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Combat: ground Combat Basics

Combat: ground Combat Basics

Ground combat will span over several activities, but its setup is pretty basic. There are several sections to this, and a few commands you'll want to learn to make your experience with it go more smoothly. You will find the weapon and ammunition store on Oria. There, you can purchase guns, holsters, gun belts, ammunition, clips, repair tanks, and armor. The purchases you can make are dependent on your points.

Most guns have one task, this is to deal damage. For these, you will need to buy clips and ammunition. The clips are reusable. The process for setting things up is this. With a package of ammo and the proper clip in your hands, type LOAD Package. Depending on how much ammo the clip needs to fill up will determine the length of time this action takes. Once you have ammo in your clip, type LOAD [gun name]. You will need the gun and clip in your hands for this task. Type UNLOAD [gun name] to remove your clip from it.

There is also a revolver which can perform multiple tasks. This weapon can do poison, blind, flares, and damage. The drawback with it is that you can only shoot one dart per round. With the damage guns, you can purchase guns that will shoot multiple darts. Have the revolver and package of ammunition in your hands. Type LOAD PACKAGE. You will be able to designate how much of each ammunition type to load. Type REV REVOLVER to choose your ammunition before, and during battle.

Once you type REV revolver, you can read down the list and pick a number that corresponds with the type of ammunition you need. For example, if your first flare is #35 of 80 items, you pick 35 and it will pull everything from 35 to 80 to the top of the firing rotation.

Alternatively, type FLA, POI or [damage dart name]. Once you have picked a number from the desired ammunition menu, everything below that number Will be moved to the top of the rotation. For example, if your flare ranges 35 to 50 on your list of 80 items, you type FLA. It Will pull everything from 35 to 80 to the top once you select #1 in the flare options. If you only want it to move one flare shot, you can pick the last number in your flare options. It Will still pull whatever is below that number to the top. If the action is moving fast, typing ! Will select the first number in your flare, poison, or damage list. You can type $ to select the last number. Hopefully, that Will help speed things along.

Holsters are an easy means of carrying most guns and revolvers. They can be worn or clipped to your gun belt. To place your gun inside the holster, simply type holster, and if you need your gun again, simply type DRAW. If you have multiple holsters, you can type DRAW 2, DRAW 3, and so on. Note that rifles and long guns do not fit inside holsters and need to be worn.

Gun belts are useful to clip holsters and dart clips to. Simply type CLIP [item] TO BELT, for example CLIP HOLSTER TO BELT. To remove the item from the belt, simply type UNCLIP [item] FROM BELT, such as UNCLIP HOLSTER FROM BELT.

After completing these tasks, you are ready to go find things to shoot. Simply type SHOOT [target name]. Note that reloading clips or ammunition can be done during battle if the need arises. However, you may want to sort that before moving into the next battle in some cases.

Keep in mind, armor is a good thing to have once you qualify. The type of body armor and helmet you can purchase depends on your special ground combat point qualifications.


Before you begin to heal a person, you will want to check their damage level. Typing HEALTH will do the trick. If the person is wearing armor, it will display the armor's damage. If they are not wearing armor, this command will display the damage of each body part that has damage. If you have reason to believe the person may have body and armor damage, type HEALTH [name of person] | 1. This will display damage to the armor and the body.

There is a spray sold at the pharmacy in science HQ which will heal a person's body damage, if it isn't severe. A visit to the hospital is needed for severe injuries. This spray will not heal body armor. If you do nothing but use this spray during missions, you will not get an assisted kill. Thus, be creative here.

There are also armor repair patches. These take some time but can be useful to save on your mixture.

The repair tank is very important to have, especially when you decide to encounter bosses and/or several enemies at once. You can gain access to higher-level tanks as your points allow. We are setting some solo activities up as well as those which are meant to do as a group. Trying to play hero and perform a repair task along with damage or tank is not advised, things could happen. Note that using the tank for the duration of the battle will still give you kill assists unlike the healing spray.

Operating the tank is a straightforward task. You will simply type SET TANK and then choose your desired task. You will then just type SHOOT [target] and keep that up until you opt to change your task again. If you need to do group repairs type SHOOT.

You can purchase bottles of repair mixtures to go with your tanks. Poison is also an option. You cannot mix and match. If you have one slot, you can only put one type of liquid in it.

If you are in a crew of two or more people, you can type CREW or CW to check the armor health status of the group. If you don't have armor on, it will simply display that fact in the group message.

The need may arise to check the damage of the group or an individual. You simply type CWB or CREWB. At this time, this feature is most important with pilots who cannot yet acquire armor.


If you are injured and need to run from a fight, type FLEE. You will have a chance to make a mad dash for a safe room in the area. We strongly advise that this feature only be used for its intended purpose.

In fact, circumventing our set up for various missions to suit your needs will be considered a workaround and thus against policy. Guidelines will be given in the mission activities help files as we set them up.

Useful Commands:

CREW (or CW) - Shows the status of the armor of all members of your group.

CREWB (or CWB) - Will show the health of all members of your group.

HEALTH [name of person] - Will show you the health of the specified person, or the state of their armor if they are wearing it. Without arguments, it will show health for yourself.

HEALTH [name of person] | 1 - Used in case the person is wearing armor and you want to see their body damage. Leave the name out to see your own health.

health [enemy] -- will show you the health of an enemy. You can also get this information by looking at it.

LOAD PACK - With a clip in one hand and a package of damage darts in the other, this command will let you load ammunition into your clip.

LOAD [name of gun] - Will load your clip into the gun, provided you hold both in your hands.

UNLOAD [name of gun] - Will unload the clip from your gun, provided you have the gun in your hand.

HOLSTER - Will place a gun from your hand inside an available holster. Note that rifles ETC can't be holstered and need to be worn instead.

DRAW - Will DRAW your gun from its holster. If you have multiple holsters, you can provide arguments such as DRAW 2, DRAW 3 and so on.

CLIP [name of item] TO BELT- lets you clip a damage clip or revolver to your gun belt.

UNCLIP [name of item] FROM BELT - Will unclip your damage clip or holster from your gun belt.

REV REVOLVER - Will bring up a list in order to allow you to move a dart in your revolver to the top of the firing rotation. Note that any darts below it will be moved up accordingly. You could type a number, fla, poi ETC.

SPRAY CAN AT [target] - Will let you use the spray sold at the pharmacy at the specified target.

SET [tank] - Will let you set which section of your tank you want to use.

SHOOT [target] - Will let you shoot at the specified target. Also used to do repairs using the tank. To repair an entire group, just type SHOOT.

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