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Matching may seem a little confusing but is rather straight forward. It works via the first character of a word down to the end of what you type. This was done to rid ourselves of things like table matching to portable. Note that shower has been added to all RoboShowers so that you will not have to type l robo, thus you can type robo or shower. However l slate will not work as it is a Dataslate. You may pay 1 donation voucher, (rare coin IC), to have up to two aliases put on an object to help with your personal matching choices.

L [data], REM/REMOVE [phone]. These would look at your data slate and remove your phone case.

If you are looking for objects you own, you may type the following commands.

GET [] Finds the first bike you own.

GET [my.$bike] or [my.$.bike] to get the last bike you own.

Lastly you may type things like, LINK [my.cart] TO [donald.cart].

This will link your cart to your person of choice so that you can transfer items for crafting.

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