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Groups are an easy way for 2 or more players to travel together through the game world. They consist of a leader and 1 or more followers.

the following commands are used for managing your group:
GROUP - [name of person] This command adds that person to your group.
GROUP - This command tells you who are in the group you formed, if any.
UNGROUP - This command, by itself, brings up a list of members of your group. You will be given you the option of individually removing them.
UNGROUP - [Name of person] This command removes the specified person from your group.
UNGROUP ALL - This command disbands your group entirely.
LEAVE - This command allows you to leave a group, if you no longer wish to be a part of it. Simply walking away from the group accomplishes the same thing.

Additional notes:
- If a member of the group is sitting or lying down, he or she is left behind as soon as the leader walks away.
- There are situations in which traveling in groups is more expensive or not possible.

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