characters phone number, accent, and social standing before becoming a pilot. Once a player has answered a few basic questions, it is possible to postpone creating a characters description, however there is a two week time limit for this. Ask any questions that are unclear in this process on the newbie channel by typing, Newbie followed by the question. This might look like:

If a player chooses to wait to set a characters description, simply type @SETDESCRIPTION. Please read the character description help file for examples and tips on hair. Note: a player has up to fourteen days to create a description before ending up in the description isle until it is created.

Help files and policies

Please take note that many of the descriptions in Vast Horizon have valuable information, so pay close attention to descriptions and signs. The community here at vast horizon is friendly and willing to help, but many help questions can be answered from the multitude of help files about game lore, mechanics, and tasks. Help files that have been marked with an asterisk are some of the most important for new players to read. Help files with the word quest or job in the title describe activities players may do to earn points, cash, or both.

Typing POLICIES will show the menu from which each of the vast horizon policies may be read. Overview, Player conduct, and roleplaying are important to understand.

Role Play

Vast Horizon is a role play intensive environment. Think of role play as character interactions. If two players have a conversation, this is an example of role play. Points are awarded to players for role play experiences, so make sure to submit interactions a character has with others using the @RP command. These RP points, called specialty points in character, are used in the game for various things including upgrades and unlocking the ability to purchase certain ships.

Exploring and learning

Many things in vast horizon are placed in descriptions. There are no maps like players of other games may be familiar with seeing. However, Vast Horizon has Way Finder Signs placed at strategic locations. These signs give players clues to directions to travel for reaching specific locations. For example, a player might see a way finder sign that reads:
For the garage, go down, for the courtyard, go through the gate.

Walking is simply a matter of entering the direction a character should go. North, East, Northeast, up, down, are all examples. For example, typing SW will cause your character to walk southwest. Doors may be opened by typing door followed by the direction of the door. Sometimes, a go exit is present. In these cases, hints in the room description will help determine what to type, such as Go Gate. Please note: round time is present. Humans do not accomplish walking across a room in less than a second, so moving requires a small bit of round time.

Descriptions often hint to what is nearby. It is also possible to peer in a direction to see what is around. Typing Exits will give a list of exits from a room, but this does not include the GO EXITS.

Basic necessities

It is important for a new player to manage money carefully. Obtaining a loan and a debit card are essential and may be done before leaving the caverns. It is also possible to purchase a wallet, a backpack, spacesuit, and some other things such as clothing, however, a player may also decide to wait for these purchases until after emerging above ground. There is an electronics store on Willow lane that one might enjoy visiting to get things like a News Reader and a Data Slate. The loan must be paid back to the bank, also located on Willow Lane.

Shopping is different in Vast Horizon from other games. One must insert a debit card to pay for purchases, and if more than one item is desired at a shop, multiple items may be added to an order. It is possible to type insert wallet so one does not have to remove the debit card every time to purchase an item. Items purchased are placed on the counter or cash register of a store, so looking at the description of the shop is essential for helping one retrieve their purchases. It is also noteworthy that the shopping bag will be closed when it is first retrieved from the shop and therefore, OPEN SHOPPING is a useful command to be able to get the items purchased. It is also important to realize that items have to be in a backpack, or some type of bag to be carried here, unlike some other games. Typing the letter I will allow a player to see what they are wearing.

It is possible if a character holds a shopping bag in one hand and a backpack in the other to quickly transfer purchases from the bag to the backpack. First open both items. Then type Empty shopping in Back and the items will be transferred. Most shops have a trash can so the empty shopping bag can be thrown away.

Other notes

Players use phones in Vast Horizon similarly to how some other games use communicators. Purchasing a case to go along with the phone allows a character to wear the phone, but a free hand is required to text or call another player. Phones must also be charged from time to time, just like phones in real life.

If it is unclear what an item can do, it is possible to find the commands for that item. To do this, simply type COMMANDS ITEM, X ITEM, or EXAMINE ITEM where item is the thing in question. For example, typing EXAMINE PHONE will give all the commands for the phone. It is also possible to examine a room in this fashion to see what commands can be used. Typing Outlets or Seats will also give useful information about a room as far as whether a phone can be charged, or if one might take a comfortable seat

Once all the cavern exploration has been completed, it is advised to use the PLATFORM to go fully above ground into the city of Oria on Kapteynia Beta. If one wishes to return to the Cavern Hub later, remember the PLATFORM is found in the Courtyard off the landing zone.


One way to progress through the game is doing jobs, also known as activities. There are several jobs one can do, but Atmospheric Testing is one of the best introductory activities because it will help a player become familiar with the landscape of Oria. Mail delivery is also good because it helps a character explore other planets in the game although a player must purchase a spaceship in order to accomplish this. Please remember that each job has a help file that details its requirements. Don't forget asking for help in character is good because it helps form relationships among players and gives the opportunity for more specialty points.

While many activities can be done with zero points, asteroid tugging, crafting, and artifact hunting cannot. Please see the specific activity help files for more information.

Note, asteroid tugging, Kiohn challenges, space and ground invasions, artifact hunting, ground combat quests, and salvaging are all activities which can be done in a group. Artifacts cannot be shared with a group but looking for artifacts as a group adds to the fun of the activity.

Other notes of interest

For doing certain things in the game, points are awarded. To see how many points in the main categories (productivity, battle, science, and roleplay), type POINTS. In a shop, typing POINTS will show how many points are needed in order to buy something. To see points for a character in a shop, type POINTS ME. To see a more detailed points report, use the data slate.

Vast Horizon is a roleplay intensive game, also known as RPI. This means players are expected to stay in character as much as possible. The POLICY ROLEPLAYING and HELP ROLEPLAY ADVICE give more information. Please do not use CWS as a secondary help channel. Please use OOC sparingly. Every aspect of the phone is to be IC at all times. There are to be no OOC text messages and no OOC phone calls.

In help files, commands for you to type are shown in all CAPS to make them more noticeable. Examples are START, PLATFORM, HELP.

Commands that are meant to be used with something else are done like this: COMMANDS [thing], where COMMANDS is actually typed, and the word between brackets is replaced by something else. Examples are COMMANDS phone, USE terminal.

Players may exchange letters and packages in the mail. Mail will automatically be sent to the Oria post office unless a player changes this. To change where mail is sent, type REDIRECT to have it sent to another planet, moon, or space station. Mail will only be delivered to homes when a mailbox is purchased, but purchasing a mailbox will not allow mail to be delivered to a ship, it is for home delivery only.

Typing SLEEP when ready to stop game play will allow a player to quit. It is important to note that a character will crumble to the floor if not lying or sitting on furniture. It is not advisable to quit or sleep if a character is flying in space alone, in a combat situation, or in a hostile environment. Hostile environments require a spacesuit with oxygen, and it is possible to run out of oxygen. Safe places to sleep include ones ship when it is landed, hotel rooms, or the resort cabins on Kizak.

After a time of inactivity, a character will doze. Typing DOZE will also force this to happen. It should be treated like sleeping.

If things are still unclear, please open a support ticket by typing SUPPORT and following the prompts. Asking over NEWBIE may also get a helpful response for a player, and of course, finding a way to ask a question in character will make your experience fun and rewarding as well. Typing SUGGEST gives the opportunity to make suggestions to the staff for considerations. Have fun, and thanks for playing Vast Horizon!

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