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Games: Dice

Games: Dice

We have created a set of six dice for your dice gaming fun. These dice are six-sided, and you can select how many dice you would like to roll. This could come in handy if you are playing a game that requires you to change the number of dice you need to roll such as Farkle. Or Yahtzee. They would also work for dice in which you need a single die such as pig. The games are endless with just a single set of dice and we hope you enjoy them.


This command will enable you to select the number of dice you need to roll.


This command will enable you to roll the dice.

We do not have anything for score keeping so you'd probably need to handle that in notepad or something OOCly and roleplay that you are score keeping in game. Or, you could attempt to keep your score in game by updating it on paper. Either way you wish to do it is acceptable to staff.

Happy gaming!

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