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In Vast Horizon, points are used for characters to progress through the game. They determine what equipment or starships you can buy, what weapons for Ground Combat you can use, what armor you can wear or what upgrades you have access to. In some cases, higher point levels also give you access to activities. To view your points at any time, you can type POINTS. Alternatively, you can pull up your points progress on your dataslate. Most point categories are in character, with the exception to roleplay points. We have 3 main point categories and several extra categories for special activities.

The main point categories

- Productivity points are earned for activities of an industrial, productive nature such as salvaging, mining, asteroid tugging ETC.

- Battle Points are earned for all combat in space or on the ground. Think of events, invasions or traveling into the jungle or other places where enemies might be located.

- Science points are earned for all activities of a scientific nature, such as artifact hunting and exploration.

Some activities give points in more than one category. For example, pebble sifting mostly gives productivity points as well as 1 or 2 science points per filled sifter.

Extra points

- Salvage points are earned while salvaging shipwrecks from space, whether transferred as a whole or disassembled into parts. They are required to buy more advanced recovery tools.

- Mining points are earned by mining and these points are required to buy advanced mining equipment.

- Ground Combat points are earned while fighting and killing ground creatures and are required for revolvers, healing tanks, and armor.

Roleplaying Points

As mentioned above, roleplaying points, commonly known as RP points are a gray area that can be referenced in and out of character. These points are awarded by the staff. As the name implies, they are mainly awarded for roleplay. Vast Horizon is a Roleplay Intensive Game (RPI). We do not expect all players to be expert role-players, but we do expect everyone to stay in character as much as possible. When we see roleplay happen, we may reward this with RP points. RP points might be gained during events or other gatherings in public places. Occasionally something that happens on one of the IC channels might also lead to RP points being given out. Taking initiative or a leadership role in a situation might increase the amount of RP points given.

The @rp command can be utilized by players to alert staff that some good bit of roleplay has taken place. The more information you provide us as to what went on, the better we will be able to award players. This is your way of helping the roleplay community grow in terms of RP experience. We do this because we simply cannot watch the goings on in the game always. You may provide more names in your RP explanation box than you are able to share when prompted initially. Note that you may send in any roleplay session that you think is deserving of points. Staff does not make a habit of watching emotes, sexy scenes and the like. Thus, we cannot award you unless you submit. However, you may want to do an OOC and ask said sexy time partner if they mind you submitting a scene for points.

Note, this command is a useful tool but not meant for you to continuously try to boost your friend's points without a good reason. Staff does check logs and will catch this type of infraction happening.

When speaking of RP points IC, it is best to reference them as specialty points.


In a profile you write up who your character is, giving out information about your character's history, personality and future goals. Although character growth and change are a natural part of life, it is a good idea to stick with what you have written about your character in the profile, as well as how you have been playing him/her so far. It is important to stick with your character and not let him/her change their behavior every day, as this would not necessarily be good roleplaying. A profile can be rewarded with a maximum of 25 RP points depending on its contents. For more information on this, read HELP PROFILES.


Every player has equal opportunities to shape the Vast Horizon world. For example, you may write up an event that all players can enjoy or that is of benefit to the entire game world. Or maybe you write up a news article that talks about something that is going on, or that your character has witnessed. These kinds of things are very helpful to the game and may be rewarded by the staff with RP points.

Helping the Staff

Sometimes the staff might decide to reward RP points for certain help the players have given to the game. For example, 1 or 2 RP points might be given out when a player reports several typos or spelling issues. After all, good spelling is part of the RP environment of the game. It should be noted that this way of earning RP points is very slow compared to earning these points from roleplaying.

What are Roleplay Points for?

Roleplay Points are required to be able to purchase Exploration and carrier vessels, as these ships are likely to have groups of players aboard for longer periods of time, creating good roleplaying opportunities. The staff has plans to use RP points for other roleplay intensive things in the future, so watch this space.

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