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Job: Invasions

Job: Invasions

Invasions are our form of space combat. These could be as small as one ship, or several dozen ships. Since mid 2220, having a flight control scanner became necessary for receiving invasion notifications. With this scanner, you can enable or disable several types of alerts. Invasions is one that we advise you keep enabled, unless you don't care about space combat.

Alternatively, you can listen out for information over the tactical channel. Pilots may try to gather a crew or find scouters to see how many ships are in said sector. They also may just be generally informative so that other pilots know to be careful.

Staff will work to make sure invasions happen during various time zones so that everyone can have a better chance to participate in this space combat activity. We advise that the help files Starship Combat and Navigation and Aiming be read before diving into the invasions.

Your cash and point payouts will be determined by the various types of ships invading the sectors. These may get adjustments as we progress this job. Individual payouts will be rewarded for each enemy ship that the vessel you are crewing in had a hand in destroying. Once the crewed vessel lands, crew members get their pay and points.

Important note, if your ship is not in space while the ship you were working on explodes, you will not be paid. Thus, choose carefully whether to back off for repairs or landing to receive the repairs.

Lastly, you may issue a challenge to the Kiohn which will possibly be answered in the form of an invasion. This can be done on Level 3 of the defense outpost. Note, if your call to arms is unanswered, it is working as intended as it will not always be responded to.

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