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Job: Deuterium Gathering

Job: Deuterium Gathering

Deuterium gathering was first introduced to pilots in 2221. It's a very easy job, but caution is required due to the path leading up to the icy cavern in which the deuterium is gathered.

Go to the interplanetary train station on Oria. From there, choose the Bad Abbach train station, located in New Netherlands, and head along the path till you get to the icy cavern. There you will find a terminal to sign up for the missions. You can do four of these per day. Note if you have a ship you can simply use the FBN network to get to New Netherlands and avoid using the trains all together.

Typing USE terminal Will take you to the sign up menu.

Typing USE canister will let you drill for the deuterium.

Once your canister is full, simply turn it in at the terminal.

This mission will decrease in points and increase in cash as your productivity climbs. Note, there will come a point in which you only gain a decent chunk of change from this activity.

Until your total points are equal to or greater than 3000, you have a chance of gaining a bonus point upon completion of each deuterium gathering mission.

Note, injuries due to ice hitting you may occur, thus healing spray should be purchased. Alternatively, you may use the drum of spray that is provided in the icy cavern. It is not advised that you log out of the game for a lengthy amount of time in the icy cavern due to the injuries your body can still sustain.

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