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Job: Boss Kills

Job: Boss Kills

Boss kills is a term that many who play fantasy games may be familiar with. These are creatures that are buffed up more, stronger, and way harder to kill. As we come up with more bosses for ground combat, this help file will be updated.

The Big Red Dragon

This is a nasty beast who was thought to be a myth. This is until 2207 when a group of ten explorers and a dozen scientists discovered that a large thicket of foliage in the jungle could be penetrated. Three lives were lost to some creatures looking much like the once mythical goblins of old books from earth.

The lone survivor, Danny Faro, said that he fled, and his companions continued deeper into the area. He claimed to hear a loud roar. The remaining members of his crew never returned and were reported to be dead.

Stronger weapons were found and armor for the head and body was made in haste. Against the wishes of her peers, COS Michelle Faro went back into the foliage with Austin Turner and ten other pilots.

They managed to defeat the goblins in their path and then found the big beast who roared. They also determined that only four individuals could enter the dragon's lair. After a long grueling fight, the dragon fled and dropped some useless items. Among these was a NEP approach chip. Thousands of these chips and the blueprints to create them were lost when scientist David Becker died during the first mission.

While it was foolish for Mr. Becker to take his NEP work into the jungle, you may be able to obtain one of these lost chips if you make the dragon go on the run!

It is not advised for those with lower damage weapons and lower-level armor to mess around with this boss.

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