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Job: Pebble Sifting

Job: Pebble Sifting

Pebble sifting is a slow paced job that requires much sitting around. The goal is to fill your sifter with pebbles containing traces of Glatonite from a stream and turn them in. The chemical Glatonite is important to make the medication humanity needs to withstand larger doses of radiation poisoning, to a point. New sifters were released in 2219 which made this process much easier.

1. Go to the appropriate store on Science HQ to sign up for the mission.

2. Once you sign up and receive your sifter, locate train station 01 on Kapteynia Beta. The train stations are located on a gravel path that leads to the shipyard. Station 1 is inside a booth. There you buy a ticket to the Jungle, which is Train Station 03. Once you have paid for the ticket, wait for the train to arrive in the same location.

Note: You can only ENTER TRAIN with a ticket in one of your hands, and if you should miss the train, you need a new ticket.

For more information about Space Trains, see HELP THE SPACE TRAIN NETWORK.

3. Once you arrived at Train Station 03, you need to find the stream. Hint, look at the signs that you will see as you travel through the jungle.

4. Once you have arrived at the stream, drop your sifter and type UNFOLD [sifter].

5. Pick up your sifter and type USE [sifter]. Pay attention as some things that may happen will require you to restart your sifting process.

6. Whenever you feel like stopping, or fill up your sifter, fold up the device. Then return to the Riphenol Lab, located in the science headquarters building, on Kapteynia Beta to complete your job. There is a courier radio in the hut, located near the stream, where, for a small fee, you can request for your sifter to be returned to the SHQ building by a courier.

If your sifter takes damage just type REPair [sifter].

You can do this mission twice per day. You will gain access to larger sifters as you gain points. The baby sifter, the toddler sifter, the big kid sifter, the mommy sifter, and finally we have the granddaddy sifter. The nets don't move faster as you get upgrades. This means the mission will take more time as you are able to get more pebbles, but the payout also increases in cash and points. There is also a chance that you will grab an extra pebble from the water. This chance increases as you gain access to larger sifters.

While missions completed number resets daily, you will lose your mission completely if you do not finish it in seven days.

Once you have reached 3500 total points, you have a chance of gaining an extra science point for filling up your sifter and completing the mission.

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