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Nonpilot Characters

Nonpilot Characters

So, you want to play a nonpilot character?

Playing a character of this nature requires that you first have a pilot character and display exemplary RP skills. You can then request to speak with a member of staff via support to discuss what you are wishing to do. If approved, you may retire your pilot character or move that character into their next career.

Note that characters such as holographic doctors, government officials or shop owners will not normally have piloting privileges. While characters such as androids may be given a special pod that they can fly around.

Characters who wish to transition their pilot character into another job may be accepted as well. The same rules apply and, depending on the career, you may not lose your pilot license. However, one would need to keep in mind that due to your non pilot career, you would not have daily time to devote to tons of challenges and everything else. We are not saying you cannot perform these, but the roleplay for your new main job would need to be seen.

Show off those RP skills and you just may be able to be that nonpilot character! Get creative and we'll work with you to see what we can arrange.

What is an android?

Android is a robot, a humanoid robot or synthetic organism designed to imitate a human.

These are often made of fleshy material and, depending on their creator, are very good at behaving like humans. One would assume that they don't need oxygen, but do need to recharge. They cannot have babies but can display high levels of human emotions. They may or may not have an initial focus for being created, and must not come across as an overpowered hero.

If you wish to become one of these, you would need to discuss your story with staff prior to attempting to enter as such. Failure to do so would get your entire project denied.

You may also keep your pilot standing if you opt to open a shop post coming in as a pilot. Requirements for this would be good creativity for merchandise descriptions, including punctuation and grammar.

For more information on any of these possibilities, please get with us in a support ticket. Note that the ability to create such a character will take time because we may need to do special things for you. We want to be certain that we are giving our time to someone who can both roleplay and take the time to develop a character. We also ask that you give us some time to see you roleplay before doing this type of character. It's not something we will grant to everyone who just walks into the game wishing to be different.

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