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You may use typing to convey a specific accent that you feel your character would speak. For example, goin', gonna, sorta, y'all, and even yeller would denote a way of speaking.

Furthermore, staff have created accents! You are given an accent depending on which side of the caverns you chose to be from. When requesting a new accent, it cannot be one offered during player creation.

If you wish to have a different accent than the one you chose at player creation, you can donate 3 vouchers to get one. From time to time, we may also do an event where you're paired with a voice coach to learn a new accent, which will be added to your accents list. Requesting a new accent will not eliminate the old one from your list. You would need to not be annoying with constantly switching between the two accents, however staff does understand that a switch may be needed for roleplay purposes by times.

You may buy more than one accent, especially if you are going for voice inflection changes as opposed to nationality. While you may choose a nationality type accent, keep in mind it likely would not be a heavy one unless you have some roleplay behind it. After a couple centuries, most would have lost most, if not all, of their original accent. We would have gravitated more towards the norm of the cavern.

If, and only if, English is not your primary language and you struggle with it, you may do the following. For your ease of roleplay purposes, you may give a reason that your family or caregivers insisted you learned your home language and it did not mesh well with your studies of the English language. We do this so that those who have a real struggle with the English language can explain it in game. Those who have a good understanding of English, do not try to abuse this, it is not meant for you to use under any circumstances.

Now for the ACCENTS command. We offer two ways of switching to another accent that you have.

The first way is to type ACCENTS and hit enter without any arguments. Here you will be asked if you're sure that you wish to switch your currently active accent. If you say yes, it will put you in a menu displaying the accents available to you. If you don't have any other accents, this menu won't come up. Now that we have at least two different accents, you can pick which one you want. So, we will say 2 for the second option which is the other accent that you have, not your current one. It's going to ask you if you wish to change the accent from your old one to the new one. If you say yes, it will tell you that you changed it. Now you will be speaking in your new accent!

The second way to change your accent is to use the corresponding number to the accent that you want in the menu. So, if your current accent is number 2 in the menu, but you wish to change back to your default accent, which is option 1 in the menu, you can type the command like this. ACCENTS 1 and you'll be asked if you wish to switch to that new accent. If you say yes, it will change to that new accent. If you say no, it will keep you with your currently active accent, which for us right now is number 2 in the menu.

What are these accents we offer?

Distinguished English is a posh refined class type accent.

English is your average accent.

Old English Drawl, this one is more of the southern drawl that denotes a slower, more colloquial way of speaking. Such as in the southern USA or the cockney British accent.

Note that your accent probably has bits of many nationalities in it, we're just giving you some example here so that you can roleplay. Not everyone in the cavern would have originated from the British area nor the USA. So words like howdy, or mate aren't going to be used by all.

When we say English, we do not mean British, we mean the English language which encompasses many nationalities.

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