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Donation Items

Donation Items

While we do not seek compensation for running Vast Horizon, donations of any amount are greatly appreciated to offset the server costs. Below is a list of items that we offer for donation. If you are looking for something that is or is not on our list, please open a support ticket and begin discussions with us.

Note, several items such as the map chip, glide trailers, and phone charges can be purchased at our coin shop which is located in the Oria Government center. We advise you check there before sending a support. This is to ensure that you need our help with an item. Wardrobes, virtual objects, description and name changes are among those items you cannot purchase in the coin shop.

If you wish to donate, go to the paypal site and send all donations to

More information to do with donations can be found in game via the help file.

Donation items!

Special trip tokens: various prices, see coin depot.

Custom description for food and drink machines: 2 vouchers.

Up to ten food or beverages added to your existing machine: 1 voucher per item.

Adding uses to your food or drink machine: 2 vouchers per hundred uses.

Renaming your food or beverage machine: 2 vouchers.

Custom beverage machine messages: 1 voucher per message.

custom ship room description: 1 voucher per room.

Renaming ship rooms: 1 voucher per room.

A ten Slot Galactic map upgrade: 10 vouchers. This may currently be purchased four times. You must have the initial map chip in your dataslate before you can be given this.

A 10,000 unit nonrefillable NEP energy tank: 10 vouchers.

Triple your phone and/or bike charge: 10 vouchers.

Unlimited phone charge: 25 vouchers.

Changing Your bike: 5 vouchers.

(This could include renaming, description change and movement message change, such as rides or hovers.)

glider trailer: 10 vouchers.

The designer name and TM must remain on the trailer.

You may describe this how you want it or use the default description. Please choose a color.

You hitch these trailers to a glider bike which will enable you to haul objects or other people.

A compartment Wardrobe: 10 vouchers.

The designer name and TM must remain on the wardrobe, so please do not ask us to remove it.

Compartment information you will need to provide would be things like outerwear, tops, footwear and so on. Please provide your compartment names, object description, and other details you may need.

These wardrobes give you the ability to put clothing items in various compartments.

Due to how clothing is written, you may get a choice to place a garment in more than one compartment. It will be up to you to organize these things.

Virtual objects: 2 vouchers per object.

(A birdbath, seat of some type, fountain, etc.

Room details: 2 vouchers per detail or 3 for 5 vouchers.

(These are items that you can put in a description and people can look at them but their is no real object there.

Ambiance messages: 1 voucher per message.

(These may be suitable for messages in a garden or whatever you can think of that would make roleplay sense.)

Custom walk styles for yourself: 2 vouchers for 1, or 5 vouchers for 3.

A new accent: 3 vouchers.

A wedding officiated, and catered by staff: 20 vouchers.

(A minister, outfits for both, custom rings, and up to 10 food and drink items.)

Two customized wedding rings: 7 vouchers.

Two custom wedding outfits: 12 vouchers.

Your initial 12 rooms for a home: 30 vouchers.

(You may build onto this home at the cost of two rooms per voucher.)

House Pool 5 Vouchers.

Beach room (only if you want to swim in it) 5 vouchers for up to 3 rooms.

Custom wear and remove messages: 1 voucher per garment.

Custom clothing: 2 vouchers per item.

Two custom aliases on 1 item: 1 voucher

Custom floor and sit types for houses: 1 voucher per room, or 3 rooms for 1 voucher.

Forum system in a room (house or ship: 10 vouchers per room.

A sword crafted by Blazer: 6 vouchers

Note, roleplay must be done for these, with Blazer.

A people prop: 15 vouchers and 300 RP points.

A people prop controller 5 vouchers, used for greater navigation roleplay.

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