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Crafting Items

Crafting Items

We have several items that you may craft. For ease of access, the more complex items will be listed here.

A Debris Information Scanner:
This little scanner can be worn or held. When used in a cargo room with a shipwreck, you can get a list of debris chunks.

A Mining Tool Repair Patch:
This little repair patch is to be used with mining tools.

A Suit To Ship Radio:
This radio will allow you to communicate with the last ship you exited from, if the ship has the ship radio upgrade. The device attaches to your helmet.

An Airlock Hatch Buster:
This hand-held device will allow you to destroy the magnetic sensor on an airlock, enabling you to board a ship. Warning, the cost of repairing the hatch at a shop is not cheap.

A Coordinates Display:
This can be installed in a room where you can't normally see what coordinates you are at.

The pilot droid:
This device can get you landed at a planet, station, or moon if you are busy disassembling. It is currently able to be installed in freighters only. It cannot do direction changes for you either. Make sure your path is a set direction such as northeast or some such. If your needed sectors are not equal to north and east though, it will not turn north once you set the path. Note, you must have a travel drive installed to use this droid. To get your droid started, hold it while standing on the bridge and type ACTIVATE. Then type NAME ["droid.] Wen you want him to take you home, speak into the PA.
[name] head home.
[name] go home.
["name] take me home.

The following items need to be equipped from your engineering room. To do this, place the item on the floor, then type EQUIP. You will then be given a list of items to equip from which you make your choice. Note that in ships without engineering rooms, repairs are done in either a control room or weapons room.

A Delayed Launching Mechanism:
With this device, you can delay the scheduling of a launch by inputting DLAUNCH and a number of seconds into the ship's computer. It is handy for docking or undocking ships.

An FBN Drive Repair Kit
When your FBN drive is destroyed, you can EQUIP This kit in order to repair it back to a suitable amount so that you can finish repairs.

A Hatch Bell:
Once installed people can ring your entire ship.

An Improved Airlock Cycling Unit:
This device will vastly reduce the time it takes you to cycle a ship.

A Ship To Ship Broadcast Range Amplifier:
This piece of hardwear is one of our more expensive items. If you have a ship to ship broadcaster installed, this will raise your broadcasting range to 2 light-years. The direction in which an incoming broadcast was sent from will also be displayed.

A Target Direction Override:
This bundle of software will enable your target's direction to be displayed on a screen in any room that has weapons, as well as the bridge.

A Temporary Artifact Autostop Unit:
This device will be loved by those who use the travel drive to artifact. It will stop upon reaching a sector with an artifact in it. It has a limited number of uses but you may install more than one device at a time. Simply type AUTO-STOP to toggle this on and off. Note, its default is off.

Charge Boosters
An item that adds an extra bit of charge to your ships. (Note that this is not a replacement for a reactor.)

A Copier
This is handy if you want copies of photos.

A Digital Score Sheet:
Handy if you need help keeping score of a game, contest, or any other scorekeeping needs.

A Firing Aborting Chip:
Allows someone to not fire in space when they have lost a target.

A Smoke Sensor:
Detects when someone is smoking in a room and alerts the crew to this fact.

Note that items such as chips, tubes and whatever else finds its way into this list will need to be dropped and retrieved with your cart. Meaning you cannot put item in cart.

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