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Custom Saved Emotes

Custom Saved Emotes

Custom saved emotes:

Having to rewrite emotes that you do frequently" can be a pain, and we understand this.

This is where the C-EMOTE command comes in, so we will walk through it together.

Add a custom saved emote:


Hit enter after typing that, and you will see the following:

What would you like the label (quick command) for this emote to be called?

We will input spin and hit enter. It will not add if you already have one called spin.


Now it says:

Please enter your custom emote here.

This is where you design the emote, so we are going to do that now. We use percents for where we want our substitutions at. Please keep in mind you can't use the same percent modifier name twice in one emote. Here is one that will work. It's going to allow us to direct it at another player/and/or object, say some custom text each time we call it, and input some more general text:

Spinning around, @ blows a kiss to %person and says, %say A moment later %2person %text.

Lets break it down:

%person indicates a person that we want to target.

%say means we want it to format what we put into custom say text with quotes.

%text is used for something else without quotes. Let us continue:

Would you like to save the following data? Label: 'spin'; Emote: "Spinning around, @ blows a kiss to %person and says, %say A moment later %2person %text."? [Enter "yes" or "no"]

We said yes.

Emote saved. You can now type C-EMOTE