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Forum Recorders

Forum Recorders

Forum recorders are a handy way of recording that important meeting or some other thing of your private nature. For ten coins, you can have one installed in your home. We will provide these in places that we see fit for important meetings and the like.

They will record video and audio and then you can dump a transcript onto your dataslate if you would like to keep it, or print it.

At this time, you cannot do anything but save a transcript written by the AI. You then can print, keep, or get rid of.

Upon sending in a support ticket to request this feature, a few things need to happen. Please send the support ticket within the room you want to have this device installed. Please update the room's description to denote a security system or some such other creative device is installed in that room. You will not be able to pick up these devices at this time so, choose carefully.

CREATE-FORUM - This starts the recording.

STOP-FORUM This will stop the forum.

DUMP-FORUM This will dump the recorded forum onto your dataslate for safe keeping or printing.

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