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Job: Atmospheric Testing

Job: Atmospheric Testing

Atmospheric testing is an easy activity to complete. This activity is for testing radiation levels in various assigned areas. The pay increases as your science points rise, and the points will decrease. You will also receive a small productivity bonus for completing the mission. This is a good mission to do as you learn your way around Kapteynia Beta.

This activity is a necessity to humanity as it helps keep track of radiation levels around areas on Kapteynia Beta. It was realized in 2219 that NEW pilots would be good candidates for doing it. Being as there is a regular tester squad, the science department does not see fit to employ pilots with this job beyond a set atmospheric point level. While missions reset at midnight each day, your scanner and mission status will totally disappear if you do not complete it in seven days.

You can do this mission three times per day, and there are no penalties for not completing the mission on the day you received it or for finishing early. The payout in cash and points is a per room basis.

1. Go to the atmospheric testing room located in Science HQ to get a mission.

2. Type USE TERMINAL and then you will be instructed on what street, planet, and city to scan.

3. Head to your mission area and type USE ATMO, (or USE SCANNER) to do a scan. Once it's complete, move to the next room and continue the process until your mission is complete, or you may finish early.

4. Return to the testing room to complete your mission.

Note, if you get a warning to take riphenol, your mission will be ended and you will only be paid for the rooms that you currently have received. This could be anywhere from zero to however many rooms there are in the mission.

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