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Currently the only way one can actually die in this game is through staff intervention. This is not to say the rules for death will remain steadfast with no changes in the future.

One can say that ships were upgraded in late 2220 with a life saving software and hardware package, which includes special sensors. While most of these upgrades are bolstered by tertiary failsafes, it is needed to save lives. This means, while you can worry over your situation IC, OOCly, there is no need. Send in a support if you are stranded outside your ship but please remember that the ships are equipped to snag you up just as your oxygen depletes.

As for the mines, other hostile environments, and ground combat areas, an expensive rescue will be done by medics or guards.

Malfunctioning equipment could be the main way that one could die in this game. While not likely, never say never.

We probably won't kill you off without warning, however that is no reason to treat what would really be a life threatening situation as if you cannot die. While this is a game, treating as such is not the best idea and is considered bad roleplay.

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