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Job: Asteroid Tugging

Job: Asteroid Tugging

Asteroid tugging is an industrial activity which received a boost in 2218 when the current asteroid tugger was released. It can be done with one or more people. We encourage you to take a partner to speed things up and for the RP chatter time. Only one planet will receive asteroids. Asking around is a good idea.

You will need an asteroid grapple gun, asteroid lines, an asteroid tugger, fuel for the secondary engine and a spacesuit. The tugger does not require the alerts system to detect that an asteroid is in the sector. The ship will automatically do the job. Also, items of note but not required are the travel drive for automovement through sectors and the asteroid size scanner.

Your asteroid tugger has two engines. The ship's main engine and the secondary engine. From the secondary engine room, which houses the fuel to tug the asteroid, you can check the secondary engine STATUS, do a REPAIR, and engage or disengage the engines by typing MANAGE. To order fuel, you need to be in a shop that sells fuel. You must have fuel or cannot tug the asteroid. If your secondary engine gets damaged beyond repair, you cannot tug the asteroid. You will also need to go to a repair center to order the repairs of the engine.

Note that your ship will come loaded with a full tank of fuel.

Also of note is that you will gain bonuses every so often. The first is at 100 asteroids tugged and is $50,000. The bonus payout will rise as you reach higher numbers of asteroids tugged. Once you reach a milestone, you will receive an especially nice bonus. The bonuses will then dip back down, till you reach another milestone, which will then pay a larger amount of cash.

You start this activity by manually navigating through sectors until you find an asteroid or using the travel drive. You then move to the asteroid but do not land on it.

1. Wear your spacesuit.

2. Cycle, then exit your ship.

3. Make sure your gun is set to UNSPOOL. You will SHOOT SHIP, then SHOOT ASTEROID until four lines are attached to the ship and have dug into the asteroid.

4. Return to your ship, go to the asteroid engine room and type MANAGE to enable your engine. You can also disengage the engine and repair it through the manage menu.

5. Return to the bridge and type TUG. Once you land and get paid, it's optional to disengage the asteroid engine. However, if you do not do this, you will needlessly burn more fuel.

You cannot purchase grappling guns and lines until you have reached 350 productivity. You cannot purchase the asteroid tugger ship until you have reached 500 productivity. Thus this activity cannot be done at the onset of your game playing experience.

If you need to repair your asteroid tugger's secondary engine during the tugging process, simply type STOP and repair the engine.

While you need a spacesuit for this activity, you do not need a space jet pack.

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