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* getting started

* getting started

Welcome to Vast Horizon.

This help file will help you get started in the game. You will find a lot of information here. The following things are discussed.
- Setting up your character.
- Help files and policies.

It is expected of you to read the game's policies as you are settling in to the game world. The roleplay policy and player conduct are two that should be read very early on though. While all policies are important, this is an RPI, thus you need to really know how it works.

- Getting basic necessities.
Finding your way in the game world.
Various helpful comments.

A list of recommended help files for early reading is listed at the bottom of this file.

Setting up your character

The first room you see is our character creation room. There are two signs in there as well as some information in the description that will inform you on how to get started with creating your character.

The first sign will expand on what is already written in the description of the room you are in. It will list a number of help files that are worth reading in order to familiarize yourself with the game. You will also be encouraged to take some time to read our policies.

One important help file to read here is entitled "where are you from". During character creation, you will be asked to choose which sector your character is from, and this help file will give basic information.

For advanced players who enjoy further reading, a series of help files on living in the caverns and its specific sectors are available.

The ansi sign will give you more information about how you can use ansi color to highlight particular items in the game, if this is helpful to you.

If you have questions at any time, you can ask them on the newbie channel. To do this, type NEWBIE [your message].

Once you are comfortable to create your character type START. Then follow the prompts to create your character. They should be easily understood but if not, you may abort and start over once your question has been answered.

Once you have answered basic questions such as name, gender, date of birth and so on, you will be asked whether you wish to write your description now or later. If you choose to write it now, you will be taken to the description aisle. If you opt to do it later, you will be taken into the game world, where you have up to 14 days to write it. To do this, type @SETDESCRIPTION. Once the fourteen days have elapsed, and you have not written a description, you will automatically be moved to the description aisle. There, you will have time to write your description. Note that, if you have less than 50 total points, you will have two weeks to write your description or your character will be deleted.

When you are ready to write your description, please pay attention to the Character Description help file so that you can create it correctly. In particular, pay very careful attention to the output that will be generated by the %percent% modifiers by looking at the examples given. If you struggle with this process, feel free to reach out on the Newbie channel or send a REPORT or SUPPORT with your questions.

Basic necessities

Once you have finished creation, you will be dropped at the Cavern Hub. You should look around there, grab your first loan and a debit card from the loan office, and shop for some basic necessities.

A couple of notes about movement. You will usually move by entering directions, for instance N to go north, SW to go southwest, U to go up, and so on. When you encounter a door, you will type DOOR to open it, or DOOR [DIRECTION] if there is more than one. Also, sometimes you will come across go exits. These last are not actually listed with the directions, but the room description will always give you a hint of what is there and how to get to it.
It is worth noting that learning to explore your surroundings will be very important, and something you should start with early. Room descriptions will often give you a lot of information, feel free to use the LOOK or L command frequently.

You can also type EXITS, ex, or X, to see the exits around you, or PEER to peer into a certain direction and see what is there. You may not always be able to peer through doors.

Our shopping system is different from most games that you may come across. You can read more about that in the shopping help file. To see what is for sale, type MENU. To buy something, type BUY. Once you purchase an item, you can insert your card or wallet into the cash register or counter to pay for your item. The room description should detail what object is there for card insertion. The last thing you will do is to get your item from the object you inserted your card into, and you will be all set. If there are several things waiting there, use MY.THING to get the thing that belongs to you, MY.PHONE or MY.BAG for instance. Note that if you have placed your card inside a wallet, it is not necessary to remove the card. Simply type insert wallet in cash.

Note that with most of our menus, including in shops, you can enter the given menu number, or you can type text, for instance buy 3 or buy phone. You may find this speeds you up a lot.

If you need to know how to use something, use the COMMANDS [thing] command, for instance COMMANDS PHONE. X is also an alternative for Commands, so X phone, X terminal.

Bear in mind that to talk to others in character, you will need a phone. Also, as you will often run out of free hands, buy a backpack or the like early. A keyring is a handy thing to wear in order to loupe your starship keys to.

