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Hospitals and Stretchers


We have two types of stretchers, a cheap one that cannot be folded and stored away in a bag. The more expensive one can be folded and stored in a bag. You purchase these stretchers at the ground combat shops. These should only be used for transporting injured people to the hospital or other triage point. You may take them on trains and the quick trip system.

FOLD/UNFOLD ["stretcher]

If you have a roll up stretcher, this will roll it up so that you can store it in a bag.

DRAG [stretcher]

This will enable you to have the stretcher follow behind you.

PLACE [Maya on stretcher]

This will put maya on the stretcher.


The hospital is very straight forward. Take yourself, if not unconscious, or another person into the Gonrah hospital.

Simply type NURSE [tracy] to call the nurse for me. Or just type NURSE to call the nurse for yourself.

Please note that the person who is calling the nurse is currently the one being charged. You would need to handle your refund IC through our legal system if someone doesn't pay after you've attempted to get them to do so.

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