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Games: Balls

Games: Balls

This little game of balls is pretty easy to play. The objective is to be the first to hit 500 points. Be careful where your ball lands though because it can deduct points. If you reach -300 points, you are ejected from the game.

The IC information to know is that this game became popular in the caverns. Its current format was built by computer programmer Anna Schmidt in 2145.


Typing this command will allow you to join a game of balls. Note that there must be a minimum of two people playing for this game to work.


This command will start a game of balls once people have joined it.


Typing this command will roll your ball and it will land inside a random square. Your roll result will determine whether you advance points, stagnate, or lose some points. Be careful, there is a square that will cause everyone to lose points!


If a player is idle for more than five minutes, you will have the option to end the current game of balls.


This command gives you the points system for this game.

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