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NPC's are a form of non-pilot characters.

An RP note for dealing with mobile NPC's played by staff. Please do not be afraid to disagree with an NPC. Any interaction with NPC's will have no bearing on how we, as staff, would deal with the players in an OOC method. Do your RP without fear of upsetting staff. We have good separation of character, as you should have.

Note that we do have two levels of staff played NPC's. These are major. This is the group which you can write letters to and will show up on the who list. These NPC's may be played as often as some characters.

Minor, these are NPC's that you cannot write letters to and will not show up on the who list. These NPC's could be played often, but mostly are not.

Over time, you will figure out which is which. Often times, the easiest mode of writing any NPC is to do an IC support ticket letter to (name). This is to ensure that staff sees the letter quickly. If you know it is going to an NPC that is around a lot, such as Austin or the dictator, you may still use the support system or write them and stick it in the mail.

The main reason we don't give every NPC their own character is because it is convenient for us to not have to worry about that process with NPC's we do not need to use often.

If you have a phone number of an NPC, you can text them. We will respond with the NPC as time allows.

Please note that, if roleplayed properly, a player can become an NPC as discussed in the nonpilot character help file. If a player finds his or her way into an important office or food chain, please do not make the assumption they are staff. Yes this may be confusing but it is how we work here at VH. Roles such as this must be laid out carefully and roleplayed to your utmost ability.

Hegemony NPC's:

Blazer Faro is the current dictator since 2221. She was born in 2197.

Austin Turner is your current minister of defense since 2221. He was born in 2176 and is the first human to come above ground in 2199.

Maggie Turner is your current HRA chairman since 2215. (Human Rights Activist) She was born in 2178. She was the first woman to come above ground, accompanying her husband.

Michelle Faro is the current chief scientist since 2204. She was born in 2183. She is noted for discovering Riphenol, the drug humans need to help them withstand strong doses of radiation.

Shelton Faro is the current deputy science officer since 2222. He was born in 2175.

Miah Kensington is the current high judge of the hegemony court. She is the first human judge since we had to go underground. She took office in 2216 and was born in 2170. Note that she is also the first human to be inducted into the Farold community. This was done in 2213 when she agreed to undergo experimental testing.

Berry Weis is your current FSI head of engineering. He was born in 2178.

Brandon Faro is the current OH Treasurer since 2221. He was born in 2184.

Randy Keller is the current loan Officer for the Farold Bank And Trust since 2216. He was born in 2186.

Tara Faro is the current OH trade commissioner since 2212. She was born in 2183.

Bryck Faro is the current FDD ground troop captain since 2218. She was born in 2190.

David Faro is your current Chrylia Council Liaison since 2221. He was born in 2183.

Jack Faro is your current head of foreign relations since 2221. He was born in 2194.

Andrea Faro is your current FSI liaison since 2221. She was born in 2188.

Not Hegemony NPC's:

Rayford Billings is the owner of Rayford's Abode since 2212 and Rayford's Trade Depot since 2221. He was born in 2177.

Biker Dude is a high ranking member of the conglomerate, which owns the A11 trading post, observatory in sector 9, and Gonrah.

Master Grauk is the current leader of the Kiohn race since 2215. His flagship is called the Grauko.

Note, we will not list all out of communication range NPC's in this file. Reason being, they may not be common knowledge.

Current players with posts. Keep in mind, all players can hold these offices, if roleplayed correctly.

Aurelia Montrose is your current HPA chair since March of 2222.

Kaylenne Bucannan is your current palace seneschal since 2221.

Jodelle Love is your current new pilot assistant (NPA) since 2222.

Gennah White is the current secretary to the dictator, since 2223.

Natasha Drake is the current commander of the dictator's fleet (DF), since 2223.

Ash Layman is your current DF space captain, since 2223.

Tayla Mason is your DF NCR Captain, since 2223.

Tatianna Stewart is your DF ground captain (DF), since 2223.

Vergil Stone is your current DF security captain, since 2223.

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