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Job: Salvage And Recovery

Job: Salvage And Recovery

Salvaging has always been a way for people to make money from space activities, but it received a completely new lease of life in 2217 when tools for disassembling were released. Before you set out to salvage, you will want to see if you need salvage speed upgrades. You will also want to buy a metal cutter and a hammer. These items can be purchased in various rooms which are within the ship store that you purchased your freighter from.

Salvaging is done by finding shipwrecks in sectors, both charted and uncharted. Simply move to a shipwreck and type SAL (or SALVAGE). The shipwreck will be hauled into your cargo bay.

Prior to moving to a wreck, you may also type SCAN and then select a wreck. If you do not yet have the shipwreck scan upgrade, you will be notified the size of the wreck and its coords. If you have the upgrade, you will be shown the exact size of the scanned wreck.

You have two options upon finishing the gathering of the shipwrecks. You can transfer them at a planet's landing area for small pay and very few points. While grabbing the shipwrecks and transferring is faster, the second option has some good things.

You can use your hammer and metal cutter tools from within the cargo bay to break apart your finds. Simply type DISASSEMBLE with the tools in your hands to do this. Your pay and points will be higher but it will take a longer amount of time. As you gain points, you may buy upgraded tools to speed up the disassembling process.

One bonus of disassembling the shipwrecks is that you may find items that you can use for crafting in the future.

There are several types of debris, which vary in size and dollar value. The starship wrecks also vary in size. For example, you may not be able to salvage the large shipwrecks with the light freighter ship. In fact, you may want to go after small or medium wrecks only. Even some medium shipwrecks might be too large for the light freighter. Our point value is 0.15 points per debris chunk. Also of note is that there is a station which will pay slightly higher cash for debris. Ask around.

Group Salvaging

Done much like salvaging, you can disassemble shipwrecks in groups equal to the number of shipwrecks that are on your ship. The reason for this is that each person has to disassemble their own shipwreck. Example, if Bob is disassembling and you too wish to disassemble, you would then need to type DISASSEMBLE and it will pick the next free shipwreck in line. If a third person wanted to disassemble, they would simply type DISASSEMBLE.

Each person will be paid for what they disassembled. The catch here is, the pay is based on the ship owner's productivity points. If your points are up to five hundred less than, equal to or more than those of the ship owner, you will get full pay and points. If your points are between five hundred and a thousand less than the owner, you get 75% of your points and pay. A thousand to fifteen hundred less than the ship owner your pay and points are 50%. If you have fifteen hundred to two thousand less productivity than the ship owner, your payout is 25%, and anything more than that, the payout drops down to 10%.

Note, sector 3 has been set up for newer pilots. You can get small and tiny wrecks there to fit your cargo hold. You will not gain points or cash from salvaging at this sector beyond 350 productivity points.

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