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Donations to the game

Donations to the game

The Vast Horizon server costs money to maintain. Therefore, we are most appreciative for any donations that we receive from you. Note that donating does not give you any special privileges in the game. If you have donated and leave the game of your own volition, or are removed due to policy violations, you will not receive a refund. In addition, we will not exchange a previously purchased item for another item. Furthermore, you will have five business days to return a newly purchased item in exchange for your vouchers to be readded to your account. If you are purchasing a custom-made item, we will work with you to make sure your requested item meets your initial specifications.

While we may offer donation items such as an enhanced map chip, you may not ask for a donation item that gives you an advantage in any game activities. These items are for character enhancement purposes only. This excludes any item that we may decide to put up for a donation item. We will not put heavily beefed up warships and other activity ships that would put player characters at a great disadvantage in battle up for donation purchase.

Soon after you donate to the game, you will be given vouchers. Your voucher total will show up when you type INFO. For example, if you donate $20.00 US dollars you will have 20 vouchers. You may then request donation items via email,, support ticket, or, in some cases, you can buy them directly in game. Alternatively, you may sell one or more points to the bank for in game cash.

The voucher amount will increase depending on the number of dollars you donate in a single donation.

$1 to $30 is $1.00 per voucher.

$31 to $65 is $0.90 per voucher.

$66 to 99 is $0.80 per voucher.

$100.00 and above is $0.70 per voucher.

Please remember that the amounts listed above and prices per voucher are on a per donation amount, not how much you've donated cumulatively.

We understand that not everybody can afford to donate, thus have taken steps to ensure that everyone can have a chance to get these donation vouchers. Someone can simply go to the bank and sell vouchers for IC cash. The bank will then sell them to the general public for a fee. Various IC explanations could be given for this. You sold some rare coins to the bank, or you cashed in on an investment. Just keep these reasons logical.

Note that these vouchers are not physical items that you can carry around. We do this to prevent them from freely being passed around in hopes that our system will be used properly.

If you purchase an item and wish to have something added to it later, staff will sort out whether it should be free or cost a few vouchers. This would depend on what is being done to your item. If it is a small tweak, we likely will not charge. This process is totally at the discretion of the staff.

If you request a custom item, we will get it to you as quickly as we can. If you have not heard back from us about your request within ten business days, please send in a support to nudge us along.

When sending in your payment, please put your username (not character name) in the note section of the payment form. This will help us direct the funds correctly. If you are gifting donation vouchers to another character, please provide your name, the word gift and the IC name of the other person.

We will be adding your vouchers to your character manually. We hope that the turn around time is very short but if we have not done this within a couple of days, please send us a SUPPORT ticket, or email us. Provide your donation amount, the email address from which it was sent, and the date that it was sent.

We have the right to refuse any custom donation request that is submitted. We will not do this without giving you a valid reason and will work with you to find a compromise that is suitable for both yourself and the vast horizon staff.

If you retire a character to then begin a new one, speak with us if you have spent a lot of donation vouchers on an item. You may be eligible to receive up to a 50% refund for the new character. For example, if you've got $50 invested in your neat glider bike, you may be able to receive 25 vouchers upon rolling into the new character. Important note here, if you retired and come back to the game after a lengthy time, this will not apply.

We thank you in advance for assisting us in keeping the game running and hope to make it as pleasant a place in which to relax and enjoy your gaming experience as possible.

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