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Job: Exploration

Job: Exploration

True exploration is traveling out into deep space in search of unknown planets, objects and whatever else the imagination can come up with. If you have the correct ship and a NEP drive, it's pretty straight forward as it stands now. You will purchase some upgrades, such as a planetary surveyor, an Other Area Registration Software Patch, surface probes and storage tanks. There are several other upgrades you can purchase if you qualify but these should get you started.

Ideally you would set up a trip with some guests to go along and set out in your desired direction to find the goods. Upon returning home with your riches, you will turn the planets and other area discoveries in at the Cartography center, which is located in sector 6 at the research center. The storage sample tank would then be turned in on the Conglomerate Observatory's docking bay. Both of these tasks will be done by the ship's owner.

There are several other upgrades that you can get for exploring the vastness of space, including but not limited to broadcasting equipment. This is sold in sector 7, at the trading post.

If you are heading out for an artifacting trip, the carrier has a gravity generator and you can purchase a mothership upgrade for your ship that will enable the carrier to bring you into its sector. If you have a NEP drive on your ship, it's not necessary to have the mothership upgrade but convenient.

You may open a support ticket with us to discuss your trip if you wish but be sure to give us ample notice or you may not find a neat rare thing. Note that finding rare things will not happen every time someone goes out on a trip. Also of note, we like to see inclusive behavior with these trips. If you and your best pal take off in a big ship alone, it's best to not ask for something special. If you have tried to bring along others but got no takers, we may discuss things with you.

SURVEY - This will start up the planetary surveyer.
REGISTER - This command allows you to register your discovery, thus getting credit for it.
GRAVITY - If your ship has a gravity generator, this will toggle it on and off. It must be done in engineering.
MOTHERSHIP - Typing this will send a signal to the carrier that you need pulled into the sector.
NEP SC - This command is used to get information on an object you may want to head for in NEP space.

Exploration is both fun and boring as you will be waiting for discoveries to pop up on the NEP scanner. Roleplay is a big part of these trips as it will help make the activity more pleasant. Enjoy!

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