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Planets, Moons and Space Stations

Planets, Moons and Space Stations

OH Space contains the following planets, Moons and space stations.

- Kapteynia Beta: located in Sector 1, the Capital planet of the Oria Hegemony, This planet is home to the City of Oria, large farmlands and a huge, foreboding jungle.
- Chrylia: Located in sector 2, planet with a hostile environment, known for its large deposits of minerals, ore and other resources.
- Arvion Moon: Located in sector 4, Kapteynia Beta's moon, currently terraforming is ongoing and a domed city has been built.
- New Netherlands: Located in sector 5, has several villages and smaller towns where inhabitants attempt to bring back cultures from Europe, as well as a large forest.
- Farold Research Station: Located in sector 6, designed to enable safer space based scientific research and deal with contaminants as necessary.
- Luna: Located in sector 8, first moon base built by Humanity, currently a domed city is maintained by the OH and other development is being planned.
- Kizak: located in uncharted space, a tropical island which was believed to be a mesh of cliffs, the OH is in the process of colonizing the Island.
- Farold Defense Outpost: Located in Farold Defense Outpost, built to boost the OH's defensive capabilities when it became clear Humanity would be rising above ground in the not too distant future.

The following planets, moons and space stations do not fall under the OH Jurisdiction.

- Farold A-11 Trading Post: Located in sector 7, a trading post owned by Farold Biker Dude, has trade agreement with the OH.
- Gonrah: located in sector 10, home to the Peacekeepers association, who offer their expansive hospital in return for access to the Farold Beacon Network, weapons are not welcome, but an injured individual with a weapon is allowed to leave peacefully, trade agreements are being discussed.
- Rayford's Abode: located in uncharted space, a popular hangout and nightlife station where Rayford Billings's word is law.

For more information about these planets, moons and space stations, visit the Treasury Office in the Government Center on Kapteynia Beta.

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