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Purchasing a home is done with donation vouchers. There are currently two ways that you can get these vouchers. These are by donating to the game or purchasing them with in game cash from the bank. See help donations for more information on donating.

Disclaimer. If you are gone from the game for more than 1 year or more, and have a home with little to no work done on it, you may lose it. You will be refunded two thirds the vouchers you put into said home.

Furthermore, if you are gone for more than 18 months, with no word of return, you may lose your home and two thirds of your vouchers will be refunded.

While we can continue to just create new housing areas, it isn't always necessary to add to the database with several abandoned homes around. Just communicate with us to avoid this process.

The starting price for a home is 30 vouchers. Once you have these, you will go to the realty office on Randre Drive. There are three rooms off the lobby and you will want the room that is designated as home purchases. We currently have housing developments with vacancies at Lakewood drive which is located on Gonrah.

The room descriptions in these rooms will tell you what to do to start the home buying process. But, simply type USE DESK to begin. If you select yes in the prompt, you will receive a small home purchase token.

Simply go to the housing plot of your choice and type USE TOKEN. You will be prompted to type what you wish to use for entering your home. This could be lawn, ranch, house, or many other things. As will be indicated, the first room will be outdoors and cannot be changed.

Next, you will be prompted to pick a password. If you don't want people going randomly onto your lawn, or whatever you name the first room, it is recommended to pick the password in case we approve things while you are not around. Note that passwords are how we lock doors here, so you will most assuredly want that at your home entrance. If you set a room to have a password but want to add it later, or need to change it, the command is PASSPHRASE.

The last item you will need to do here is pick a name for your house. This could be a cute ranch, a drab house, or whatever you wish to call it. After choosing a name, you will be told to take your token back to the realty office and submit it in the home purchase room. To do this, type USE DESK.

Once your initial set up has been approved by staff, you can begin work on your home. In the first room is a residential glider recharging station. It is recommended you make some note of it in your first room's description please.

Upon entering the first room of your home, you will have a few choices. They can be found by typing commands here. I will explain each command below.


This command is self explanatory. You can use it to describe the room you are standing in. Note, the description will have to be approved by staff. You will want to do your best with spelling and grammar in all room descriptions.

DIG [direction] TO [room name]

This command simply lets you dig your next room. Note, some room names not in our preapproved list will need to be approved by staff.


This command allows you to rename a room. Here again, if your chosen name is not in our list, it will need staff approval.


This command will allow you to add one designer to your home. Note that this person needs to have at least 150 productivity points.

ADD-DOOR [direction]

REMOVE--DOOR [direction]

These commands will allow you the chance to add and remove doors. Here again, staff approval will be needed. If you add a door, just type the command and follow the prompts, which will explain the process well.


This will allow another person to make changes to a door in your home.

DOORLOCK [direction]

This will allow you to change the password of doors in your home. This will not work with the initial go exit entry.


This will allow you to make changes to your go exit password. Note, you need to be in the plot that your go exit resides in to do this.

demolish [direction]

This will allow you the chance to demolish a room.

remove-exit [direction]

This will allow you to remove an exit from a room that has multiple exits.

PREDICT [direction]

This command will tell you if you have a room in a specific direction.


This command will allow you to style a room. Currently the only listing here is house kitchen. You will need this room somewhere to have the RoboChef gift installed. If you want to rearrange your home, type style to swap your kitchen back to a house room. Note, you will need to type chef to store your RoboChef before removing the kitchen.

Once you have a kitchen, type CHEF to install your RoboChef. If you move your kitchen, please type CHEF to store it first. There is an office in the realty shop where you can order a refill of your chef without having to take the unit along. You cannot unbolt the chef for use in other places.

A few notes.

If you dig in a direction that has a room, it will simply add the exit instead of creating the room you tried to create.

You may go to the building permits room located in the realty office and buy more rooms for your home. The cost is 1 voucher for two rooms.

While we want you to enjoy your home, we do ask that you show some restraint when getting roommates. It is fine to have a couple but allowing most everyone to have a room in your home isn't really the best RP and will be considered a workaround. For example, new player comes in, where can I rent a room. You, who doesn't know them IC, "oh here, come sleep at my house so you won't have to rent." If we see this happening, taxes may crop up.

It is vitally important which side of the door you are on when creating the door if you want the door to have a lock after approval. You need to be standing on the side of the door you wish there to be a lock on. For example: If you are making your front door and you want it to have a lock to keep people out, you will need to be standing outside. The same way people will be coming into your house from the yard. If you create your door from the inside you will only be able to put a lock on the inside, which is only good at keeping people in.

renting a room:

For those who do not wish to buy a home, you may rent a bungalow on Kizak or a hotel room on Oria. The bungalows can have a RoboChef bolted in their livingroom/kitchen area and the third floor hotel rooms can have it in the kitchenette. Note that the prices of these rooms is a fun debate and you may keep that up IC. But here is a breakdown.

Players have the ability to make next to nothing or upwards of a few million dollars per month, depending on your grind level. Thus over the course of a year, near seven million is not a far reach at all. Is it cheaper to buy a home, in the long term aspect, yes. If you are one who enjoys rerolling often, no because you will not be refunded the larger portion of the home donation.

If you have further questions, please open a support ticket. Enjoy your prospective creativity with your home.

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