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Vast Horizon offers various methods of speaking directly to another person or a room full of people.

1. Typing YELL or SHOUT then message will make you yell or shout. People can hear you from one room away.

2. Typing SAY or ' followed by your message will allow you to speak with everyone in the room. Note you must type say message. When you use the ', you do not need the blank space.

3. Typing `name or -name followed by your message will allow you to speak directly to someone in the room with you.

4. Typing ]name followed by your message enables you to whisper to someone in the same room.

5. Typing OOC followed by your message will allow you to speak OOCly to everyone in the room with you. Warning, use this sparingly. It's not for having lengthy conversations.

Note that you can type OOC TOGGLE to turn off the receiving of these OOC message as they can break RP if used incorrectly.


Vast Horizon offers a few in and out of character channels for you to communicate with other players. To talk on these channels, simply type the channel name followed by your message.

Our channel names can also be abbreviated, such as, gen, tac, new or cws.

In Character channels

In order to receive and transmit on these in character channels, you will need a Space Phone. There are 2 stores selling these, one in the cavern Hub, the other in the city of Oria. For speaking on channels, a phone plan is not required.

To turn these channels on or off, use the settings of your Space phone.

1. The Tactical channel: A channel to discuss and organize invasions, ground combat oriented activities and other similar things.

2. The general channel: A channel for general chat and discussion. This channel is not as secure as tactical.

Out Of Character channels:

To turn these channels on or off, simply type channel name on, or channel name off. (for example, CWS on)

1. the Newbie Channel:

A channel where all players can seek help. In most cases this should be questions followed by answers. Remain polite at all times and try to be as helpful as you can. Informing players that information they seek can also be obtained in character is acceptable, but a simple "Ask IC" answer is not. The Newbie channel is not for quests and puzzles.

2. The Conversations With Staff channel:

Staff's leniency with this channel has been evaluated and we realize that we too need to work on our rules for the channel. We regret the need to tighten the reigns for this channel but need to do so so that everyone can enjoy it.

A channel to have conversations with the staff and other players if you opt to do so.

This channel is for discussions of a wide range of topics, books, films, other games if done decently, that funny cooking story, and the list goes on. Enjoy it for what it's intended purpose is.

It is not meant to report bugs or seek other types of staff assistance. It is also not meant to gain game mechanic assistance in any way.

This channel is also not intended to exchange personal OOC information or discuss ongoing in game plotlines. If you do exchange information, and end up in some sort of OOC issue because of it, staff is absolved of any involvement because we have warned you that this is not the place for it.

Bashing of any person, other game, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or whatever else that could cause friction is prohibited.

CWS is also not the place to explain why you had to bail on an IC activity in place of doing it IC. Example, it is not for telling everyone that you need to go get coffee and cannot gun for five minutes. Deal with that IC. If you do need to step back from an issue and cannot use OOC, feel free to very discretely mention you have to go. Staff realizes that needing to exit a situation may be necessary from time to time and will not completely shut this avenue down, if it is an important exit.

Furthermore, as the policy states, this is not the channel to hail staff with your issues relating to reports that you have sent.

During an event, please keep all discussion off the channel.

From time to time, staff will use this channel to have discussions with players about various aspects of the game and notice will be given for that.

Furthermore, current news items can be discussed but anything that may be inflammatory to another person's political views is not allowed. Personal insults to others on any category are also not allowed.

Bringing forth OOC to IC issues is also not allowed on CWS. Neither is IC to OOC issues. Being a habitual rule breaker of this and any other channel will result in point loss. The exception to this rule would be if staff initiated such a conversation to gain feedback or felt the need to warrant such a discussion to help the players and staff come to a happy medium so that the comfortable nature of the game can be preserved for all.

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