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People Props

People Props

We finally bring you people props. With these you can have family members, friends, even babies and small children.

Please note that we do not yet have baby accouterments and these people props depend a lot on your roleplay.

With clothing in your hands, you can dress and undress your people prop by typing DRESS or UNDRESS [name].

By typing ACTION [name] you can emote on behalf of your people prop.

By typing SPEAK [name] you can speak on behalf of your people prop.

You can also hand your people prop food and drink.

You can also make it so that the prop can exit a room and you can bring them back later. To do this simply type MOVE [name].

Lastly, the people prop will follow you. You will simply group it and walk around.

To receive a people prop that is not a baby, you need to have a story that makes sense to have this in your life. This story cannot include, I want a people prop sexy partner.

You also must have 15 vouchers and 300 roleplay points obtained by good roleplay, not just because you sat through meetings.

For babies, if caught allowing them in a combat ship, you could receive an IC fine. This would apply to most people props because they would not have clearance to fly.

We have plans to add more robust things to the props as time allows and consider this a good start. Due keep in mind, you may not want to dress and undress them in front of everyone because they will just drop the clothing and you will need to put away.

We will answer questions as best we can and take suggestions.

Last item of note, you need to provide us with a proper description, with modifiers of your people prop.

People prop controller:

For 5 vouchers, you can enhance your people prop's navigation with the prop controller. This controller is strictly OOC, used to assist the player in controlling his or her people prop. It must not be discussed IC under any circumstances.

To set one as active (current) for controlling:


If you own multiples, a menu will pull up. Otherwise, it will select the only one you can control.




This will make your current (selective-active) prop peer and walk east. If they can't go that direction, the console will notify you of such.


This will take your prop person through a go exit so long as there is one and it meets the following:

Isn't locked with a code:

Or if locked by a code

You own the room/house, or are an authorized designer.

Once movement finishes, you will see the name of the room, and nay exits on the room (minus) go exits.


This is a toggle, and will hide/unhide your prop person. When hidden, the only command that can be used is the MOVE command. All other commands will not match to the prop person.

If you set grandma Peaches as your current with the

command, and want to move Grandpa Peaches, you must set him with the above stated command.

Happy remote navigation/manipulation!

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