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Native creatures and plants

Native creatures and plants

Faroia is native to Kapteynia Beta. It is a cat like creature with very minimal differences. These being large pointy ears and they crawl on their belly.

The Faronog is one of the native animals to Kapteynia Beta. This is a large white bird with pink stripes on its head. It has a small beak with two feet. While it can walk and even climb some, it's strong wings enable it to be one of the swiftest flying creatures in the land.

The Paataka is native to Kapteynia Beta. These are small creatures with pretty white feet, and have hammerheads with three eyes and raiser sharp teeth. They often swing lazily on tree branches, making a soft mewing sound.

The Kaltra plant stands three feet tall, with snow white bark on it's branches. The leaves are silver, with gold specks. They are heart-shaped and about the width of eight inches. The plant is considered to be the Oria national plant, matching the Farold colors.

The Faroak bush is native to Kapteynia Beta. It's a short plant with leaves that seem to puff up in a boat shaped dish. These leaves are white with specks of pink along their edges.

Kaplar, silver bushes native to Gonrah.

Dop, similar to a dog but it has a single small horn in the center of its forehead. It is native to Gonrah.

The Vrap is native to New Netherlands. It is a wolf like creature. It has a gray coat with a long bushy tail and large brightly colored eyes that tend to protrude outward from its head, making that its main weakness.

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