Once you are done in the Cavern Hub, you can use the PLATFORM to go fully above ground into the city of Oria on Kapteynia Beta. We recommend you take time to explore this city. To assist you in this, way-finder signs have been placed at many intersections or frequently used locations, such as the landing zone. You can READ these, such as READ SIGN.
Way-finder signs are also found on most other planets, moons and space stations.

If you wish to return to the Cavern Hub later, you can find the PLATFORM in the Courtyard off the landing zone.


One way to progress through the game is doing activities. There are several activities you can do, but Atmospheric Testing is recommended as an early activity because you can walk around to explore the main planet with it. You will find this activity in the science headquarters located on the east end of Willow Lane. Mail delivery is another recommended activity because you can have the chance to pop into each planet, moon, or space station and do a little exploring while making deliveries.

More information on the activities can all be found near the top of our help files list. Typing HELP will give you the entire list of files. Typing HELP ACTIVITY will give you a list of all the help files about activities. HELP ATMOSPHERIC TESTING to read more about that activity.

While many activities can be done with zero points, asteroid tugging, crafting, and artifact hunting cannot. Please see their help files for more information.

Note, asteroid tugging, Kiohn challenges, space and ground invasions, artifact hunting, ground combat quests, and salvaging are all activities which can be done in a group. You cannot share artifacts with your group but can go searching for them together.

Further comments

For doing certain things in the game, you are rewarded points. To see your points, type POINTS. In a shop, typing this will show you how many points you need in order to buy something. To see your points there, type POINTS ME. More information on this can be found in HELP POINTS.

Vast Horizon is a roleplay intensive game, also known as RPI. This means you are expected to stay in character as much as possible. The POLICY ROLEPLAYING and HELP ROLEPLAY ADVICE give more information. Please do not use CWS as a secondary help channel. Please use OOC sparingly.

Your space phone is a very useful gadget to have. For more information, see HELP PHONES. Every aspect of the phone is to be IC at all times. There are to be no OOC text messages and no OOC phone calls.

It is also useful to buy a news reader early on to stay up to date with goings on in the game world. HELP NEWS will give more information.

In help files, commands for you to type are shown in all CAPS to make them more noticeable. Examples are START, PLATFORM, HELP.

Commands that are meant to be used with something else are done like this: COMMANDS [thing], where COMMANDS is actually typed, and the word between brackets is replaced by something else. Examples are COMMANDS phone, USE terminal.

There's a bank in Oria where you can check your cash, pay back your loan and various other things. Type menu, the list of options should mostly be self explanitory.
Note that debit and credit cards gained from the bank are sent in the mail and take a few days to arrive.
Your phone also has a banking option in its menu.

Your mail will automatically be sent to the Oria post office unless you type REDIRECT to have it sent to another planet, moon, or space station. If, in the future, you purchase a home, you can buy a mail box for the mail to be delivered there. There is no need to purchase one of these without owning a home.

If you wish to quit playing for now, you can type SLEEP. Note that when you do this, your character will fall asleep wherever you typed the command. It is generally safe to quit in most places. It is however not advisable to quit in the middle of combat or in a hostile environment. Quitting while your ship is in space is also not recommended.

For those who like to find a safe place to sleep, hotel rooms are available. Find out more in character or explore.

If you simply would like to stay logged in but go idle, you can type DOZE. You will also start dozing automatically after a lengthy time of inactivity. Again, this is not advisable in combat, hostile environments ETC.

If after reading this help file, or at any time during your game play something is unclear, feel free to ask questions via the newbie channel as well as sending in support tickets. We will do our best to assist you.

Happy gaming!

Useful help files:

help communicating
Help useful commands
Help Character descriptions
Help Shopping
Help Economy
Help where are you from
Help tidbits and geography
Help timeline
Help death,
Help The Farold race
Help The Kiohn race
Help Operating a starship
Help Activity
Help Phones
Help Profile
Help Living in the caverns
Help Living in sector A, B or C.
Help Roleplay advice

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