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Job: Artifact Hunting

Job: Artifact Hunting

Artifact hunting has always been something that pilots have enjoyed doing, but it received a boost in 2217 when it became a paying job for pilots. This job will give you science points of varying degrees. There are four types of artifacts that you can currently find. They are as follows.

Local artifacts are found as close as fifteen light-years from sector 1. They are the most common, thus pay less in points and money. You will not gain points with the locals beyond 2,000 points.

Out of communication range is a hundred light-years from sector 1. It is here that you can begin to get the out of local artifacts. Since these artifacts are further out, they will pay more than the locals in cash and points but not as much as the remote or rare artifacts. You will not gain any points beyond 7000 with the out of locals artifacts.

Remote artifacts can be found as close as 400 light-years from sector 1. They are rare artifacts. Thus, pay more points and money than your local or out of local artifacts.

Rare finds will start at around 700 light-years out. They pay more in points and money because we don't have many.

This job is simple to do. If you are going farther than local artifacts, Use a ship with a NEP drive, or plan to take forever to get to your destination. Fly out a distance of your choosing then use the travel and shuttle drives to move through sectors.

If you have the relevant upgrade and settings selected, you will get an alert of an artifact being found in the sector. Move the ship next to it, suit up and exit the ship. Check your coordinates, spacewalk to it and then pick up your artifact. Store the artifacts you collect in the artifact research container so that you can easily submit them at the research center once you return home.

required equipment:

Spacesuit with an oxygen tank and space jet pack.

An artifact research container.

A NEP, (Nuclear Energy Phase), drive, while not necessary, will make your travel much faster.

Also, while not necessary the travel and shuttle drives will both speed up and give convenience to your sector travel for this job.

For newer players, we have ships available to rent at Rayford's abode, which is also a convenient place to base your early artifacting jobs. Rayford's also sends out a broadcast every hour which you may find helpful. You will also need to check your ALERTS settings to make sure you turn on the alerts you want to hear.

Note that looking for unexplored sectors may be beneficial. While you can find artifacts in explored sectors, unexplored paths are better.

The jet pack requires 15 science points, thus this job cannot be done until you've got the pack.

Useful commands:

ALERTS - This will turn on and off the various alerts

TRAVEL [direction] - This will start you moving in that direction

STOP - Stop your ship when traveling

LRSCAN - Use the long range scanner to seek out energy sources, such as Rayford's Abode or other ships

SHUTTLE [ON/OFF] - Enable or disable the automatic use of the shuttle drive when traveling.

BROADCAST - Turn on or off the broadcast system

BROADCAST [message] - Send a message to ships in the region

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