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Job: Mail Delivery

Job: Mail Delivery

Mail delivery is a job that pays a little cash and very few points. It is a good starter job that will help players explore the planets, moons, and space stations a little. It is also good if you want bragging rights on being one of the best delivery persons in the galaxy.

To do this job, simply go to a post office and type REQUEST. Your ship must be on a landing pad to receive packages, but it does not need to be powered up.

Once you know your destination, travel to the planet, moon, or space station. Find the post office and type DELIVER. Again, your ship will need to be on the landing pad or docking bay but its power does not matter.

We currently have four types of packages that you can deliver, but you do not get to choose the package type at this time. It is a random process.

We also have nice little rewards for those who reach set delivery numbers.

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