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Job: Mining

Job: Mining

Mining has been an important part of space industry for humans and farolds since the discovery of Chrylia in the 1990s. New technology became available in 2220 that made it somewhat easier and safer. While it does little to help with productivity gain, the cash payout can be beneficial, and the mines will grow in size as you grow in productivity points.

1. You will need to go to the mining supply store on Chrylia and purchase a mining scanner, mining borer, mining cart, and connecting tube. Your cart will carry up to two borers and the other equipment. There is a repair center in the mining shop area if you need to repair your equipment.

2. You will also need a full spacesuit and sufficient oxygen to survive in the hostile environment of Chrylia. Needing to be rescued due to lack of oxygen will be costly. You will have to pay for the rescue and will lose your equipment. This could be especially troublesome for new pilots and those who have larger, expensive equipment.

3. You will then need to push your cart to the mining missions room.

4. After signing up for a mission, a shuttle will transport you to a mining site.

5. Move from the entrance to the first room of the mine itself and use your scanner to see if you have minerals, if so, unload the cart and start the borer. You will usually have to do this several times before your minerals are collected. Note that each scanner will only be able to scan so many feet, the first being 3 feet, hence the upgrades. Also, the first borer will dig 0.2 feet at a time, subsequent upgrades will dig further.

6. You will need to link your scanner to your borer.

7. When your borer becomes full, you will need to get your tube, connect it to the cart and the borer and transfer the minerals. You must disconnect the tube before you continue. If you start your borer when it is full, it will start, but it will not move or be able to collect any minerals.

8. If a cave in happens, your borer will save the day. Just type UNBLOCK [direction] WITH BORER.

9. Upon finishing the mine, return to the mission room to finish the mission. You can do this from the entrance or from the last room of the mine. Note that if you leave a mine, you will not be able to return to it later.

You can currently do two missions per day. It is not advised to sleep in the mine if you need to take a lengthy break. Your best bet there is to return and get paid for those minerals that you were able to dig up.

You may leave your cart on Chrylia for a fee, or load it onto your ship for storage. Note, your ship must be on the landing pad and powered for you to load or unload your mining cart.


LIST - This command will help you get your mission assigned from the mining mission room.

CART [direction] - This command will move the cart in your desired direction.

UNLOAD [cart] - This command will remove a borer so that you can mine.

LOAD [borer] - This command will return the borer to the cart.

LINK [scanner to borer] - This will link your scanner to your borer, and will need to be done for each borer you use.

USE [scanner] - This command will scan for minerals, note these work at various depths, depending on the scanner you have purchased.

START [borer] - This command will start the mining process and you will continue typing this command, once the borer shuts down, till it is full or breaks down.

CONNECT [cart] - This command will connect your tube to the cart, if you are holding it in your hand.

CONNECT [borer] - This command will connect the tube to the borer, if you are holding it in your hand.

VACUUM [cart] - This command will transfer minerals from your borer to the cart, if a tube is connected to both of them. Note that borers can only hold a limited amount of minerals. Also, do not forget to do this before completing your mission.

DISConnect [cart] - This command will disconnect your tube from the cart.

DISCONNECT [borer] - This command will disconnect the tube from the borer.

UNBLOCK [direction] - WITH BORER This will help you clear an exit after a cave in.

RETURN - From the entrance room or the last room in the mine, this command will take you back to the sign up room for completion.

LOAD [ship name] From the landing pad, this will load your cart onto your ship.

UNLOAD [ship name] - This will unload your borer from your ship if the ship is on the landing pad.

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