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Associations are a work in progress, to be developed as we go along by the players and staff.

Upon becoming a pilot, players will be enrolled in the Human Pilots Association First Fleet, founded in 2202. This will be the elite movers and shakers of the pilot world. This association will have from 0 to however many players there are. It will be said that most pilots did not make it into the HPA first fleet and are just members of the third fleet. The elite group of pilots will have decision making powers, within reason. How these decisions are made is currently the decision of the current HPA chair.

Note that pilots who have broken laws concerning the first or third fleets would be moved to the second fleet. This is the fleet that nobody wants involved with.

If it is decided to take a vote on an issue, this will be done by the first fleet alone. All ideas that concern the OH, would need final approval from the dictator. The current dictator has given the HPA chair some room with decision making concerning the pilots. The HPA chair can decide on the democratic voting method or decide to just make decisions as a sort of pilot dictator. While they have some authority, they need to work within the boundaries of the dictator's office. These are to consult and work with various department heads and not attempt to change major laws without consent.

We will be adding new associations as the game progresses and hope you will enjoy them. In fact, feel free to suggest one and see what happens with it.

Warning, do not suggest an association just so you can have a clique because our associations are to be roleplayed with so that they can have a standing within the game. Staff strives to have a good mix of player interaction here and constant isolation is frowned upon. Having said that, we do understand groups of friends will form, just try not to get into the total exclusivity habit.

Note, the third fleet pilots were invented to help players understand that they are not the only pilots out there. They are just the pilots who made it into the first fleet, the power fleet as it were.

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