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Job: Trading

Job: Trading

This help file is a work in progress as trading is in its very primitive stages. More trade items and centers will be added in the coming weeks as we work to expand this activity.

Currently, you may purchase a few items at one of the following trading centers. The center on New Netherlands, Kapteynia Beta, the A-11 Trading Post, The center on Gonrah, Rayford's depot, the research center, and the center on Zion Trading post which is located out of communication range.

This job is very straight forward in that you purchase goods from one trade center and sell them at another trade center. Note, some trade centers may purchase goods and not sell them.

You can also open a support ticket to perform trades on behalf of your association, which the government would handle supplies and you would be paid as a crew rather than individually. This would be ideal if you want to get into some huge trade like reactors or NEP drives.

Hands on trading can also be done at Zion station. For example, maybe you want to trade crafting goods. This too would require a support so that we can set up things with you and your crew. This type of trade would also include that crate of goods sitting in your cargo bay but is not currently on the purchase list of the station.

At this time, trading is cash and achievements based. Those awake and in the trade room when a group trade takes place will gain a trade in their achievements. If someone is doing a personal trade, only that person will gain. This may be altered slightly as we work to flush out the trade activity for all.

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