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Combat: Starship Combat

Combat: Starship Combat

Our starship combat system is fairly simple. You will want to move close enough to a ship so that you can hit it. In this case, one unit away from your target is sufficient.

You will also want to use evasive maneuvers so that you don't get hit so many times while firing at your target.

You will need to keep an eye on the starship locking on you. Some of our ships fire fast so moving is a priority. Experienced pilots might teach you to move then fire your shots.

The pilot will type TAR to target a ship, and the gunners will type TAR to see where it is in relation to their ship. This will not be automatically updated so you will want to type TAR again to check where your opponent is. If the ship has the direction override upgrade, the directions will be automatically announced to you. However, if the ship moves more than one unit away, you will need to type TAR to find it.

Typing AIM (or / number or letter) will work for aiming at a target. This is explained more in the navigation help file. Alternatively, you can also aim at specific coordinates such as 3, 5, 8.

Typing TRACKING on any bridge or weapons room will enable/disable the weapon hit tracking system. There are 4 different categories that you should know about. If you hit one of these, and have TRACKING enabled, you will get notification of the component that you hit.

Typing MINIMIZE on any bridge will silence combat activities from other ships in the sector.

Typing MAXIMIZE on any bridge will again display combat activity from other ships in the sector.


If hull is displayed, it means that you hit their hull, even just a little.


If Sensors are displayed, it means that you hit their sensors, even just a little.

Weapon array

This means that weapon components were hit. This could be Rail Gun 1, Torpedo 3, and Rail Gun 3. Weapon array will be displayed whether one or multiple components are hit.

Secondary Systems

These are all other components, FBN Drive, NEP Drive, and whatever else might fall under a secondary component category.

other notes

The list of components will show up in the order from most damage to least damage taken.

The computer announces, "Hit on the one-person club fighter "Cheese Ship" sensors and weapon array."

However, if it shows up as follows, it means the hull took the most damage, followed by the sensors, and lastly the weapon array.

The computer announces, "Hit on the one-person club fighter "Cheese Ship" Hull, sensors and weapon array."

If you would rather not see what components your shot hit, you can turn it off by typing TRACKING as displayed above. If you do want to see it again, you can just type TRACKING again to enable it. Please note that this works on an individual room basis. Therefore, you may wish to check if it's on or off depending on your preference.

PHA - Fires the phasers for you.

RAI - Fires the railguns for you.

CAN - Fires the cannons for you.

TOR - Fires the torpedoes for you.

Engineering is pretty straight forward. The thing to remember here is that you will need to reload weapons from the engineering room and that you can repair two minor components at once. Typing REPAIR ETA will let you know how long until repairs are completed. Typing REP Phaser 1 is how it is done. Type DAM/DAMAGE to check damage.

You can also type DAM [TOR] to get the damage of that weapon.

Typing AMMO will let the engineer know when it's time to reload. Checking this frequently is a good idea.

Another thing to note here is that if your sensors go out, you will need to move manually to your landing destination. If your sensors are gone, type GM and you can see the location of your ship, if you are two units away from one of the listed structures.

It should be clear that your hull is very important to keep repaired. If it gets destroyed, your ship will too be destroyed.

Typing scan will bring up a list of things that you can check, you can obtain damage reports of your opponent and their coordinates with this feature. A good engineer will both keep the ammunition based weapons loaded and scan the target's damage, providing the pilot has given the engineer target information.

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