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GPS Trackers

GPS Trackers

GPS trackers were released in the year 2020, by the OH GPS Tracking Association and aided pilots in locating their missing large ticket items. Currently the only manufacturers that have Incorporated the necessary connection point is the Glider Bike company, Mining Cart creators, Crafting Cart creators, Healing Tank creators and the manufacture of Glide Trailers, but this standard is heard to be pushed forward in the future.

Once you have your GPS chip in hand, you can attach it to supported items so you can locate their whereabouts. After you have attached them, you need to use your phone, and head to the GPS menu. Under that you'll select option 1 to look for an item. This will show you all items that have an attached chip in the room with you. Pick the item you want, and it will be linked to your tracking account. If you ever need, you can also remove an item from your tracking account in the same menu. This menu is where you track the item with option 3. Note, it will take a few seconds to get the location back, and will cost $500 each time you track an item. The tracking information will not always give 100 percent accurate positioning.


ATTACH GPS [to item name] - This will attach the GPS to the item.

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