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Job: Crafting

Job: Crafting

Crafting was released to pilots during the summer of 2221. It is a straight forward activity that will gain you no points. If clever, you may be able to earn some cash with it.

The following things are needed before one can craft.

1. 500 productivity points.

2. A crafting supply cart, which you can purchase upgrades for as you progress with crafting.

LINK [cart] to 2.cart - This command allows you to link your cart to another cart in order to switch supplies.

UNLINK [cart] from 2.cart - Once you have finished switching supplies, you can use this command to unlink your cart.

SEARCH [cart] - You may use this command to search the cart for a specific item.

VIEW [cart] - This command will give you a list of all supplies within the cart.

RETRIEVE [cart] - This will allow you to retrieve crafting supplies such as shipwreck chunks, various chips and whatever we may think of in the future.

SWITCH [cart] - This will allow you, if your cart is linked, to switch supplies from your cart to another cart and vice versa.

TOTAL [cart] - This command will simply show you the total number of supplies stored in your cart.

LOAD/UNLOAD [cart] - These commands will let you load and unload physical objects to and from the cart. Note, it should only be loading items from a crafting bin which is in your hand.

3. Crafting supplies. Most of these are obtained by disassembling salvaged shipwrecks. There are a few parts that you will need to get via other methods. You can sort this out by discussing it with other players who may have information.

What to do.

1. Purchase a cart from the research station in sector 6.

2. Disassemble shipwrecks and then make sure your cart is in the cargo room. You then type RETRIEVE cart. A menu will pop up with all available crafting parts in the room. Once you pick an item, you can choose all or 1 of that item.

3. Take your cart over to the printer office on the research station. Type USE PRINTER. This will bring up a list of categories. Each category has items that can be crafted in its menu.

4. Once you have selected an item to craft, you will be told whether or not you have the correct supplies. If you are missing supplies, you will get that information as well.

Printer Notes:

Typing USE printer will bring up a menu, which is self explanatory. Once you select an item and craft it, it will be placed in a bin. You can grab your bin and then type LOAD cart to move your items from the cart. Once you are ready to remove an item for installation on a ship or other place, simply type UNLOAD cart.

Note, items crafted will cost a fee but most are very small. There is no limit on the number of items you can craft and, if your wait time for items to be finished is lengthy, you can leave and come back for retrieval later. However, supply bins are only secure for two days time.

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