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Our phones come with several features.

You will first purchase a phone case and WEAR it. Then you buy your phone and wear and it will place the phone in your case. Typing use phone or will remove the phone from your case. If you named your phone on its initial setup, you shouldn't have to type to wear it. You can type WEAR FLIP or whatever you aliased it.

POWER PHONE will turn your phone on. Because of matching, it would be easier to type power flip or whatever the type of phone you have is. You then can look at the phone and will see the time and power read out.

That's right, our phones need to be charged. To do this type CHARGE FLIP or whatever your phone alias is. You will need to do this in an indoor room or at a set room at Garah Stream.

You can put your phone down while it is charging. However, if you wish to use your phone while it is charging, such as talking on the Tactical or General channel, you will need to hold it in your hand. When your phone is fully charged, you can UNPLUG it. Note, if your phone is on a table or the floor, it will cause others to hear IC channel messages twice.

Once the phone is powered and in your hand, you can type USE PHONE for options such as the Phone application, messaging, checking your mail, turning it off and banking.

Note that your communicator is also tied to your phone automatically. You can still use the communicator functions before you register your phone number. Thus, buying a phone will be a newbie necessity.

The phones will not function when out of communications range.

Once you buy your phone, power it on and such, you will need to go through the prompts to set your phone up for the first time.

If you purchase a new phone, use the transfer command on the old phone. This will transfer contacts, messages, and voicemails to your new phone. It will not port your old number.

Note that we do have two donation items to increase your phone's charge time. You can see more about that on our website.


WEAR [Phone Case] To wear the phone case.

WEAR [Name of Phone] To place the phone in your phone case.

POWER [Name of Phone] To turn on your phone.

USE [Name of Phone] to start using your phone.

Look [Name of Phone] To see power status and other useful information on your phone's screen.

CHARGE [Name of Phone] To charge your phone

UNPLUG [Name of Phone] To unplug it when you are done charging it.

TRANSFER [name of phone] to transfer information from an old phone to a newly purchased one.

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